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Foster-parenting rules may change for natives

Durango Herald - 06/01/2015

On Monday afternoon, the Native American Children’s Safety Act sailed through Congress without opposition.
The bill requires criminal background checks for prospective foster parents before tribal courts assign them to children in need of care.

Plattsburgh Adoptee Dawn Lewis finds family after 42 years

Denton Publications Online - 06/01/2015

“I have a whole new family, and I finally feel complete knowing who I am and where I came from,” Dawn said with joy. “It has been a very long journey filled with many disappointments and, now, a lot of happiness.”

Minnesota teens get new perspective on adoption

Star Tribune - 06/01/2015

Gillen is a volunteer with the Adoption Option Council of Minnesota (AOCM), an adoption advocacy nonprofit that sends panels of speakers — birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees — into high schools. While AOCM has no political or religious affiliation, it does have a goal — to put adoption on the list of choices that young people might contemplate should they experience an unplanned pregnancy.
“Adoption has been mysterious in the past. We want students to see it for what it is today,” said Jenny Eldredge, AOCM executive director and the adoptive mother of two. “If a student or one of their friends would have a pregnancy before they can parent, our hope is they’ll have a realistic idea of what adoption looks like after hearing these stories.”

Keeping children in family settings

The Journal Star - 06/01/2015

Noting that the statistics in the Kids Count report were from 2013, Reno said that Nebraska has continued to improve the rate at which children are placed in family settings. In January 2013, for example, 661 children in the child welfare system were in group homes or emergency shelters. In May only 229 children were in that type of care. In 2013, 25.8 percent of children were in relative or kinship homes. Now, 44.5 percent are in the homes of relatives.
Suggestions in the Every Kid Needs a Family report point the way to continued improvement, especially the recommendation that communities provide a wide range of services so authorities have more options to allow children to remain safely in families.

New immigration laws, towards a safer country

The New Age - 05/31/2015

“The safety of minors is the main reason for the new regulations,” the department of Home Affairs said.
“Its important for us to protect this country, we do not want to be a hive of criminals. Quoting a recent study, he said the country has improved the level of tourism because the more you improve the security, the more people will come to your country,” Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni told ANN7.

Congo to allow some foreign adoptions despite ban

The News Tribune - 05/30/2015

Congo plans to allow 71 children whose adoptions were interrupted by a 2013 suspension to join families in the U.S. and four other countries next week, an official told The Associated Press on Saturday.
In December 2013, Congo announced a suspension on foreign adoptions, citing reports that children had been mistreated or abandoned by their adoptive families while others had been “sold to homosexuals.”
The move prompted a pressure campaign from hundreds of frustrated American families who were in the process of arranging adoptions from Congo.

Fraud and deceit at the heart of US adoptions in Uganda

Business Day Live - 05/30/2015

Data from the US State Department shows that 201 children were adopted from Uganda by US citizens in 2013/2014, making it the third biggest source country in Africa. In all, Americans adopted 6,441 children from around the world last year.
Uganda’s parliament is expected to pass tighter legislation that would ban legal guardianships, with a view to signing an international treaty, the Hague Adoption Convention, but corruption and bureaucracy have stalled the process, critics say.
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia, two of the biggest source countries for adopted African children last year, have taken steps to restrict overseas applications.

Advertising for adoption

WLWT 5 - 05/29/2015

“My wife and I want to grow our family through adoption. We have a little son who really wants to be a big brother, and so he’s looking forward to it. We’re looking forward to it. Adoption is just something we really wanted to do,” Matt Peterson said.
He recently posted an ad on the classified website titled “Pregnant? We want to adopt your child if you are interested. – $1,000.”

Meridian woman meets mom for first time in 45 years

KBOI 2 - 05/29/2015

She says she knew at a young age that she was adopted. But because of the strict sealed record laws in the state of California, she didn’t have the information necessary to figure out who her biological relatives

“There are people who search their whole lives to find out who they are and where they come from,” Hough said. “You don’t understand what it’s like until you give birth to your first child. Because you look around yourself the whole rest of your life and you’re not related to any single person by blood that you look at.”

Westminster teen who placed Craigslist ad to rent family for birthday says she’s getting her wish

abc7 - 05/29/2015

A 19-year-old Westminster woman who turned to Craigslist to find a family to share her birthday with says she’s getting her wish.
One day after Natalie Carson’s story aired on 7NEWS, the teen said Friday night that she’s found a Colorado family to share her birthday with in early June.
Carson said she grew up in foster care and was never adopted. She posted an ad on Craigslist in hopes of finding a family to spend time with her on her birthday.