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California Senate passes sweeping reforms to curb psych medications in foster care

Santa Cruz Sentinel - 06/03/2015

But the bills, approved unanimously in the state Senate on Thursday, would improve how the state’s juvenile courts approve prescriptions; create new training programs; expand the ranks of public health nurses; and require ongoing reporting of how often foster children are being medicated.
Social workers would be alerted when kids receive multiple medications or high dosages and when psychiatric drugs are prescribed to very young children. And residential group homes, where prescribing is typically the highest, would be more closely monitored and subject to corrective action.

Fears over ‘trafficking’ of children to the US

The Irish Examiner - 06/03/2015

The note relays the concerns raised by the principal social worker for adoption in HSE West who had found “a large archive of photographs, documentation and correspondence relating to children sent for adoption to the USA” and “documentation in relation to discharges and admissions to psychiatric institutions in the Western area”.
It notes there were letters from the Tuam mother and baby home to parents asking for money for the upkeep of their children and notes that the duration of stay for children may have been prolonged by the order for financial reasons.

Strengthening Child Welfare Systems by Resisting LGBT Discrimination

Center for American Progress - 06/03/2015

Foster children and youth and their potential parents need compassionate, empowering, and just policies to form permanent, loving homes. Discriminating against LGBT parents under the guise of religious freedom compromises these values while leaving already struggling young people even more vulnerable. So far this year, all efforts to enact LGBT discrimination policies against potential adoptive parents at the state level have failed. However, the push for religious exemptions can be expected to continue in state legislatures.

Attorney Says Baby Diane’s Adoption Records Are False

CBS St. Louis - 06/02/2015

Watkins says the adoption records for Baby Diane include a birth certificate that shows she was born at then City Hospital – a facility mostly for Caucasians – although her mother gave birth to all her other children at Homer G. Phillips, which during much of its existence, was used by African-Americans.
“There should be medical records at City Hospital No. 1,” Watkins says. “But curiously, City Hospital No. 1’s records can’t be found, and the records from Homer G. can be found as it relates to Baby Diane.”
Watkins also believes the signatures by Price on many of the documents, including the birth certificate, are forged.

Ghana to investigate adoptions by Americans

Vibe Ghana - 06/02/2015

A Thomson Reuters Foundation investigation found that families in Uganda have been bribed, tricked or coerced into giving up their children to U.S. citizens and other foreigners for adoption.
In Africa, Ghana placed 5th on the list of top 10 countries for US adoptive parents.
Ethiopia topped the list with 716 adoptions, followed by Democratic Republic of Congo with 230 adoptions; Uganda had 201 adoptions at third position; Nigeria, 130 adoptions, at fourth position; Ghana, 124 adoptions at fifth position; and Morocco, 43 adoptions at sixth position.

Adoptive parents use the Internet to re-home children from overseas

WWLP - 06/02/2015

Child welfare advocates testified before state lawmakers in hopes of shutting down these underground chat rooms and penalizing those who use them. State Representative Aaron Vega (D-Holyoke) is in support of the bill. He said, “Hopefully what we’ll be able to do is have the DCF (Department of Children and Families) be able to oversee these chat rooms as it were and crack down on this.”

Oshkosh Woman Searching for Daughter She Placed Up for Adoption

ABC 2 - 06/02/2015

Laurel Stadtmueller was only 14 years old when she says was assaulted and became pregnant. Too young to care for the child, she was forced to place the baby up for adoption.
“The doctor gave her to the nurse,” says Stadtmueller. “All the doctor said, it’s a girl and I named her Tammy Jean.”
Tammy Jean was born on February 21, 1980 at Mercy Medical Center in Oshkosh. Now 35 years later Stadtmueller is trying to reconnect with her.
She says, “I just want her to know I’m here for her and also here’s my arms. I just want to open my arms. I want a relationship with her.”

Expanding the Conversation About Trauma

Adoption Today - 06/02/2015

Even with increased openness in the adoption process, adoption loss wll never become obsolete. Acknowledging this basic reality may in itself go a long way in managing the experience, with the possible result of creating stronger bonds over time.

Foster-parenting rules may change for natives

Durango Herald - 06/01/2015

On Monday afternoon, the Native American Children’s Safety Act sailed through Congress without opposition.
The bill requires criminal background checks for prospective foster parents before tribal courts assign them to children in need of care.

Plattsburgh Adoptee Dawn Lewis finds family after 42 years

Denton Publications Online - 06/01/2015

“I have a whole new family, and I finally feel complete knowing who I am and where I came from,” Dawn said with joy. “It has been a very long journey filled with many disappointments and, now, a lot of happiness.”