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Woman gives away newborn in Walmart parking lot

KUSA - 01/27/2015

A newborn baby was dropped off at a fire station after a woman handed the baby to a couple in a Lakewood Walmart parking lot.

How American Families Can Afford Adoption

U.S. News and World Report - 01/27/2015

By tapping into all available resources, even moderate-income families have been able to make adoption a reality. “Most people who adopt don’t have $40,000 sitting in their bank account,” Witt says.

Totally Prepared. Still Freaking Out.

Motherlode - 01/27/2015

But the life of a prospective adoptive parent is one of waiting; we had been told by our adoption therapist as well as adoptive parents that to buy baby stuff while you’re waiting to hear about possible situations is a crazy-making exercise

3 Black Adoptees on Racial Identity After Growing Up in White Homes

The Root - 01/27/2015

While all three appreciated the love and foundation their families provided, a common theme evolved: In a racially polarized society, children of color cannot be raised devoid of their history and culture.

U.S. 280 family creates family with open adoption

280 Living - 01/26/2015

Four years later, and Alex and Kelley are still members of the Nolans’ extended family. Anytime Caleb does something great, Samantha will send Kelley a message or picture, and anytime Alex and Kelley are in Birmingham, they get together with the Nolans.

Virginia lesbian parents win birth certificate case

WRAL - 01/26/2015

“If a man can contribute his sperm and not carry the child and be deemed a legal parent, then a woman can contribute her eggs and be deemed a legal parent,” Quinn told the newspaper.

Institutional neglect changes kids’ brain structure

Reuters - 01/26/2015

Nelson said, “Brain development after birth depends on experience, especially during critical periods. If experiences don’t occur during critical periods, developments don’t happen.”

Couple working with Farmington Hills adoption agency turns to social media

Farmington Voice - 01/26/2015

“We see more birth mothers seeking information to find adoptive families,” she said. “There’s a trend for birth mothers, when they think about adoption, wanting to choose a family, then contacting the agency to do the legal work, making a hospital plan, and providing emotional support.”

Gay couples find a new way to adopt in Arizona

Tucson Arizona Daily Star - 01/25/2015

But despite the restrictive wording of Arizona’s adoption law, which says only husbands and wives can jointly adopt, local attorneys have found a workaround for same-sex couples: step-parent adoptions.

Abbott’s plan to overhaul adoption laws

The Daily Telegraph - 01/25/2015

“For too long, it has been too hard to adopt and for too long, this has been a policy no-go zone,” he said. “It shouldn’t be that way — because adoption is all about giving children a better life. This is all about helping families who want a child, and the children who need a safe and loving family.