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Adoption by same-sex parent recognized by Alabama appeals court after decision reversal - 02/27/2015

The court, however, still said that Judge Chambliss erred in awarding V.L. visitation without affording the biological mother a hearing. “Courts of equity have broad power to act for the best interests of children, but that power must be exercised consistently with the due-process rights of both parents,” according to the ruling.

YouTube Helps Two Girls Realize They’re Long Lost Twins

Good Magazine - 02/26/2015

After her discovery, Bordier sent Futerman a message on Facebook, explaining the extraordinary coincidences, and the documentary chronicles the following months of correspondence. Eventually they met in London to take a DNA test, which proved that they are biological matches, according to Wired.

BIA Releases New ICWA Guidelines to Protect Native Families and Children

Indian Country - 02/26/2015

Working in collaboration with other government agencies to press for the full implementation of the federal law, Washburn confirmed that the BIA is redoubling its efforts to prevent the break-up of Indian families and the further destruction of tribal communities.

Grandparents raising grandchildren a growing trend

Clay Today - 02/26/2015

Often called grandfamilies, grandparents raising grandchildren is a growing trend in Florida and around the nation. For an array of reasons from drug addiction to mental and physical health issues and economic challenges, some parents are out of the picture while their parents care for the children either temporarily or permanently

Adoption: Irish women open up about their experiences with adoption

Irish Independent - 02/25/2015

For the first few years I found out details about her life, but it was just too difficult to keep that up. For me, to have adopted is like grieving but there has been no death. It’s never gone away. It has been a great sadness in my life, and has affected most of my relationships because I’ve never forgiven myself.

The Voices of Ethiopian adoptees in Black History Month

The Lost Daughters - 02/25/2015

Still, this should happen all year round. “Black” issues are everyone’s issues, just like Black history is everyone’s history. The histories and achievements of Black African people should be highlighted all throughout the year, not just in February

Dedham couple’s adopted children stuck in Congo

WCVB abc - 02/25/2015

They are legally, financially and emotionally responsible for their adopted children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but they’re being prevented from bringing them home…The MacLeans are among hundreds of other American parents with newly adopted children stuck in Congo because the government there has suspended exit permits for children.

Pa. bill would reinstate adoptee rights

abc27 - 02/25/2015

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin) said his proposal, House Bill 162, would reinstate the right of adoptees who reach the age of 19 to apply for and receive a copy of their original birth certificate without redactions.

Adoptive parents seek more time under Iowa law for adoptive leave

The Gazette - 02/25/2015

The Scotts are not alone in their frustration over what they say are unequal policies for parental leave.
Iowa code doesn’t address adoption leave, however bills in both the Iowa House and Senate hope to require employers to make adoption and maternity leave more identical.

Open adoption an option for Neillsville birth mother; brings joy to Gallaher family

WEAU - 02/25/2015

Mayer met with Sammie and her parents, encouraged them to look into open adoption. “Open adoption is the coming together of two families because I don’t think anyone can have too many people love them.”
Open adoption serves three purposes. A child receives a home and the love of a family, birth parents have the assurance their baby will be cared for and the adoptive family is blessed with the joy of loving and parenting a child.