When Independence is a Problem

July 26, 2011 Just a few weeks ago, on the 4th of July, America again celebrated its independence. The very word “independence” evokes positive images and sentiments worthy of celebration: the freedom to be who one…

What a Week on the West Coast!

June 13, 2011 I sometimes joke (though it’s no joke) that I advocate for children by leaving my own! I try hard to make my business trips as short as possible, but I sure didn’t succeed…

Join Me for a – Fun – Book Event in Santa Monica!

June 2, 2011: Dear Friends in Southern California: Please join me on Friday, June 10, from 6:00 – 8:00pm at a book-signing party for “Adoption Nation.” It will be held at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery at…

An Unlikely Crusader: Book Review by Ellen Glazer

As a veteran journalist at the Boston Globe, Adam Pertman had it made. At 48, with 20 plus years experience and several major awards to his credit, Pertman could pretty much pick and choose his assignments. And so he wore a variety of journalistic hats, ranging from California Bureau chief to restaurant reviewer. In each capacity, Pertman made it his mandate to write with clarity and accuracy and by all measures, he did so successfully. He did not seek to fundamentally alter the way that people think. At least not until recently. Then things changed.

Come Unity Book Review by Allison Martin

I recently read a cartoon in the Sunday comics with the “humorous” punch line that the difference in a teenager’s sleep patterns from his parents might indicate he was adopted. This confused view of adoption highlights just how important a book like Adoption Nation is for the adoption community. In Adoption Nation : How the Adoption Revolution Is Transforming America,

Families.com Book Review

Adoption Nation by Adam Pertman is a study on how adoption has changed in America over the last century. It explores the way that adoption is becoming more widespread and more accepted and also discusses the ways that adoption still needs to change.

This is a great book to catch up on the issues involved in adoption, the social policy involved and also the ways in which the culture of adoption is changing.

National Adoption Foundation

Dear Friends,

A few months ago I had the privileged of reviewing an advance copy of the forthcoming book, Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America by Adam Pertman. As many of you know, Adam is a Pulitzer nominated reporter for the Boston Globe, whose writing has already made an enormously positive impact on adoption policy development, especially in the recent campaign to ratify the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. Adam’s book, which is published by Basic Books, will be available in a few days.

Good Reads Book Review

Adoption is rapidly metamorphosing into a radically new process that is changing America. It is accelerating our transformation into a more multicultural & multiethnic society, even as it helps redefine our understanding of ”family,” with the exponential growth of alternative lifestyles, from single to trans-racial to gay. Provides valuable insights into the pleasures & …more

Adoption.org Book Review

This is arguably one of the most comprehensive, important, and readable books on adoption and I cannot recommend it strongly enough.

It’s not only a rare combination of solid research and intriguing personal stories (it’s a big, important sociological text that reads like a novel), it is also the first adoption book written both for people directly involved in the process, and the world at large – so that everyone understands how adoption really works and how much it truly touches their lives.