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China : Police Rescue 11 Babies and Make 32 Arrests in Child Trafficking Raid

International Business Times - 11/07/2014

At least 32 Chinese have been arrested in a police raid on a child trafficking ring. The arrests came as police launched an investigation after 21 babies were kidnapped or sold into the hands of traffickers in the city of Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, local media said.

Hollywood Pastor Crowdfunds $4 Million, Launches ‘World Adoption Day

Forbes - 11/07/2014

The first ever “World Adoption Day” is set for November 9th, 2014. The brainchild of entrepreneurial pastor, Hank Fortener, the campaign also includes Scott Harrison of Charity:Water, and Supermodel Jessica Stam as it’s co-founders.

Transracial adoption: Loving gift or theft of culture?

Mail & Guardian - 11/07/2014

Transracial adoption is a fraught topic in any country – subjected to seemingly endless hand-wringing about culture, difference and belonging – but the issues it poses are acute in South Africa.

Court Upholds Marriage Bans in Four States

New York Times - 11/06/2014

A federal appeals court in Ohio upheld on Thursday the right of four states to ban same-sex marriage, contradicting rulings by four similar courts and almost certainly sending the issue on a rapid trajectory to the Supreme Court.

Finance exec, abandoned in phone booth as a baby, seeks parents

New York Post - 11/05/2014

A New York City financial executive who has conquered every obstacle in the business world still has a steep personal hill to climb — finding the parents who abandoned her as a newborn at an Upper West Side phone booth nearly 50 years ago.

Zeke Anders shares his thoughts on adoption with “American Seoul”

Michigan Radio - 11/05/2014

Zeke has shared his adoption journey through a vlog – a video blog called “American Seoul” – as in Seoul, South Korea, where he was born. Zeke Anders joined Michigan Radio for an interview.

The Standing Rock Sioux fight to get their children back

Aljazeera America - 11/05/2014

Native children, 35 years after the passage of ICWA, are still staggeringly overrepresented in state foster care placements across the country. Although Native Americans make up only 8.9 percent of the child population in South Dakota, they constitute 51 percent of children in foster care in that state. In North Dakota the numbers are 5.4 percent versus 28 percent, and in Montana it’s 6.5 percent versus 35 percent.

Utah Supreme Court upholds adoption law requiring affidavits from unwed fathers

The Salt Lake Tribune - 11/05/2014

A sharply divided Utah Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that in order to establish paternity, unwed biological fathers must file a sworn affidavit saying they are able and willing to support their child. If the father fails to meet this requirement of the Utah Adoption Act — along with other provisions, including registering a paternity notice with the state — he cannot object to an adoption, the court said.

Keeping siblings together as adoptees

Ukiah Daily Journal - 11/04/2014

Research has demonstrated the critical nature of sibling bonds and its importance for children’s development and emotional well being; some research suggests that children and youth in foster care experience better outcomes when placed with their siblings.

Adopted people to get birth cert right in new law

The Irish Examiner - 11/04/2014

Adopted people will have an automatic legal right to their birth certs for the first time if a bill is accepted by the Government. Under the proposed legislation, all adopted people will have a right to their birth certs, listing their original names and their natural mother’s — and father’s if available — name.