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Ohio families seek action on adoptions from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Plain Dealer - 06/25/2014

Carrying signs with photos of children they plan to adopt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dozens of adoptive parents from Ohio and other states are visiting the U.S. Capitol this week in hopes of speeding up Congo’s stalled adoption process.

New Mexico Starts Adoption Website

KRWG - 06/25/2014

Today, Governor Susana Martinez unveiled the nation’s first permanent Digital Heart Gallery. The Digital Heart Gallery helps Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD) foster children available for adoption find their forever families.

Adoption official denies ‘double-matching’

The Villager - 06/25/2014

The administrator of an adoption agency in The Woodlands being sued by six couples for allegedly lying about matching infants with their respective families says there was no wrongdoing on the agency’s part and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit grew impatient with the process.

10th Circuit Court upholds same-sex marriage

Salt Lake Tribune - 06/25/2014

A federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that states outlawing same-sex marriage are in violation of the U.S. Constitution. By upholding a Utah judge’s decision, a three-member panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver became the first appeals court in the nation to rule on the issue, setting a historic precedent that voter-approved bans on same-sex marriage violate the Fourteenth Amendment rights of same-sex couples to equal protection and due process.

House Panel Faults Feds Intervention Into Tribe’s Foster Care Case

NPR - 06/25/2014

Lawmakers chastised the Spirit Lake Reservation after death and abuse reports surfaced in 2012. The Bureau of Indian Affairs took over the program, but the federal government isn’t doing much better.

‘Safe haven’ overwhelmed with abandoned babies

ECNS - 06/24/2014

The Nanjing Children’s Welfare Institution in Jiangsu province has hired guards and installed surveillance cameras in its “safe haven” to prevent parents from abandoning children following the surging number of babies with physical or mental disabilities received since it was opened in December.

House Bill Would Open Eligibility, Restrict Use of Federal Foster Care Dollars

The Chronicle of Social Change - 06/24/2014

The aim of the Permanent Families for All Children Act is to push states into quicker moves to permanency – reunification, adoption or guardianship – for children.

Long scattered, adoptees search for lost families

Associated Press - 06/24/2014

Now some of the adoptees have turned to fresh DNA testing in hopes of reconnecting with the biological families they never knew, before time runs out.

America’s Unseen Export: Children, Most of Them Black

Pacific Standard - 06/24/2014

“Just as the U.S. looks to China and other countries, Canadians look to the United States,” says Jane Turner of Adopt Illinois, a private adoption agency. Adopt Illinois is one of 26 agencies in the U.S. accredited by the State Department to handle adoptions involving an American-born child and foreign parents.

Adoptive families want help for special needs children

WTHR - 06/23/2014

Indiana has 10,000 children in foster care across the state. Thousands of families caring for those children are no longer getting adoption subsidy payments, prompting a class action lawsuit and a renewed call for help.