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Same-sex marriage could stymie adoptions from Russia

Uutiset - 01/20/2015

Currently Russian law prevents adoption cooperation with countries that allow gender neutral unions…Russia has already crossed Sweden off the list of countries that can adopt.

People facing loss of parental rights have right to attorney

Independent Record - 01/20/2015

The justices found that if the state had sought to terminate the woman’s parental rights and she could not afford an attorney, one would have been appointed.

Meeting the Baby, Becoming a Family

The New York Times - 01/20/2015

When we finally saw her…all of the worries about the birth father, her preemie status, our age and even that we were doing a transracial adoption immediately melted.

Downton Abbey’s Alarming Adoption Plot

The Daily Beast - 01/18/2015

The mere fact of her compromised virginity would be disgrace enough, to say nothing of a pregnancy and secret adoption.

Writers encourage adoption of older children in book - 01/18/2015

But Bosco-Ruggiero and Groza said with adequate preparation, patience and care, adopting older children can be a rewarding experience for parent and child.

Deborra-lee Furness crusading for adoption in Australia

The Daily Telegraph - 01/18/2015

“Adoption became a dirty secret. There was a stigma, shame. But we can’t heal unless we own up to the mistakes of the past, talk about them and move forward. Not only Australia, but the world has a moral obligation to look after children,” she said.

Parents make Portsmouth protest against forced adoption

The News - 01/17/2015

Mothers and fathers congregated outside Portsmouth’s civic offices to highlight how authorities should not take children from their parents and place them in the care of others.

Adopted Child Doe and the Supreme Court Marriage Fight

The New Yorker - 01/16/2015

They were married in New York, where they live with Cooper, and New York State recognizes their adoption. But Ohio has told them that they have to choose which man gets to be the legally listed father.

Obama tells agencies to advance sick leave for feds with new children

The Washington Post - 01/15/2015

Federal agencies already may advance sick leave to employees for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, childbirth and adoption.

Transracial Adoption in the U.S.: ‘Unbearably Alone and Hopelessly on Display’

Daily KOS - 01/15/2015

We have to change the ways parents are vetted and trained, and be checked on before and after an adoption is finalized. A black baby doll may break and be discarded, not a black child.