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Maine Voices: From foster care to master’s degree

Portland Press Herald - 05/10/2015

I slept on many sofas as I finished high school, graduating on my 19th birthday. Because friends and teachers supported me, I began to believe I could do more.
I became involved with the Youth Leadership Advisory Team at USM’s Muskie School of Public Service and participated in leadership opportunities for youths in care – camping trips, retreats, team-building activities and national foster care conferences.

International Adoptees Create A New Sense Of Community Together

NPR - 05/10/2015

Amanda Baden is a clinical psychologist and studies trans-racial adoptions. She’s also a 46-year old trans-racial adoptee from Hong Kong. She says the love-conquers-all theme has been prevalent.
“There’s this traditional adoption narrative, you know? There was a baby that needed a home, so they found a family who wanted a baby and needed one. And so they put them together and everyone was happy. And a lot of folks think that’s pretty much how adoption works.”

Mother’s Day celebrations include birth mothers, adoptive parents

Journal Star - 05/09/2015

The celebration of Mother’s Day this weekend includes the full spectrum of mothers, including Birth Mother’s Day, commonly recognized as the Saturday before Mother’s Day. McClallen said the first Mother’s Day after giving birth to Aiden drew awkward reactions from family and friends, but she’s embraced the day.
“I like my Birth Mother’s Day,” McClallen said. “It’s good feelings.”

‘Re-homing’ couple exposed by Reuters is indicted on kidnap charges

Reuters - 05/09/2015

Following the series, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation of the children re-homed to the Easons. In April, the Easons were arrested in Arizona and taken into federal custody on felony charges filed in Illinois. A federal grand jury in Illinois indicted the couple on the charges Wednesday.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, adoptee finally meets her birth mother

WTHR - 05/08/2015

We first wrote about Kelley Baumgartner’s search for her biological mother when she posted a photo to Facebook with information about her birth and adoption. She was born in the Elkhart area and put up for adoption through Catholic Social Services in South Bend.
That post was in February. Just six weeks later, she received an email that ended her lifelong search for answers.

#ThisIsWhatBlackMotherhoodLooksLike: Why I Gave My Child Up for Adoption

Ebony Life - 05/08/2015

Women who have consciously chosen to carry their babies to term, to feel every kick and jolt of life in their bellies, to make their timely doctors’ appointments, and to silently experience the emotional agony that comes with the responsibility to give life in this way–we are so often forgotten.
The dark cloud of acceptance in the instances of unwarranted shame that comes with being called a, “birth mom.” Which by the way, something about that term, “birth mother/mom,” seems so dismissive to me. As if, we’re no longer mothers because we chose to allow another woman to become one.

Scott faces political pressure on adoption bill

News 4 JAX - 05/08/2015

“I empathize with (Scott) on being in a tough situation of trying (to decide) how to weigh these two issues (the subsidies and repealing the gay-marriage ban) that have now been wound together,” Baxley said, adding that since gay adoption has not been decided by the Florida Supreme Court, the issues are far from done deals.

Adopted ID: A Haitian Adoptee Searches for Answers

Lost Daughters - 05/07/2015

There were many scenes that I will never forget, but one that stood out to me was when Judith was staying at a guesthouse and met with a family who was there to adopt. Judith stood apart from the family and watched them hold their soon to be adopted children. In the next scene, she told the camera that she felt sadness knowing what these children would grow up missing. For all of the material things they would gain, they would lose a part of themselves that could not be replaced. Adoption ID is a documentary that shares the story of one Haitian adoptee, but it is the story of us all – the lifelong search for family and roots.

The Importance of Home Permanency For Foster Child Development

The Chronicle of Social Change - 05/07/2015

Not only does a sense of home come from a physical house, but also the bonds the child makes via new family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, and other people in the local community that the child can draw support from, be it emotional or motivational. The Department of Social Services recognizes that a permanent home is a central source of love, protection, stability, and something we all need in our lives: a sense of belonging.

SJC: Sperm donors do not have to give permission for gay adoptions

Boston Herald - 05/07/2015

“We conclude that (state law) does not require the lawful parents of a child to give notice of the petition for adoption to a known sperm donor,” wrote Supreme Judicial Court Judge Fernande R.V. Duffly, in a 12-page decision.

In the case, a couple, who are legally married in Massachusetts, wanted to adopt their son to ensure that their status as parents would be recognized if they travel or move to a state where same-sex marriage is not recognized.