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Face of the immigration fight

Politico - 01/22/2015

More important perhaps, she brings to the table the credentials of a Mexican-American mother and grandmother whose focus is on the children left behind when their parents are deported.

Senate Passes Bill To Allow Access To Adoption Information

wfyi Indianapolis - 01/22/2015

Senate Bill 352, authored by Sen. Brent Steele, R- Bedford, would allow individuals adopted before Jan. 1, 1994 to obtain pre-adoption, identifying information

Pressure to widen scope of baby home inquiry

The Irish Examiner - 01/22/2015

The Adoption Rights Alliance has pointed out that potentially tens of thousands of women gave birth in state and private maternity homes and suffered the same fate of forced and illegal adoptions but, if they did not have a link to a mother and baby home, would be excluded.

LGBT Rights Legislation Introduced

KNOP 2 News - 01/22/2015

“..The issue of second parent adoption is an issue of treating children of same-sex parents fairly and equally before the law.”

Will the Supreme Court recognize modern marriage, or stick with a version that’s now obsolete?

The Los Angeles Times - 01/22/2015

“Without marriage,”…children struggle “to understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and in their daily lives.”

Long proposes adoption counseling measure

KSPR 33 - 01/22/2015

The bill aims to ensure that all women accessing family planning services with Title X funding are given pregnancy options counseling, including professional adoption counseling.

New bills in Legislature deal with discrimination against gay Nebraskans

Omaha World Herald - 01/21/2015

The bill would reverse a state policy adopted in 1995 that bars openly homosexual people and unmarried, unrelated couples from being foster parents.

Norwalk mother aims to help others afford adoption through new foundation

The Hour - 01/21/2015

The mission of the foundation, which is in the process of acquiring a non-profit status, is to provide grants to people who hope to build families through adoption.

Adoption wait grows as kid numbers drop

The Telegraph - 01/21/2015

The drop in numbers has raised the spectre of illegal adoption networks, which, the government and social workers fear, are keeping the youngest children outside institutionalised care.

Lawmakers come together in support of bills to protect LGBT individuals, families

Augusta Free Press - 01/20/2015

“The second-parent adoption bill is simply about doing what best protects our children,” said Parrish. “We need to ensure that every child has legal access to both their parents when it is in the best interest of that child.”