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In South Korea, quest to recast views of single motherhood

The Christian Science Monitor - 03/20/2014

A group of adoptees, who say they were given up because their mothers couldn’t raise them, are spearheading efforts to make single motherhood less of a social taboo and financial constraint.

The “Reason Two” Theory for Tracking Failed Adoptions

Chronicle of Social Change - 03/19/2014

There is a major blind spot in national data when it comes to the child welfare continuum, and it is on the back end. The federal government has never established a systematic way to collect information from states about the number of finalized adoptions of foster youths that “disrupted,” ending with a youth heading back to foster care.

A rainbow for China’s orphans

Christian Science Monitor - 03/18/2014

The Rainbow Program is a groundbreaking partnership between the Chinese government and international nonprofit groups that’s helping China reimagine its entire child welfare system.

Burger King Baby’s Search: A Challenge to Adoption Practices

Psychology Today - 03/17/2014

Angela Tucker, a young woman whose quest for her birth family was chronicled in the documentary Closure, made her first breakthrough in finding her family through the Internet. A report by the Donaldson Adoption Institute titled “Untangling the Web: The Internet’s Transformative Impact on Adoption,” found that modern social technology like social media and powerful Internet search engines are changing what it means to have a closed adoption.

Adoption payment hike could get more Minnesota kids in permanent homes

Star Tribune - 03/15/2014

In a plan announced last week, the Dayton administration would equalize payments for foster care, relative care and adoption. While the proposal would create incentives to adopt older children by providing higher payment rates, it also would cut rates for a majority of foster care providers.

Utah lawmakers make move to stop adoption ‘forum shopping’

Salt Lake Tribune - 03/15/2014

An unwed mother who is in Utah for less than 90 days before proceeding with an adoption would now have to provide more information about the child’s potential biological father, a requirement aimed at ending “forum shopping” and end-runs around unmarried fathers who live in other states, under a bill passed by the Utah Legislature.

Allow Adoptees to See Original Birth Certificates

Courier-Post - 03/14/2014

“Who am I? Where do I come from?” Few questions are as basic and universal. For adoptees, the answers may be complicated. But having access to their own birth records and medical histories shouldn’t be. In most states, including New Jersey, a child’s original birth certificate is sealed when an adoption is completed, and an amended birth certificate — bearing the names of the adoptive parents, and often their hometown — is issued.

Wendy’s Turns Up Volume on Adoption Drive

The New York Times - 03/13/2014

Dave Thomas, the founder of the Wendy’s Company, was adopted at six weeks old, and dedicated much of his effort in his company to support adoptions. Since his death in 2002, Wendy’s has continued to support adoptions with most efforts being low-key in publicity. For example, Wendy’s home page had no reference to the Dave Thomas foundation for Adoption. But now the company is putting adoption front and center, with a national ad campaign and an adoption hub on its website with a brand new commercial. “Every child deserves a hug before bedtime, a place to call home,” Ms. Thomas says. “Wendy’s dream is to help every child waiting in foster care find the loving family they deserve.”

Family Has Baby From Adopted Embryo

ABC News - 03/12/2014

After eight years of trying and failing to become parents, Charlie and Matt DeVore thought they were out of options. They’d tried infertility procedures, and when those didn’t work, they tried adoption. But that fell through, too. Matt’s sister suggested embryo adoption, where doctors fertilize several of their eggs in a lab during in-vitro fertilization. Once they become embryos (not all of them do), doctors usually only implant the healthiest two or three embryos into the mother. The remaining embryos can be frozen to be implanted when the couple is ready for another baby or a couple can also donate their frozen embryos to programs such as Snowflakes.

Adoptee rights / Sign this bill

Press of Atlantic City - 03/12/2014

For nearly 34 years, adult adoptees have been trying to change New Jersey law to gain access to their birth records. The state Legislature sent Gov. Chris Christie a bill last month that would grant adoptees access to their original birth certificates and make it easier for them to contact their birth parents. The bill, S873, would allow adoptive parents, adult adoptees or the children of adoptees to request birth certificates and related materials from the state Department of Health.