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Could This Amendment Save Adoptee Adam Crapser From Deportation?

NBC News - 04/07/2015

“Adoption is the creation of a formal legal relationship where the adoptee becomes the legal heir of the adopter and any legal rights with the first parents are terminated,” Kelsey Hye Sun March, a Korean adoptee and Washington, DC, attorney working to get the amendment passed, told NBC News. “When U.S.-citizen parents legally adopt a foreign-born child, a new legal family is created and legal ties with the child’s birth country are terminated.”

The Culture of Family: Adopting a New View

Adoption Today - 04/07/2015

We know from the research the damage that occurs when a child of color is raised without regular interactions with role models and peers who are racially and ethnically diverse.
If we want to have meaningful conversations about transracial adoption, we must first have meaningful conversations about race and class in America. Creating a new family culture through adoption also speaks to more insidious cultural differences.

Arkansas Governor Signs Adoption Law Banning ‘Re-Homing’

Reuters - 04/06/2015

The new statute signed by Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, forbids parents from assigning custody of children they adopt to another household, except close relatives, without court approval. The crime would be a felony punishable by a prison sentence and fines.

What an Adoptee Wants You to Know About Adoption

Huffington Post - 04/06/2015

So, when you hear that someone was adopted, or notice because they look different from the rest of their family, know that so many of the stereotypes about adoption are not true. That we did not just step out of a made-for-TV movie. We are individuals and don’t all feel the same way. We are REAL people with REAL families, and there is so much more to us than having been adopted.

Broadway’s Biggest Stars Petition De Blasio to Restore NYC Adoption Funding That Helps Older Kids Find Homes

Playbill - 04/06/2015

On March 31, the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) decided to end its partnership with two organizations, the Council on Adoptable Children (COAC), and You Gotta Believe, both of which help match foster care children age 8 and older with adoptive parents. The ACS felt it wasn’t getting its money’s worth out of the agencies

Sponsor: Bill giving adoptees equal access to birth records stalls in Indiana House committee

The Daily Journal - 04/06/2015

The measure would have made accessing birth records easier for those born during that time period. In 1994, state law changed to require biological parents to sign an official form, indicating whether or not the state can disclose their information. Lawmakers agreed at the time to seal records for the preceding decades to protect those who did not expect their information to be readily available.

Some Adoptees Oppose Proposed Changes To Safe Haven Law

Northern Public Radio - 04/06/2015

A new plan by Sen. Heather Steans would help protect the parents’ identity even more by creating a foundling birth certificate, which would leave off information about the parents.
Marley Greiner advocates for adoptees rights. She says people who are adopted, like herself, have a hard time finding out their birth information. She says the proposed changes to the Safe Haven law would make it even harder.

Release of adoption records reunites sisters

The Columbus Dispatch - 04/05/2015

Both sisters were raised in Columbus, but by separate families. They were put up for adoption young, their birth family mostly a mystery to them. McDonald grew up in a foster family with other siblings, while Barnett was raised as an only child. Barnett had learned that she had two other siblings, but nothing more.

Bill aims to keep American Indian children with families

My San Antonio - 04/05/2015

“I had a wonderful, beautiful (adoptive) home. I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” Hardenbrook said. “But I still wish I would have never left the res. I would have learned to dance. I would have learned to sing the songs. Now when I get out to the arena, I have to watch everyone, at 57 years old, because I don’t know the steps.”

‘Gertie’s Babies,’ Sold at Birth, Use DNA to Unlock Secret Past

The New York Times - 04/05/2015

Baby sellers like Ms. Pitkanen are part of American subculture, especially through the mid-20th century, from the Wasserman ring in New Jersey to the Cole Babies of Miami. But the aging cohort of Gertie’s adoptees say they believe they are unique in having never found any living biological parents, so securely were the secrets locked down.