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Utah asks appeals court to block judge’s orders in adoption cases

Salt Lake Tribune - 04/09/2014

The state is asking the Utah Supreme Court to block orders of judges who approved adoptions for married same-sex couples so they are not able to get amended birth certificates for their children.

Rally rebuts Holmes’ adoption claim

Montgomery Advertiser - 04/09/2014

State Rep. Alvin Holmes’ remarks about adoption continued to stir up emotion Wednesday as families gathered on the steps of the Alabama State House to both protest the remarks and support adoption outside of one’s race.

Family worries legally adopted children won’t come home

KWWL - 04/08/2014

Erin and her husband Mike started the adoption process in 2012. They finalized the adoption of two children in the DRC in 2013 but government officials in the DRC suspended the issuance of exit permits and prevented the Peat’s from bringing their legally adopted children home to Dubuque. “Our kids are stuck in the DRC even though both governments have recognized us as their lawful parents for more than nine months,” said Mike.

Panel advances bill opening adoption birth certificates

The New Orleans Advocate - 04/08/2014

Negotiations began moments after a Louisiana House committee approved legislation Tuesday that would allow adoptees to look at their birth certificates and in many cases identify their birth parents. The House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure voted 9-1 to advance House Bill 1028 over the opposition of church groups and others.

Couple sues Catholic Charities after adoption nightmare

South Bend Tribune - 04/06/2014

The father was awarded custody of the child after she lived with the Kramers for more than eight months, leaving a couple in pain for losing a child and a father who missed the first months of his daughter’s life. The incident spurred litigation that poses the question: Was the agency negligent or was the risk inherent in the adoption?

Bob Kerr: They knew life would be better with kids in the house

Providence Journal - 04/05/2014

Michael and Leslie Forget had finished raising two children who were grown and had moved out of the house. Faced with an empty nest they found the new home to be too quiet and unsettling. “This house was always full of people coming and going,” said Leslie. They decided to fill the house again by becoming foster parents to children facing tough situations. This later led them to consider adoption after understanding the difficulty of multiple transitions the children had been through. After much talk and work with their social workers and the Family court, the children now have a forever home with their new family.

Haiti’s new adoption rules aim to protect children

Christian Science Monitor - 04/04/2014

The Hague Adoption Convention took effect in Haiti this week after Haitian officials demonstrated their country has adopted legislation to follow the treaty’s provisions. Foreigners seeking to adopt a child from Haiti will now have better assurances the new family member wasn’t trafficked.

Abandoned Babies: Bundle of Tragedy

Business Insider - 04/04/2014

China’s pilot program “baby havens” allow parents to anonymously abandon their unwanted babies in baby hatches. However, the program is facing criticism due to the high rate of babies abandoned. Proponents of the program claim the program is beneficial and also a civil duty for its people. However, critics claim the program increases the rate of abandoned babies, especially babies with severe health problems. The program has created even more controversy surrounding the country’s one-child policy.

Crimea Adoptions to Americans Blocked by Russia

Christianity Today - 04/04/2014

Russia’s controversial annexation of Crimea from Ukraine has stalled all U.S. adoptions from the disputed Black Sea peninsula. Crimea contains more than 30 orphanages with approximately 3,500 children, according to a 2013 government report. In 2012, nearly 150 orphans were adopted, including 48 by foreigners.

Pressure intensifies on Obama over deportations

The Washington Post - 04/04/2014

Latino lawmakers memo says: We write to recommend administrative actions that DHS should take to end the needless separation of American families caused by the deportation of immigrants with strong family ties and deep roots in the United States.