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A Surrogacy Agency That Delivered Heartache

New York Times - 07/27/2014

Rudy Rupak, founder of Planet Hospital, is in involuntary bankruptcy proceedings, under investigation by the F.B.I. and being pursued by dozens of furious clients from around the world who accuse him of taking their money and dashing their dreams of starting a family. “There are more scams and scandals in surrogacy now than I can ever recall seeing,” said Andrew W. Vorzimer, a surrogacy lawyer in Los Angeles. “But I think Planet Hospital is the biggest mess yet.”

Without visas for newly adopted babies, Md. family waits in China

Washington Post - 07/26/2014

Mike Norton and his wife, Annie, and their now five children are living in a hotel room in Guangzhou, China, unable to leave because their adopted babies, both 20-months-old, cannot get their travel visas. The State Department’s Consular Consolidated Database (CCD), which keeps all the ­background-check records on individuals seeking U.S. visas, started having outage issues on July 19, creating a massive backlog.

Report: 117% increase in children 12 and younger crossing border alone

LA Times - 07/25/2014

Although the increase among migrants ages 6 to 12 was significant, they made up only 14% of total youths apprehended at the border, according to the Pew report. “The fact that Hondurans represent the highest percentage [27%], followed by Salvadorans, makes clear that the major push factors are violence,” said Susan Terrio, an anthropology professor at Georgetown University who has interviewed dozens of unaccompanied immigrant children.

House Passes Adoption Incentives Package; Senate Expected to Act Soon

Chronicle of Social Change - 07/24/2014

The new bill H.R. 4980 reauthorizes federal adoption incentives program, which awards states for exceeding certain benchmarks in the finalization of foster youth adoptions; only permit APPLA for foster youths above the age of 15 and required biannual case reviews for older teens. The bill will also require states to track and report disruptions to finalized adoptions and guardianships, one of the biggest blind spots in research on the child welfare system.

Online adoption agency resolves suit by Illinois AG

ABA Journal - 07/24/2014

The Adoption Network Law Center has entered into a consent decree to resolve a suit by the Illinois Attorney General’s office which was settled without any admission of liability or fault. The consent decree states that the Law Center is not licensed as an adoption agency in the state, and it can’t provide services or financial support to Illinois birth parents and must also stop any advertising that is targeted to Illinois.

Federal Government Considers Using Foster Care System For Immigrant Children

News 9 Oklahoma - 07/23/2014

The federal government is considering using Oklahoma foster care families for some of the undocumented children at Fort Sill which has raised concerns from Gov. Mary Fallin claiming the state is already dealing with a huge foster care crisis. But now Fallin says the Department of Health and Human Services has contacted DHS asking for foster families to house some of the younger children housed at Fort Sill. “Which takes away from Oklahoma Kids who are waiting to get into foster care systems,” said Fallin.

Florida moms putting kids up for adoption see Canada as promised land with ‘less racism’ than U.S.

National Post - 07/22/2014

“Many birth mothers are choosing to have their children placed in Canada because they feel that Canada is a much more open society and they feel they will have less exposure to racism here,” said Cathy Murphy, executive director of Ottawa-based international adoption agency. She stated it is sad to hear the reasons some mothers are choosing Canadian families to raise their children, but it is not surprising.

Casualties of China’s one-child policy

Financial Times - 07/22/2014

The basics are simple: Ricki’s parents had a girl when they needed to have a boy. The paternal grandmother demanded one and the rural culture expected one. They couldn’t afford to use their birth quota on a girl. But Ricki’s parents went against all reason and tried to keep her anyway, they did their best to hide her before the birth planning officials discovered her.

Adoption guidelines being simplified

The Times of India - 07/22/2014

Union minister for women and child development Maneka Gandhi on Tuesday has said that the government would simplify adoption guidelines to minimize delay in adoption process. Some of the changes contemplated in the existing Guidelines are: provisions for linking the orphan/abandoned/surrendered children of all Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to the adoption system in the process and treating Non Resident Indians prospective adoptive parents at par with the domestic prospective adoptive parents.

To nail orphanage’s lies, adoptive parents seek to find kids’ biological ones

Mumbai Mirror - 07/21/2014

Lending strength to their search is the result of investigations into Shejar Chhaya’s functioning by government agencies, which showed that most children had been “procured like commodities” by the centre and put up for adoption – an astounding 900-plus over more than two decades.