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Move to expand services for Virginia foster care kids is killed

Daily Press - 02/24/2015

Virginia has the worst record of any state when it comes to the numbers of 18-year-olds who age out of foster care without being adopted or reconnecting with their families…The Senate wanted to shift some funds from another program and add in more than $3 million of new funds in order to obtain $10.1 million of available matching money from the federal government.

Mobile probate judge won’t approve adoption in gay marriage case; plaintiffs file new suit - 02/24/2015

Less than two weeks after a federal judge ordered him to comply with her ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Mobile County’s probate judge has indicated he will not process a couple’s adoption petition until after the Supreme Court decides another case.

Adopting Through Foster Care: a Less Expensive Alternative

U.S. News and World Report - 02/24/2015

Many potential adoptive parents don’t realize that “because these children are in the custody of the county or the state, that county or state covers all those court costs that an individual would pay for a private agency,” explains Rita Soronen, president and CEO of the nonprofit Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Parents may need to pay upfront for a home study (when a social worker interviews the family in their home), she adds, but typically those costs can be reimbursed through workplace adoption benefits, military adoption benefits or adoption tax credits.

Adoptees bill will give access to medical history

Times Ledger - 02/23/2015

The Adoptee Bill of Rights, currently has 90 bipartisan sponsors, led by state Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Fresh Meadows), who stood with several sponsoring Assembly members in support of the new bill.
“This long overdue legislation, once passed. Currently, adoptees may only obtain original birth certificates through a cumbersome judicial process or by hiring an often expensive private investigator,” said Weprin,.

State law to open access to adoptees’ birth certificates

Times Reporter - 02/22/2015

Many adopted Ohioans will find it easier to get their birth certificates under a state law going into effect next month… “That feeling of knowing who you are, even if it was a name and a face that you can connect to,” she said. “I want that for other people.”

Panel hears bill to let adopted kids get birth certificates at 18

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - 02/20/2015

The measure would eliminate the option for biological parents to hide their identities and let the adopted person get the original birth certificate. But after her colleagues told her that women who are raped should not have to meet their children, Dudik offered an amendment to the committee.
If accepted, the bill would not eliminate the anonymity option.

Returning To Ethiopia, Searching For Our First Families And Seeking Justice

Lost Daughters - 02/19/2015

For some reason, the names of my Ethiopian parents were somehow left out my documents, therefore I was declared an orphan, eventhough the well-intentioned women involved in my adoption knew that my father was alive (this is how I know now). There is not even a mention of my father in my adoption documents. Yet, when I asked questions about this serious information gap, I was told that getting information about my Ethiopian family prior to my adoption was “wishful thinking”.

Florida senators look for ways to boost adoptions

Palm Beach Post - 02/19/2015

A bill that would provide incentives to state employees who adopt children in Florida’s foster-care system continued moving forward Wednesday with several changes

An Open Egg Donor, Now Reversing the Role

Motherlode - 02/19/2015

When I clicked that “Open” button, I unwittingly gave Leo a gaggle of cheerful, redheaded siblings with mothers who are also (metaphorically) open. By being so willing to talk about Leo’s origins, my choice wasn’t just about genetics and the far future. It became about a community of people making the same choice and open to the same kind of sprawling family – right now.

Religious exemption adoption bills return in Michigan, renew debate over LGBT access

MLive - 02/18/2015

The reintroduced package would prohibit the state from taking “adverse action” against an agency that declines to perform an adoption on religious grounds. They would be required to refer prospective parents to a different agency.