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Orphans in crises overseas need emergency adoption protocols, say advocates

The Guardian - 01/29/2015

Australia needs to set up emergency protocols for the quick adoption of children from overseas who have been orphaned by Ebola, west African community leaders say. Strict adoption laws in Australia mean family members here cannot legally adopt those orphaned by Ebola in line with traditional family obligations.

Why I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to adoption

Chicago Now - 01/28/2015

“There’s a baby at your grandfather’s orphanage. Do you know anyone who would want to adopt her?” And that’s when I knew, just knew without a doubt, that this was no coincidence. This was our daughter.

After Christie Veto, Senate Panel tries again to clarify NJ’s surrogate parenting law - 01/28/2015

State lawmakers are once again pushing for a new law that would clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of women who agree to become “gestational carriers” for infertile parents in New Jersey.

Adoptees Sought Their Roots, and Readers Reacted

The New York Times - 01/28/2015

The article struck a chord with New York Times readers, many of whom, like me, arrived with their own set of personal experiences as adoptees, parents of adoptees, birth mothers and impassioned observers. It became one of the most emailed articles, and by the time we stopped accepting comments, more than 1,200 had been submitted.

Child trafficking opponents criticise Federal Government’s decision to lift series of overseas adoption bans

ABC World News - 01/28/2015

“There is no need for it, Australia should assist these countries in such a manner that they can take care of their own children.” Mr Dohle said there were many documented cases of vulnerable children being sold to orphanages or kidnapped and then adopted.

Illegal adoption agency charged with child trafficking – See more at:

The Daily Star - 01/28/2015

The three are accused of forming an illegal adoption network, which provides adopting families with newborn infants delivered by migrant domestic workers, according to a source who has attended the trial hearings of the three suspects.

Woman gives away newborn in Walmart parking lot

KUSA - 01/27/2015

A newborn baby was dropped off at a fire station after a woman handed the baby to a couple in a Lakewood Walmart parking lot.

How American Families Can Afford Adoption

U.S. News and World Report - 01/27/2015

By tapping into all available resources, even moderate-income families have been able to make adoption a reality. “Most people who adopt don’t have $40,000 sitting in their bank account,” Witt says.

Totally Prepared. Still Freaking Out.

Motherlode - 01/27/2015

But the life of a prospective adoptive parent is one of waiting; we had been told by our adoption therapist as well as adoptive parents that to buy baby stuff while you’re waiting to hear about possible situations is a crazy-making exercise

3 Black Adoptees on Racial Identity After Growing Up in White Homes

The Root - 01/27/2015

While all three appreciated the love and foundation their families provided, a common theme evolved: In a racially polarized society, children of color cannot be raised devoid of their history and culture.