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A Push to Protect Adult Adoptees From Deportation

NBC News - 03/12/2015

Many of the international adoptees left out of the act, who also committed minor crimes and whose adoptive parents did not properly apply for naturalization, have been deported or are at risk of being deported back to the country of their birth. In most cases, that means a ticket to a land to which they have no connection, in which they do not speak the language, nor know the culture.

Florida House bill would remove gay adoption ban from law

Bay News 9 - 03/11/2015

The vote came five years after an appeals court ruled that the state’s gay-adoption ban is unconstitutional. Then-Gov. Charlie Crist refused to appeal the decision. While some Republicans voted against the bill amendment, none spoke out against it and it was quickly approved.

Local couples turn to Go Fund Me for adoption

WCNC - 03/11/2015

Lauren and Brian Higdon tried for six years to get pregnant. While friends with similar issues chose fertility treatment, Lauren knew international adoption always appealed to her after mission trips as a teenager. But then came the cost. To adopt a group of siblings, which is what the Higdons want, it’ll cost $45,000, they estimate. Not independently wealthy, the couple knew it’d take a lot of bake sales and garage sales to raise that kind of money.

The father searching for his abducted son

BBC News - 03/11/2015

He has already travelled tens of thousands of kilometres, but says his journey will only end when he dies or he finds his son.
“I used to have nightmares when Xiaosong said, ‘Daddy you don’t want to find me.’ I’d wake up covered in sweat,” he says.

Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

Guernica Magazine - 03/11/2015

Sometimes I marvel at the convergences my son embodies. The other night, he was tucking his dinosaur toys into the basket he keeps them in, and he started to sing the Hindi lullaby that my mom sings to him, and sang to me as a child. Here he is, this black kid with two moms, one white and one brown, who turns the heads of Indian families we encounter at the zoo when he calls out “hathi!” instead of “elephant.”

Houston woman fighting to regain child offered up for adoption

My Fox Houston - 03/10/2015

Young, completely overwhelmed by life and questioning her ability to rear her little boy, Kiara Citizen-Williams reached out to Christian Homes and Families, an adoption agency.
She now calls it a catastrophic lapse in judgment.
“It shouldn’t have happened, but if this is what it took to realize I should have appreciated him more, I do. I just want my baby back home,” said Kiara, tears flowing down her 20 year old cheeks.
Five days after the call, Kiara says Melanie Wallace, a caseworker dispatched from Tyler, took her to a Houston UPS store just off Highway 290 where a document voluntarily relinquishing parental rights to her child was signed and notarized. A random customer volunteered as a witness.Assuring Kiara she was doing the right thing, the caseworker loaded up one-year-old Bryce and left town.
Within minutes the young mother said she’d changed her mind.

“Literally the next morning I was blowing up her phone, every single day, texting every single day. Can I see him? Is it a possibility to come talk to him?,” said Kiara.


Los Angeles Times - 03/09/2015

For the “banished,” there is the fear that their birth mothers will recoil at the idea of reconnecting with a child who represents a painful time in their lives. For the mothers, there is the fear their children will resent them for giving them up for adoption in the first place.

Viral Facebook Photo Helps Woman Reunite With Her Long-Lost Mom After More Than 20 Years Apart

Huffington Post - 03/09/2015

Lee started looking for her birth mother as a teenager, but feared her mother had died or moved abroad. After hearing about several reunions that were orchestrated with the help of social media, Lee decided to give her boyfriend’s poster idea a chance. The mother-daughter pair were able to finally catch up on various aspects of their lives.

House committee to address foster care deaths

KHOU - 03/09/2015

House Bill 781, sponsored by state Rep. Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale, would require 35 mandatory training hours for foster parents. The current minimum is eight hours plus required classes, including CPR and first aid, medical consent and trauma informed care.
The legislation would also require private agencies who license foster parents to submit training to the state for review and later published online. Now, private agencies use different methods and curriculum.

Mom learns after 55 years that daughter is alive, well

Arkansas Online - 03/08/2015

“I just feel like I have my wish,” Swaite said. “I always wondered why she died so young. And then after she showed up and I found her, I just have it in my heart that I’m not by myself anymore.”.. Swaite said she didn’t know that her adoptive parents had planned to put her child up for adoption. She was never allowed to see her child after the baby was born Sept. 18, 1959.