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Woman shipped from Plymouth to Australia 50 years ago fights to uncover family history

Plymouth Herald - 02/06/2015

“I have found my birth parents, I have found nine half-sisters, one full brother Graham whom I have not met, one brother David was killed when he was 19 and then there is ‘Billy Boy’,” she says.

Facebook rallies to help woman find birth mother

News 4 JAX - 02/05/2015

Kelley Baumgartner was born in Goshen, Indiana, and was put up for adoption immediately. Now an adult and living in Florida, she is using Facebook to try to find information about her past.
Her post has been shared thousands of times across the country, giving her renewed hope that she’ll find her flesh and blood.

Lawmakers Look To Increase Adoptions Of Foster Kids

CBS Miami - 02/05/2015

While part of Gaetz’s bill would provide additional payments to state workers who adopt, another part would give incentives to the community-based care organizations to increase the number of children successfully placed with adoptive families.

Senate Committee Passes Legislation to Promote Adoption of Children in Foster Care

The Florida Senate - 02/05/2015

The adoption incentive program would award incentive payments to CBCs and their sub-contractors for meeting specific adoption performance standards… Once the baseline has been established for the adoption measures, the DCF will establish measurable outcome targets, define the methods for measuring these targets, determine the level of performance required to earn an incentive payment, and the amount of payment that can be earned for each target.

LGBT Community Members Seek Equality in Work Force, Family Setting

NBC Nebraska - 02/05/2015

Three bills in front of the legislature could make it easier for same-sex couples to become foster parents, adopt a child and seek a job in the work force.
Dozens of proponents and opponents of the bills spoke in front of lawmakers Wednesday.

Reunited after 53 years

Portsmouth Daily TImes - 02/04/2015

On Aug. 20, 2014, Lee and Carla placed an ad on an online adoption forum asking about Patricia M. Stoll…But that began a relationship that has continued every day since then. Things changed in everyone’s lives. Patricia became “mom.” John became “dad.”

After 50 years of separation, brothers reunite

Kokomo Tribune - 02/04/2015

Due to the realities of a racially insensitive era, Paul, 66, and Washington, 52, both fathers of three, were separated before Washington turned 1 year old.
And while race may have caused their separation, it certainly hasn’t hindered their new relationship.

Confidential intermediaries discuss connecting adoptees with birth parents

Michigan Radio - 02/04/2015

Tina Caudill is a birth mother who reunited with her child and now works as a confidential intermediary… Caudill says adoption is often seen as a one-time event, but people are now beginning to understand that it is a lifelong journey.

The Woman Who Sold Her Baby For $435 To Buy Firewood

NPR - 02/04/2015

Such incidents of child-selling are shocking — and illegal in Afghanistan. But in a country plagued by chronic poverty amid decades of conflict and instability, it is not the only instance.

Report cites need for NY college support after foster care

Fox News - 02/04/2015

“The instability of multiple home and school placements, a lack of emotional and financial support from parents and the prospect of aging out of the foster care system at age 21 with no support system are just some of the barriers that prevent many foster youth from reaching their potential,” a new report said.