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Barrington nonprofit connects adoptive parents with foster children

Northwest Herald - 05/01/2015

About 3,300 Illinois children in foster care are waiting to be adopted, McConnell said. According to the state, 1,800 children in foster care were adopted in the fiscal year that spanned from July 2013 to June 2014.
Children could be in the state’s care, in homes, or in private agencies. The problem with the system as it currently exists, McConnell said, is the lack of a connection between these children and the people who could become their parents.

National Adoption Organization Takes Stand for Marriage Equality

Human Rights Campaign - 05/01/2015

In a blog post this week, the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) endorsed nationwide marriage equality in support of thousands of youth in need of foster or adoptive parents…. Changes in laws and policies are a critical first step to address these issues; even then that doesn’t guarantee a change in behavior. So from there we must all actively engage in changing our attitudes and beliefs about adoption, foster care and what it means to be family. It is within this notion of transforming our consciousness that we will effect the most profound and lasting changes to the system that engages in adoption transactions.

Presidential Proclamation — National Foster Care Month, 2015

Official Wire - 04/30/2015

With so many children waiting for loving homes, it is important to ensure all qualified caregivers have the opportunity to serve as foster or adoptive parents, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. That is why we are working to break down the barriers that exist and investing in efforts to recruit more qualified parents for children in foster care.

Obama: Let transgender people adopt

Fusion - 04/30/2015

Earlier this year, President Obama became the first president to acknowledge transgender people in a State of the Union address. Now he appears to be the first president to explicitly say gender identity shouldn’t prevent anyone from adopting or becoming a foster parent.
The historic show of support was part of a proclamation issued by the White House Thursday—about two weeks after elected officials in Florida debated whether some agencies in the state could ban LGBT couples from becoming foster care parents.

VT House passes child protection bill

Burlington Free Press - 04/30/2015

In addition, the bill makes post-adoption agreements enforceable. The idea behind the change is that parents would be more willing to give up parental rights if they have an agreement with adoptive parents that they will be able to maintain some form of contact with the child, which could be as limited as receiving an annual photograph.

Federal court monitor: Foster children’s needs still unmet

The CT Mirror - 04/29/2015

Foster children in Connecticut are still not receiving all the mental health services, child care and housing supports they need, partly because the programs are not available, a federal court monitor reported Wednesday.
The latest quarterly review of the care the Department of Children and Families provided a sampling of 53 foster children between July and December found that the children were not being referred for services, partly because the staff had “knowledge that certain services are not readily available.”

One Woman’s Journey to Find Her Birth Mother Part I

ABC News - 04/29/2015

Tonight, you are going to witness one woman’s extraordinary and emotionally fraught quest to solve the mystery of her own birth. She is on the hunt for her biological mom who gave her up for adoption. And we are with her every step of the way as she unearths the clues that lead to a dramatic life-changing conclusion.

National Indian Child Welfare Association Applauds Robust Participation in ICWA Hearing

Blackbird PR News - 04/29/2015

“The first week of hearings and consultations demonstrated a tremendous groundswell of support in Indian Country,” said Dr. Sarah Kastelic. “It’s exciting to see the momentum created by such a diverse cross section of our communities. Foster and adoptive parents, Native adoptees, foster youth, attorneys and law professors, child psychologists, families still searching for displaced relatives, and staff from state agencies all stood up to express their support for the proposed regulations. Their message is clear. Our children need these protections.”

Israel Evacuates Surrogate Babies From Nepal but Leaves the Mothers Behind

TIME - 04/28/2015

The first Israeli baby was born to a surrogate mother in Nepal in January 2014, and it is now the destination of choice for Israelis who do not have access to surrogacy in Israel. Many Asian and European countries ban commercial surrogacy, and it can cost up to $150,000 in the U.S. and Canada but only $30,000 in Nepal.

On Their Own: Life after foster care

KHQ Q6 - 04/28/2015

Once Diana aged out of the foster care system, Diana says things didn’t get better. Diana claims she was made homeless by the foster care system the week before she turned 18. Homelessness is a common theme for kids as they exit the state’s care. 36% of foster kids will experience homelessness with in a year of aging out of the system.