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Supreme Court asked to hear challenge from Guatemalan mother

The Joplin Globe - 03/25/2014

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to hear an appeal on behalf of a Guatemalan woman seeking to overturn the adoption of her biological child by a Carthage couple.

Lawmaker Pushes For Law To Prevent ‘Re-Homing’ Of Adopted Children

NBC4 - 03/25/2014

An Ohio lawmaker is introducing a bill to stop the practice known as re-homing, a new form of human trafficking involving illegal placement of adopted children.

Completion of Adoption Incentives Reauthorization Hoped for Spring

Children’s Monitor - 03/25/2014

Now that the new leadership of the Senate Finance Committee is settling in, there is the possibility that the Congress can finalize the Adoption Incentives reauthorization in the coming weeks.

Momentum builds for adoptees’ rights bill

Legislative Gazette - 03/24/2014

Assemblyman David Weprin, D-Queens, is calling for action on an adoptees-rights bill (A.0909/S.2490) which would allow adoptees who are at least 18-years-old to request from the state Department of Health a non-certified copy of their birth certificate and medical history form. Adam Pertman, President of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, was quoted stating ‘The most prominent argument keeping adoptees from their original birth certificates is the safety and privacy of the birth parents if they have no desire to see the adoptee, but this in fact is no longer relevant.” Rather, “They want to know what happened to the lives they created and the single greatest healing factor for them is that knowledge.”

The Wildest Ride: Adoptive Parents Struggle to Conquer Trauma

NBC News - 03/21/2014

International adoption is by its nature an emotional journey. The road can be rough, both for the parents who often must deal with children with post-traumatic behavioral issues.

With minimal professional support often available, many newly forged families struggle behind closed doors in dealing with feelings of anxiety, anger and inadequacy. Without support these emotional challenges can feed into a destructive cycle that leads parents to consider desperate measures such as private “re-homing” – a practice in which they transfer guardianship of the children to strangers, without any consultation or oversight from child welfare agencies, counselors, courts or lawyers.

Foreign Adoptions by Americans Decline Sharply

Associated Press - 03/21/2014

he number of foreign children adopted by U.S. parents plunged by 18 percent last year to the lowest level since 1992, due in part to Russia’s ban on adoptions by Americans. Adoptions from South Korea and Ethiopia also dropped sharply. Figures released Friday by the U.S. State Department for the 2013 fiscal year showed 7,094 adoptions from abroad, down from 8,668 in 2012 and down about 69 percent from the high of 22,884 in 2004. The number has dropped every year since then.

Casual Remarks That Hurt: Microaggression and Adoptive Families

The New York Times - 03/21/2014

Adoptive families, and children who were adopted into them, often talk among ourselves about the “dumb things people say” to and about us. “Where is her real family?” “Do you know her parents?” It bothers some people more than others, and it bothered Kim Kelley Wagner to the point that she created a photo series about it, of the kind that’s rapidly becoming ubiquitous: images of those spoken about (in this case, her daughters), holding hand-lettered signs with the offensive words that have been directed at them.

Ohio Rolls Out New Adoptee Access to Records Law on March 20

The Hannah Report - 03/21/2014

On March 20, Ohio implemented the first part of a two-phase roll out of legislation related to adult adoptees’ access to their original birth certificates. In response to the recent legislation, Adam Pertman, president of Donaldson Adoption Institute, was quoted stating ‘I am delighted that Ohio has joined the growing number of states that has approved access to original birth certificates for all adult adoptees, a right that is enjoyed by all non-adopted Americans. Every state needs to follow suit.”

Authorities say an Ohio mother used ‘re-homing’ to keep allegations of sexual abuse from coming to light

Reuters - 03/21/2014

The controversial ‘Re-Homing’ issue continues to gain publicity as an internet forum in Marysville, Ohio was recently discovered to be used by parents seeking to hand off their adopted children they no longer wanted. Nita Dittenber was a teenager from Haiti who was offered more frequently than any other girl. Starting at age 14, Nita Dittenber was passed among four families over two years through a practice called “private re-homing.”

Ohio birth parents now can OK contact from child placed for adoption

The Columbus Dispatch - 03/20/2014

The voluntary contact-preference forms available starting today are part of the 15-month implementation period for a new law that will grant thousands of Ohioans access to original birth certificates.