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Wendy’s Turns Up Volume on Adoption Drive

The New York Times - 03/13/2014

Dave Thomas, the founder of the Wendy’s Company, was adopted at six weeks old, and dedicated much of his effort in his company to support adoptions. Since his death in 2002, Wendy’s has continued to support adoptions with most efforts being low-key in publicity. For example, Wendy’s home page had no reference to the Dave Thomas foundation for Adoption. But now the company is putting adoption front and center, with a national ad campaign and an adoption hub on its website with a brand new commercial. “Every child deserves a hug before bedtime, a place to call home,” Ms. Thomas says. “Wendy’s dream is to help every child waiting in foster care find the loving family they deserve.”

Family Has Baby From Adopted Embryo

ABC News - 03/12/2014

After eight years of trying and failing to become parents, Charlie and Matt DeVore thought they were out of options. They’d tried infertility procedures, and when those didn’t work, they tried adoption. But that fell through, too. Matt’s sister suggested embryo adoption, where doctors fertilize several of their eggs in a lab during in-vitro fertilization. Once they become embryos (not all of them do), doctors usually only implant the healthiest two or three embryos into the mother. The remaining embryos can be frozen to be implanted when the couple is ready for another baby or a couple can also donate their frozen embryos to programs such as Snowflakes.

Adoptee rights / Sign this bill

Press of Atlantic City - 03/12/2014

For nearly 34 years, adult adoptees have been trying to change New Jersey law to gain access to their birth records. The state Legislature sent Gov. Chris Christie a bill last month that would grant adoptees access to their original birth certificates and make it easier for them to contact their birth parents. The bill, S873, would allow adoptive parents, adult adoptees or the children of adoptees to request birth certificates and related materials from the state Department of Health.

‘Burger King Baby’ Katheryn Deprill seeks birth parents

Long Island - 03/11/2014

Adoptive children seeking birth mothers (and biological fathers) is nothing new. Like Deprill, many want information they can’t find elsewhere, such as medical information, or know whether they have brothers or sisters, as well as just plain curious as to why they were put up for adoption in the first place.

Xiaoning Wang (video)

The New York Times - 03/11/2014

Xiaoning Wang, an immigrant from China based in New York, was inspired to start her company after seeing so many American parents adopt Chinese girls. Her company sells Chinese educational products.

Want to adopt from Syria? Adoption agencies urge people to ‘slow down’

Today Moms - 03/11/2014

It’s hard not to be moved by the plight of Syrian children, with many people feeling a desperate urge to help in some way, perhaps even to adopt. But people who work for international adoption agencies say that while they understand the very human instinct to rescue children from troubled places like Syria, adoption is not the best way to help.

State’s last witness says unrepentant homosexuals are going to hell

Detroit Free Press - 03/07/2014

Michigan’s gay marriage trial ended on an explosive note today, with the state’s final witness, Douglas Allen, saying he believes unrepentant homosexuals are going to hell. Allen is a Canadian economist who has researched 60 same-sex parenting studies during a 15-year period, and believes Michigan should uphold its ban on gay marriage. He argued that science is a long way from determining whether that family structure is good or bad for kids, and that messing with public policy would be premature.

State Supreme Court again rules that father’s consent necessary for adoption of his child

The Republic - 03/07/2014

For a second time, the Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that a father who was intentionally misled about the birth of his child can stop the baby’s adoption.

Proposed Bill Would Let Unmarried Couples Adopt

Lincoln Journal Star - 03/07/2014

Donna Schiavone asked this question: If two unmarried people can accidentally have a child, does it make sense that two people can’t purposely adopt one, especially given all the children in foster care? The Omaha woman signed her name to a petition calling on senators to pass a bill (LB380) introduced by Omaha Sen. Sara Howard that would allow unmarried qualified families to jointly adopt. It would open more possibilities, including same-sex couples, for children waiting for a family. It would decrease the number of children in foster care and the amount of time spent in foster care. And that would save taxpayer money, the petition said.

With tweets: Hazel Park couple cheered following closing arguments of gay marriage trial

The Detroit News - 03/07/2014

April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse walked out of the federal courthouse Friday to rousing applause from supporters to see them have their day in court. DeBoer talked through tears about the lengthy court trial based on she and Rowse’s challenge to the Michigan constitutional and adoption codes that blocks them from legally marrying and co-adopting one another’s adoptive children. “We’re hopeful we’ll be on the right side of history,” said DeBoer shortly after the closing arguments in the closely watched case that could end with a historic approval of same-sex marriage in Michigan. Rowse said the case was about “maintaining and protecting our children’s civil rights.”