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Gay dads dispel same-sex adoption myths – and are looking to adopt for a second time

The Journal - 08/16/2014

Owen said it was important to dispel old myths about who could adopt, with more than 6,000 children nationally waiting for families. “I would advise same-sex couples interested in adopting a child to do so,” he said. “I know there are many myths surrounding same-sex adoption, but we were never treated any differently or seen as a second-best option.

Ebola virus traps adoptive parents between hope, fear

The Tennessean - 08/16/2014

The World Health Organization last week reported more than 686 confirmed deaths across four countries. There are now about 200 more children in Sierra Leone who have been orphaned because of the virus. “There’s almost this paralyzing fear,” said Megan James Garrett, who also works with The Raining Season. She and her husband, Josh, have adopted four children — ages 8, 7 and 4-year-old twins — and are anxiously awaiting their arrival in their Nashville home.

Heritage Camps connect adoptees to cultural roots

Colorodo Public Radio - 08/15/2014

Summer camp is a staple for many young people, creating memories of campfire singalongs, athletic competitions and music recitals. But one Colorado organization hopes campers gain something deeper from its activities: an understanding of their cultural roots.

Florida program model for placing foster kids

Associated Press - 08/15/2014

Officials say it significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to place a Florida foster child into a home with relatives or adoptive parents in another state. Florida processes approximately 3,000 requests for children to move in and out of state each year. The database also saves nearly $100,000 annually in in postage and paper.

Children and grandchildren of adopted people could be allowed to contact their extended birth families under proposals unveiled today

Wales Online - 08/15/2014

Proposals unveiled today by Ministers would radically alter the rules surrounding the rights of adopted children, with their children and grandchildren handed the right to contact the family of their birth family. It comes amid a wider, radical shake-up of the adoption system in Wales, with Ministers steering a move to a single, national agency and overhauling the rights of fostered children to stay with their foster families longer. The Welsh Government plans to bring regulations into force for Wales by summer 2015.

Court voids adoption after father’s rights are restored

Capitol Media Services - 08/15/2014

Appellate Judge Kenton Jones said the court rules are clear stating juvenile judges cannot act on other new matters involving children while there is an appeal pending in a related case. In this case, he said, the adoption was a new issue, divesting the juvenile court from moving forward with the adoption. Jones also pointed out that by allowing the adoption, the juvenile court “completely severed … all the legal rights, privileges, duties, obligations and other legal consequences of the relationship.”

Child Welfare Finance Going Forward: Notes from The Roundtable

Chronicle of Social Change - 08/14/2014

The call for an end to the link between Title IV-E eligibility and the antiquated income test used to determine which kids are eligible for federal foster care payments has created an ongoing debate. There is a practical concern on de-linking, and that is what happens to the federal match rate. Dropping the income test will dramatically increase the exposure of the federal entitlement, and there is zero chance in this fiscal climate that the match rate will just stay the same as this occurs.

Florida high court backs lesbian in visitation fight for adopted son

Orlando Sentinel - 08/13/2014

In May, the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach reversed a lower court ruling, giving the adoptive mother full parental rights, something she’d been stripped of, and ordering a Sanford trial judge, Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover, to treat the case like any other custody dispute. Fifth District Court of Appeal said that it would be “unconscionable” for the birth mother to destroy the child’s relationship with his second mother after she had earlier gone to court to secure it.

Families hopeful subsidy resumption will boost Hoosier adoptions

Wish TV - 08/13/2014

More than 1,400 families represented in the lawsuit claim the agency promised them payments of between $18.80 and $28.00 per day for each special needs child they adopted. The families claim they have not been paid any form of subsidy since 2009, despite the fact that DCS “returned over $238 million to the State of Indiana in excess funds that were available for DCS to pay the adoption subsidy.”

State resuming subsidies for new adoptions

Journal Gazette - 08/13/2014

The Indiana Department of Child Services has said the reason it wasn’t paying promised subsidies to parents who adopted children in foster care was that the legislature didn’t appropriate the money. “As a state, we have an obligation to support these families who have stepped forward to adopt children who, through no fault of their own, have endured great pain and separation in their life,” said Sen. John Broden, D-South Bend. “I applaud the governor for this long overdue step of honoring the state’s financial commitment and obligation to these families.”