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Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts, #6: Placement Stability for Infants and Toddlers

The Chronicle of Social Change - 08/06/2014

Tony Parsons, 22, a pre-law undergraduate student at Michigan State University who completed the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI) in Washington D.C. recommends policy changes include replacing the timeline for children under three with a mandate to TPR after an infant or toddler has been in care for nine consecutive months instead of the current 15 out of 22 months a child is in care. Also, require states to report how many times each child moves placements cumulatively while in care, and how many placements each child had within 365 days.

Utah files same-sex marriage appeal with U.S. Supreme Court

Salt Lake Tribune - 08/05/2014

“This case presents an immensely important question: whether the United States Constitution compels states to adopt a single marriage policy that every individual is allowed ‘to marry the person of their choice, “the state wrote. Should the court decline to hear the case and deny Utah’s request, the 10th Circuit’s decision would stand — effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in all of the states in that circuit: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming.

As U.S. Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Centers

New York Times - 08/05/2014

Until recently, most families were released to remain in the United States while their deportation cases moved slowly through the courts. But that policy fueled rumors reaching Central America that if parents arrived with young children, they would be given permits to stay. To stop such talk, officials said, they are moving swiftly to expand family detention. Homeland Security officials said the plan is for them to be held for no more than 10 days before being sent on flights back home.

Colombia’s rebel mothers seeking lost children

BBC - 08/04/2014

Female guerrilla fighters in Colombia are banned from getting pregnant – but if they do they are forced to give up their babies. Now, after thousands of women have left the armed groups, some are desperately looking for their children.

Pert-ing Ways: Adam Pertman and Donaldson Head in Different Directions

Chronicle of Social Change - 08/04/2014

Adam Pertman led the Donaldson Adoption Institute for 12 years and penned Adoption Nation in 2011. He announced to colleagues in an email last month that he was moving on and had started a consulting firm with a division completely devoted to work on adoption and permanency. DAI, one of the country’s most significant contributors to the dialogue on adoption policy, will move forward with new CEO April Dinwoodie and a new strategic plan. What is clear is that DAI is seeking to sharpen the clarity of its mission and establish a reputation beyond research.

UK sperm bank to be opened in Birmingham

BBC - 08/03/2014

Heterosexual and same-sex couples will be able to use the service, as well as single women. People from ethnic minority backgrounds will be able to choose from culturally-matched donors.
The center will be based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and will offer “NHS-based, fully-integrated donor recruitment, screening and banking”, the Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust said.

U.S. Seeks Release of Couple in Qatar, Creating Tensions With a Crucial Arab Ally

New York Times - 07/31/2014

The State Department requested the Qatari government’s “assistance in providing a fair and expeditious conclusion to the proceedings regarding the Huang Case” which have moved slowly even though the original charge of murder was thrown out, replaced by the lesser charge of child endangerment and a conviction in March that carries a three-year prison term. The statement on Thursday was the first time that the United States had publicly asked for the Qatar government’s help in both resolving the issue and permitting the Huangs to leave.

New Bill Calls for Religious Freedom in Foster Care

Chronicle of Social Change - 07/30/2014

The bill, if passed, would protect faith-based organizations’ right to act in accordance with their beliefs, prevent the government from taking “adverse actions” against them and provide relief for those organizations that feel their rights have been violated.

Minnesota family fights to bring children home from Congo

Star Tribune - 07/30/2014

In desperation, the Zeidlers wrote to Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson, who called their story “wrenching” enough to draw up a House resolution. Five Minnesota families are in some stage of limbo with the Congolese government over adoption. Nationally, the number is about 800. And amid the least productive Congresses in history, Republicans and Democrats agreed that the Zeidler’s problem — along with the hundreds of American families like them — should be addressed.

Korean Adoptees and Parents Celebrate Culture, Community at Camp in Johnston

WHO - 07/30/2014

“There’s a lot of questioning that happens,” said Abbie Smith, a mother of two adopted Korean children. “And this is the place where they can safely ask those questions, have peers to swap answers to those questions, or figure out how to manage that search process for ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where do I fit in in the world?”