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The Not-So-New History of Asian International and Transracial Adoption

The Berkley Blog - 06/25/2015

The history of Asian international adoption in the United States provides a lens to view the relationship between U.S. foreign relations and immigration, specifically between an American military presence in other countries and the resultant migrations of children to the United States. It also helps us glean the shifting definitions of what constitutes an American family. Confronting this history is not easy. It compels us to grapple with the brutal aftermath of war, the absence of social services to vulnerable populations, U.S. as well as Asian racisms, the adoption of children who were not true orphans, but whose relatives relinquished them because of poverty and hopelessness, American adoptive parents’ tense encounters with family members and neighbors who opposed their decision to adopt internationally and transracially, and Asian adoptees’ painful loss of their birth families and homelands.

Pa. panel votes to give adoptees access to birth certificates

ABC 27 - 06/25/2015

A proposal to give adoptees access to their original birth certificates was approved Thursday by a Pennsylvania House panel.
The House Children and Youth Committee reported out House Bill 162.
The sponsor, Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin), says under current law, adoptees may petition the courts for a copy of their birth records, but their request may be denied by a judge.
His proposal would allow adoptees access once they reach 18 years of age and have graduated from high school, completed a GED or have legally withdrawn from secondary schooling.

How kids became the strongest argument for same-sex marriage

Washington Post - 06/24/2015

Advocates have seized on the words of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who in striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act two years ago wrote that the law “humiliates tens of thousands of children” being raised by gay parents. Taking the cue, groups have put these children’s stories front and center in campaign ads, on rally stages and in legal briefs.

Could Same-Sex Parenting Study Influence Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Marriage?

International Business Times - 06/24/2015

An estimated 200,000 American children under the age of 18 are growing up in households with same-sex parents. An additional 1.2 million to 2 million children are being raised by gay or lesbian parents who are not part of a couple.
Adams and his team analyzed 19,000 studies conducted between 1977 and 2013 relating to same-sex parenting. They discovered a clear consensus: Children of same-sex couples are no more likely to suffer from psychological or behavioral problems compared to children raised by opposite-sex parents.

Adoption advocates irate, say Assembly wrecked Adoptees Bill of Rights

Watertown Daily Times - 06/23/2015

Carolyn A. D’Agostino, the organization’s co-founder and upstate coordinator, said the original bill would have allowed adults who were adopted as children to obtain access to their original birth certificates, which are currently sealed under state law.
Now, she said, the amended bill has put up more obstacles for adoptees.
“In a last minute ‘bait-and-switch’ tactic typical of Albany’s dysfunction, the bill was replaced — just days before the vote — by an amended bill,” Ms. D’Agostino said in a letter to the Times. “This amended bill will require grown adults, guilty of nothing but having been surrendered into adoption as children, to petition a court, their adoptive parents, and their biological parents for their own birth records.”

Hundreds Of Children In Nepal Are At Risk For Trafficking After Earthquake. Here’s Who’s Helping

Huffington Post - 06/22/2015

The government suspended international adoption after the first earthquake and has banned children from traveling between districts without a parent or guardian. The registration of new orphanages has been suspended and active organizations can’t receive new children without government authorization.

Lack of Will to Keep Siblings Together in Foster Care; But There Is a Way

Chronicle of Social Change - 06/22/2015

Data suggest NTF is working. Children in NTF homes are reunited with their birth families faster than other children in foster care. The average length of stay in an NTF home was 8.57 months in 2014, as compared to the national average of 27.2 months. NTF is rated as a promising practice by the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse on Child Welfare. This rating was based on a study showing that NTF performed better than traditional foster care on indicators including placement stability, placement with siblings, moves to more restrictive settings, and reunification.

Texas woman discovers she’s white after 70 years

KHOU - 06/22/2015

My adoptive mother, Edwinna Wagner, never told me that she had adopted a white baby,” she said. “She took it to her grave that she had a white daughter.”
Meantime, Verda grew up living the black experience. She married twice and even gave birth to a daughter. Things would change for the child of the trans-ethinic adoption in 2013 when she started searching for her biological parents. Her adoptive mother had come clean about the adoption. Edwinna shared no other details.
“It’s was unbelievable,” said Byrd.
Verda made a shocking discovery. Earl, Daisy, and her siblings were white. She had lived 70 years with no clue of her true heritage. She, however, has claimed no status as a victim.

Same-sex ruling will trigger next round of fights

USA Today - 06/21/2015

Two weeks ago, Gov. Rick Snyder signed bills allowing faith-based adoption agencies to reject same-sex applicants. In North Carolina, legislators voted to let courthouse staff refuse to process marriage licenses or perform ceremonies if it offended their religious beliefs. In Alabama, a court barred judges from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite a federal court order to do so.
In Lansing, state Rep. Todd Courser, R-Lapeer, said last week he wants to allow only clergy to perform marriage ceremonies in Michigan, taking local and judicial officials out of the process. If enacted, it would curtail same-sex weddings since religious officials can’t be forced to perform such a ceremony — but its constitutionality on equal protection grounds could be in serious doubt.

A special Father’s Day for Ohio

Daily Call - 06/20/2015

What makes this Father’s Day different from all the others is that some of these new fathers I know have found their adult children for the first time, who until March 20th of this year were separated by Ohio’s adoption laws. The men and women who have found their birth fathers thanks to the change in our law will also find new meaning in this year’s holiday.
One of the things I learned while working with advocates and other legislators to get Ohio’s birth records changed is that many birth parents are open to having a relationship with the child they put up for adoption. I’ve also learned that it’s hard for me to really appreciate the emotions of being adopted despite having an adopted sister.