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Westerville couple’s dream to adopt Guatemalan siblings hits international hurdles

The Columbus Dispatch - 09/15/2014

While international adoptions do happen with countries that don’t participate in the Hague treaty, the U.S. officials have said Guatemala must comply with the treaty in order for them to allow international adoptions with their country. April Dinwoodie, chief executive of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, which aims to improve adoption laws, policies and practices, said the Olivieris aren’t the first family to be thwarted by issues of international relations.

Irish children tell of abuse at hands of American adoptive parents

IrishCentral - 09/15/2014

The Irish Examiner ports that an estimated 2,000 illegitimate children were sent abroad by the church in what is described as the ‘adoption trade.’ The BBC Two documentary investigates what happened to Irish children adopted across the US. “Some of the children had happy lives with the families they were sent to but many of them didn’t. Some of them were physically and sexually abused.” They have now revealed their horror stories in a new television documentary made by the journalist who wrote the Philomena story.

Children Protection Committee unveils adoption statistic

Tengrinews - 09/15/2014

Citizens of Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Switzerland have adopted 66 Kazakhstani children since 2013,” the Committee reported. The process of adoption has been significantly simplified. Part of the process requires the future adoptive parents to spend two weeks communicating with the child. The documents for adoption are filed only after a bond between the child and the family has been established. The final decision is delivered by the court.

Easier, faster, child adoption process on the cards

Hindustan Times - 09/15/2014

Under the new guidelines, once a prospective parent registers online at the Central Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System and the application gets accepted, he/she would be able to view the details and photographs of all children who are up for adoption and make their choice online. The rule will allow single parents to adopt a child. However, a single male is not eligible to adopt a girl child.

People adopting children when most are thinking retirement

Spokesman Review - 09/14/2014

The change reflects more openness by adoption agencies in general, Johnson said, that also extends to single parents and same-sex couples. And it reflects a couple of reigning principles in adoption and child-welfare circles: First, every child – including foster children once deemed “unadoptable” – deserves a permanent, loving home. Second: Children whose parents can’t raise them should be raised instead by other biological relatives, if possible, including grandparents or great-aunts and -uncles.

UNICEF Executive Board turns its focus to child protection

UNICEF - 09/13/2014

The evaluation recommendations include strengthening engagement with leaders to address violence against children; strengthening data management to better demonstrate outcomes; promoting long-term social change that addresses the root causes of violence; and empowering everyday citizens to help prevent violence in their own communities through implementing community alert and response systems, such as providing children and women with whistles to sound when in danger to alert police.

Vietnam: US to restart limited adoption program in Vietnam

Associated Press - 09/12/2014

Vietnam and the United States will soon resume limited inter-country adoptions. The announcement comes six years after a ban was imposed because of allegations of widespread baby-selling and children offered without the consent of their birth parents. Under the new agreement, Americans will be able to adopt children with special needs and those over five years of age.

Don’t use religion to cloak bias toward LGBT families

Los Angeles Times - 09/10/2014

Freedom of religion is crucial. But it should never be used as a cover for discrimination, which is exactly what the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act would do. As many as 6 million Americans today have LGBT parents. These are real families entitled to real rights without loopholes. I hope a majority of the U.S. Congress will see this proposed law for what it is: a legislative assault on basic human rights — and on families.

‘We found you in a catalogue of Native children’

APTN National News - 09/10/2014

For over 100 years, ending in the 1990s, the federal government ripped tens of thousands of Indigenous children from their parents and put them in state-funded, church-operated schools known as Indian Residential Schools. A hearing is taking place in Ottawa at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal looking into the reasons why thousands of Indigenous children are currently in state care and whether the federal government discriminates against First Nation children because of underfunding the organizations charged with their care.

Still being treated as non-persons

Irish Examiner - 09/10/2014

Mother and baby home survivors fear that they will never get all the answers about their past. The records are scattered in different locations. Some have been handed over to the HSE where women have been told they should phone back in eight years because there is nobody to deal with them. Others fear that as they speak, the precious clues to their identity still held by the religious orders and bodies are being destroyed.