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Foster care advocates raising awareness in small, sweet ways

Dallas Morning News - 04/01/2015

So foster care advocates made a small gesture today by delivering to each legislator colorful bubble gum to represent the Texas children in foster care… Each package listed the estimated number of children in foster care or substitute care in that particular lawmaker’s district.

Sight Unseen: Navigating Adoption Spaces as an Adoptee of Color

The Lost Daughters - 04/01/2015

While other people who interact in public spaces often deal with similar issues, and certainly other adoptees experience this as well, as adoptees of color in predominantly white spaces, our visibility invites even more scrutiny. It is under this burden of visibility, that we retreat, we hide, and we desperately attempt to render ourselves unseen. Hyper-visible or Invisible — feels like there is no in between.

From Russia with Love: Crownsville woman finds her Russian birth father and sister

Capital Gazette - 03/31/2015

Before Lachewitz discovered the identities of her parents, she and her adoptive family, including a brother adopted from Russia at age 2, planned to go to Russia to search for them. But they had to cancel days before their expected departure. Under the regime of President Vladimir Putin, St. Petersburg, where the Krestinicheva family members live, is under travel sanctions.

Foreign Adoptions by Americans Reach Lowest Mark Since 1982

The New York Times - 03/31/2015

Chuck Johnson, CEO of the National Council of Adoption and a critic of State Department adoption policy, said the department has worked hard to make international adoption more transparent and ethical, but has failed to advocate forcefully for adoption as a viable option for many of the world’s orphans.

Foreign adoptions by Americans reach lowest mark since 1982

SF Gate - 03/31/2015

The number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents dropped by 9 percent last year to the lowest level since 1982, according to new State Department figures.

‘Writing a check for discrimination’

Grand Traverse Insider - 03/30/2015

Currently, with gay and lesbian couples unable to marry in Michigan, they are also prevented from jointly adopting in the state. With Michigan’s current ban on gay marriage being challenged in the Supreme Court next month, this bill appears to have been created as a preemptive measure to legally continue the bigotry regardless of the court’s ruling.

Adoption rights bill gets panel OK

The Des Moines Register - 03/30/2015

A House panel has approved a bill that would require some businesses in Iowa to offer more leave benefits to parents who adopt children… The bill would require businesses offering leave benefits to parents of newborns to do the same for adoptive parents. A business that doesn’t already offer such benefits would not be required to start.

Woman Reconnects with Long Lost Brother

The Daily Gazette - 03/30/2015

“I speculate what she thought, but honestly I just know how heartbroken she was because she never wanted the situation to happen. She never wanted him gone,” Engleman-Bertotti said.
After her mother died, six years after their conversation, Engleman-Bertotti finally felt free to talk about the brother she never got to meet, and even to look for him.
“I went to the courts, petitioned, and they basically laughed at me,” she said. “I was just a sibling. There’s got to be extreme reasons for them to open up the birth records.”

Indian Country Braces for Battle With Adoption Industry Over ICWA Guidelines

Indian Country Today - 03/30/2015

Members of the Native adult adoptee community were also upset with what they consider the inflammatory tone of the AAAA press release, since many of them have worked pro bono to educate the public about the negative impact of being placed in non-Indian homes as children. Thousands of these “lost children” have grown into adults working to reform an industry that they claim is more interested in protecting their revenue streams than what is in the “best interests” of Indian children.

Foster home’s license revoked following investigation, death of 6-year-old

My Fox 9 - 03/28/2015

Details on a recently concluded investigation into the foster provider were released in a 20-page report on Friday. What they found is best described as a systematic failure of oversight. The foster home has been closed effective immediately and the private company handling oversight is facing a similar fate. But, the investigation did not find evidence of neglect or mistreatment of children. The “failure to regulate” is what investigators say put the children at risk, and in the case Kendrea Johnson, played a role in her death.