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India moves to improve ‘shameful’ record on orphan adoptions

The Washington Post - 03/24/2015

With more than 30 million orphans living in India, according to one estimate, only about 2,500 were adopted last year, down from 5,700 four years ago, as prospective parents are stymied by complicated rules, endless delays, overcautious bureaucracy and illegal trafficking…Gandhi’s team is now simplifying the rules, setting an online application tracking system, shedding excessive bureaucratic caution and launching a new foster-care program.

Indiana House panel postpones vote on bill giving adoptees access to birth records

Daily Journal - 03/23/2015

The governor is a strong advocate of reconnecting families, but his administration doesn’t believe one year is enough time for birth mothers to file the proper paperwork if they want to remain anonymous, said Pence’s family policy director Lindsey Craig.

Birthmothers Hope Access to Key Documents Will Help Advance Adoption Reform

CT News Junkie - 03/23/2015

The documents in question would not give biological parents the information they would need to track down their children. But Access Connecticut believes that opening the documents to birthmothers will further the adoption reform movement because the documents will show what confidentiality, if any, was promised to birth parents when their parental rights were terminated.

Family Secret And Cultural Identity Revealed In ‘Little White Lie’

NPR - 03/23/2015

“Are there other people who are white and Jewish and have hair like mine? There are. So when you take all of the individual features separately, it was easier to say ‘well, I could be from that family,'” she says. “When you put it all together, though, which happened later in my teens, that’s when it didn’t really add up.”

Iowa Legislature considers bill on adoption leave benefits

KCCI 8 - 03/22/2015

The legislation would essentially require an employer that offers some forms of paid time off or other entitlements for the birth of a child to do the same for an employee who’s adopted a child in the past 12 months.

Early trauma can make preserving adoptions difficult

Brandenton Herald - 03/22/2015

While the Safe Children’s Coalition offers pre-adoption classes to prevent children from being returned, parents don’t always realize they may need continued classes and counseling after the children settle into their homes…”Adoption through the foster care system is the only hope for many seeking to have a family,” Banks said. “Many cannot afford private adoptions. It is beneficial for all involved for this to be successful.”

New law allows adoptees to request once-sealed birth records

The Columbus Dispatch - 03/21/2015

Of the states that have so far opened records to adoptees, Norris said, Ohio has the most. The state expects tens of thousands of requests in the coming weeks and months. After an application is processed, the adoptee likely will receive the file by mail within three to four weeks.
Claudia Vercellotti, 45, of Toledo, was first in yesterday’s line, which snaked along the sidewalk outside the Vital Statistics Office on Neilston Street Downtown. While a few hundred adoptees and supporters participated in a march to the agency, Vercellotti had only to get out of her car and walk to the door.
She’d been there all night.

Startling Case of “Rehoming” Unwanted Children Rattles Adoption World

Nonprofit Quaterly - 03/20/2015

Despite fervent objections to the practice, which adoption activist John M. Simmons calls “a monstrous act,” the practice is legal to the extent that it is not expressly prohibited. Many states like Wisconsin, Florida, Louisiana, and Colorado have begun passing laws to address the rehousing of adopted children. A previous alarming investigative report by Reuters and NBC News has explored the underground online world of rehoming as a feeding ground for sexual predators. Many of the rehomed children investigated were internationally adopted, had mental or physical disabilities, or had been abused.

New Law Opens Access to Adoptees’ Birth Certificates

abc News - 03/20/2015

The law that took effect Friday finally opens the records for those 1964-1996 adoptees. It also gives birth parents the ability to say whether they want to be contacted, and allows birth parents to update their medical information through the state.
“It’s about adoptees having the civil right to information that all other Americans can have about themselves,” Norris said. “It’s a social justice issue.” Ohio is the ninth state to make all its records available to adoptees, she said.

Dear Elton John, It’s Not All About You

The Lost Daughters - 03/19/2015

We are all conceived when an egg from one woman is fertilized by a sperm from one man. This woman is the biological mother. This man is the biological father. They are not inconsequential. These facts do not change, no matter how many other parents a person may have.