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The Right to Love: Two Social Movements Converge on One Family

Huffington Post - 01/13/2015

My son was walking down the slope of lawn in front of his parents’ home. I couldn’t believe the magic of that instant. As our gazes met and held I knew that our bond had endured.

Cultural diversity pays off for all kids

Chicago Tribune - 01/13/2015

“Babies are not only affected by parents and caregivers — previous studies proved that — but also by people they hear at the store or on the bus,” Howard said. “Incidental exposure matters.”

Family’s holiday card goes viral for all the right reasons

Today - 01/13/2015

Their holiday card reflects their simple desire to become parents. It doesn’t matter if the best match for them turns out to be a boy or a girl, a youngster or a preteen or a child of a different race. “We’re pretty open if it’s the right child,” Cara said.

Lawmakers Looking To Overhaul Child Protection System

WCCO- CBS Local - 01/12/2015

A Blue Ribbon Task Force moved so quickly, the legislature is expecting to introduce a bill within days to simplify and toughen up Minnesota’s complicated child protection reporting system.

New Parental Leave Law Expands the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act

JD Supra Business Advisor - 01/12/2015

On January 7, 2015, one day prior to leaving office, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the Parental Leave bill, which expands the scope of the Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act (“MLA”).

Couples turn to crowdsourcing to raise money to have a baby

WTHR - 01/12/2015

Each family is financing their baby dreams with crowdsource funding campaigns on social media. All three are using the Go Fund Me website to raise the money needed…Since 2010, people have donated more than $4 million to fund adoption and fertility treatments.

10 adoption myths debunked

KSL - 01/12/2015

Adoption can be mysterious. Many of us have relied on Lifetime movies and anecdotes of the most rare situations in adoption to define it. As a result, there are many myths that swirl around adoption. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

Parents who adopt Chinese children get language aid

China Daily USA - 01/12/2015

Accommodating five to 15 students in each class, the program teaches non-Chinese speaking families every Saturday to speak Mandarin in cultural arts and crafts activities and learn the basic concepts of Chinese language and culture in a semi-immersion environment.

Oklahoma same-sex spouses granted adoption of boys

FOX 25 - 01/11/2015

Craig said the couple, who did not want to be named, was in the process of adoption before the marriage law changed. They had picked one person to file for adoption of the boys. When they were legally allowed to get married, they reapplied for a couple adoption.

SELMA; A Movie Review With Implications From A Transracial Adoptee

Lost Daughters - 01/10/2015

The same is true for transracial adoptees as well. There are times when a story or lesson may pack a greater punch of understanding and truth when coming from someone of our own race.