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Freedom High School grad finds birth family through Facebook

Lehigh Valley Live - 06/12/2015

Less than 16 hours after Bethlehem resident Katie McGlade posted a photo on Facebook in hopes of finding her birth mother, it popped up in her sister’s new feed.
The Freedom High School graduate only knew that she was born at home and then her birth mother gave her up for adoption at Easton Hospital. Having grown up as an only child, she’s spent much of her life wondering about the biological brother and sister she was told she had.

ACLU may challenge newly-signed law on adoption by gays

WZZM 13 - 06/12/2015

The ACLU is already looking at options to challenge laws, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder Thursday, that will allow faith-based adoption agencies in Michigan to refuse to serve prospective parents, like same-sex or unmarried couples, if doing so would violate the agencies’ religious beliefs.

Picketers seek child placement with family members

Coshocton Tribune - 06/11/2015

About a dozen people picketed the Court Square perimeter Thursday morning, calling for local officials to keep displaced children with kin, rather than placing them in foster care.
Adults and children carried signs saying: “Kinship care before strangers,” “Our family loves us and we want them,” and “Lineage isn’t for sale.”

Manitoba to apologize to aboriginals adopted into white families in ’60s Scoop

The Star Phoenix - 06/11/2015

Premier Greg Selinger said the apology, expected next week in the legislature, will acknowledge damage done to those taken from their homes and their culture. Manitoba was one of the provinces most affected, so it is appropriate that it be among the first to apologize, he said.
“It’s an acknowledgment that they did lose contact with their families, their language, their culture,” Selinger told The Canadian Press. “That was an important loss in their life and it needs to be acknowledged. It’s part of the healing process.”
Adoptees have been calling for a federal apology and many want compensation for their experience, which they say was as traumatic as that suffered by residential school survivors.

Gay adoption ban to be removed from Florida laws after 4 decades - 06/11/2015

A nearly four-decade-old law banning gays from adopting children, which hasn’t been enforced in five years, will come off Florida’s books July 1, but Gov. Rick Scott still wants private, religious-based adoption agencies to be able to turn gay couples away.
Scott signed a bill Thursday that removes the adoption ban enacted in the days when entertainer Anita Bryant crusaded against gays.

Religious objection adoption laws put personal beliefs of some above needs of children

M Live - 06/11/2015

Today, against the advice of national child advocacy organizations, major professional groups and allies of equality across the state, Governor Rick Snyder signed these bills into law.
What does this mean? It means for thousands of foster children the chances of them finding safe and secure homes will be made based on politics, not sound policy.

Foster care records contradict initial Homer G. case

KSDK - 06/10/2015

Assuming the records are accurate, they fail to support allegations that Gilmore was stolen from Homer G. Phillips Hospital in 1965. Price has consistently said baby Diane was born at Phillips Hospital, but a March 17, 1966 letter indicates the baby was born at City Hospital #1. The letter is from a hospital social worker to the St. Louis Juvenile Court. According to the letter, police never located birth mother, then Zella Jackson, despite going to her Pope Avenue address and speaking to Jackson’s grandmother and uncle.
As Price’s attorney points out, so far there is an absence of police reports about the search to locate his client in 1965.

Pen Argyl area ‘McDonald’s baby’ turns to DNA tests to aid search for birth mom

Morning Call - 06/10/2015

The Pen Argyl area man searching for the mother who abandoned him at birth recently talked with a man who DNA analysis shows may be his second cousin. David Volk, who was found in a Newark, N.J., McDonald’s ladies room Dec. 20, 1977, moments after his birth, said Tuesday a DNA testing service referred him to a man in New Mexico.

Michigan lawmakers OK adoption refusals on religious grounds

Times Union - 06/10/2015

Senate Republicans voted 26-12 almost entirely along party lines after a debate during which some lawmakers recounted their own experiences of being adopted or adopting children. The House gave final approval, 65-44, after passing an earlier version in March.
Supporters said the legislation would codify the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ existing practice for private agencies with child-placing contracts, solidifying their relationship with the state.

Mom, 92, Adopts Daughter, 76

Yahoo! Parenting - 06/10/2015

The prevalence of adult adoptions is not known, as these are the types of adoptions that aren’t tracked, explains April Dinwoodie, executive director of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, a national research and policy organization. “But this informal type of ‘kinship adoption’ may happen more often than we think,” she tells Yahoo Parenting. “I love it when I hear about these later-in-life adoptions, because they are a symbol of the real value we place in our society on parentage, and on legalized parentage. It’s important for people to formalize their role of a parent — even when those people happen to be in their 70s and 90s.”