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Bill Introduced to Help Children in Foster Care with Educational Stability

Grassley News - 06/19/2015

U.S. Sens. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have introduced a key bipartisan measure to help give children living in foster homes the best opportunity to get a good education.
The legislation, called the Educational Stability of Foster Youth Act, would support students in the foster care system by strengthening connections between child welfare agencies and state and local education institutions. Often, schools may be the only familiar place for a child in foster care, and the Senators’ measure will help make sure that those kids can go to school in a safe, stable environment.

Kuster Introduces Legislation to Protect Adoptions

Nashua Patch - 06/19/2015

This Protecting Adoption Act would require a father to register within a certain period of time after the birth of his child – as determined by each state. Birthfathers wishing to assert their rights to parent would be given timely notice of adoption proceedings, and adoptive parents would be apprised of potential claims, adding stability to the process from the beginning. There are currently Responsible Father Registries in 34 states, including New Hampshire.

Korean adoptee faces uphill battle to stay in U.S.

The Columbian - 06/18/2015

Crapser was first adopted from a South Korean orphanage by a Michigan couple who eventually relinquished him back to authorities, after which he was adopted by the Oregon family that gave him his new last name. But neither family ever naturalized Crapser as an American citizen, and the latter situation fell apart when the parents were convicted in 1992 on multiple counts of child abuse against several adopted children.

Twin Adoptees Reunite in ‘Twinsters’ Documentary, Debuting this Summer

NBC - 06/18/2015

“In 2013, I had been given an opportunity to begin a new journey in life, one that included my first connection with a living, blood relative and potential identical match. And somewhere in the pit of my gut, I desired to share my sister and my story with the world,” wrote Futerman, who co-founded Kindred: The Foundation for Adoption, shortly after her discovery.
The documentary is co-directed by Ryan Miyamoto and stars actress and adoptee Futerman, who has appeared in films like “Memoirs of a Geisha,” and “21 and Over.”

On Father’s Day, Thinking of the Dad Who Raised Me — and the Father Who Might Not Know I Exist

Huffington Post - 06/18/2015

I think about my dad and my father a lot. As a transracially adopted person I think about the man who raised me along with my mom, and I think about the man who made it possible for me to be born. These thoughts greatly intensify, naturally, around Father’s Day.

The Real Meaning Of ‘Transracial’

Think Progress - 06/17/2015

Rollins pointed out that families of transracial adoptees can often be significantly impacted by having people of another race in their homes. But neither does this experience change the race of these siblings or parents. At best, it can equip them to be “a different kind of white person, one who can operate as an ally to people of color in a real, thoughtful way.” But Dolezal, Rollins bemoaned, “is a white woman, who made choices, who used and is still using every bit of her white privilege to maintain the power and elite status she has accrued from her deception.”

More Support for Adopted Children and Families from Investment in Post-Adoption Services

WAER - 06/17/2015

Families that adopt children from foster care can sometimes need help adjusting to the new situation at home. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services is committing 1.5 million dollars for post adoption services. The Salvation Army in Onondaga County will get a grant of 195-thousand dollars. Executive Director Linda Wright says these programs are essential to help create a lasting family unit.

How same-sex couples got the right to adopt in Massachusetts

Boston Globe Magazine - 06/17/2015

The Supreme Court decision could open up opportunities for same-sex couples across the country to foster and adopt, but it won’t guarantee the right; state legislatures will still be able to introduce laws limiting gay and lesbian couples’ access to their systems. But the case will get people talking, which advocates say is the first step. While Massachusetts is today at the forefront of rights for gays and lesbians, it started with activism 30 years ago. “Social change really happens from the bottom up,” says Sue Hyde, of the National LGBTQ Task Force. “This is about how we are woven into — or not accepted in — the fabric of our neighborhoods, our schools.” She adds, “This is really about social change.”

What ‘transracial’ means within the adoption community

CNN - 06/17/2015

Angela Tucker is African-American and raised by white parents. She compares her experience to comments made by Rachel Dolezal.

Former NYC foster care children face barriers trying to reconnect with missing siblings

am New York - 06/17/2015

While some stayed in touch or were reunited, others were adopted by new families, given new names, and lost forever to siblings who cared for them then and search for them now. ACS now encourages “adoptive families to consider and support open adoption so that families may maintain contact after an adoption is finalized,” said a spokesman for the agency in an emailed statement.
Because the records of legally adopted children are sealed, “we encourage adoptees to register with the adoption information registry if they are interested in locating biological family,” he said.
But registering is often an exercise in futility.