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Reports: Need High, Spending Low When It Comes to Adoption Services

The Chronicle of Social Change - 05/01/2014

Much of the demand for help by parents who adopt from foster care comes years after the point of adoption, according to the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), which released two reports today making the case for an increased investment in pre- and post-adoption services.

States Enroll Former Foster Youth in Medicaid

Pew Stateline - 04/30/2014

One of the Affordable Care Act’s successes is a provision that allows young people up to 26 years old to remain on their parents’ health insurance. Under a similar, but less-known provision, young adults who have been recently released from foster care can also get Medicaid coverage, regardless of their incomes. An estimated 180,000 foster care alumni became eligible on Jan. 1.

Why Teen Dad Must Fight Adoption Agency for His Child

KTVI - 04/30/2014

A 16 year-old boy says an adoption agency is standing in the way of him raising his child. He also has a second child, with another girl, on the way.

Do We Support Children and Families After Adoption From Foster Care? Not So Much

Huffington Post - 04/29/2014

Adam Pertman, President of Donaldson Adoption Institute and Susan Smith, Program and Project Director of the Institute are writing and advocating for the critical need in preparing and supporting adoptive and guardianship families both before and after adoption. The Institute’s recently released study, “Supporting and Preserving Adoptive Families,” provides the most extensive examination to date of what services states are providing, who is eligible to receive them and how they are being funded. The Institute also published a companion report, “Keeping the Promise: The Case for Adoption Support and Preservation,” which synthesizes past knowledge and provides new research on the extent of adopted children re-entering foster care.

Same-Sex foster case can continue

Lincoln Journal Star - 04/29/2014

Three same-sex couples can go forward with their lawsuit challenging a longstanding state policy that prevents them, and all unmarried couples, from adopting or being foster parents, a Lancaster County judge has ruled.

New state tax break proposed for Iowa parents who adopt

Radio Iowa - 04/29/2014

The legislature has voted to establish a new tax credit for Iowa parents who adopt a child. If the governor signs the bill into law, Iowans could claim a credit of up to $2500 per child for adoption-related expenses.

Google removes “deceptive” pregnancy center ads

Washington Post - 04/28/2014

Google is removing Web search ads for some “crisis pregnancy centers,” after an investigation by NARAL Pro-Choice America found evidence that the ads violate Google’s policy against deceptive advertising.

NJ: State strikes deal on opening birth records to adoptees

News Works - 04/28/2014

After more than 30 years of pressure to open birth records to adoptees in New Jersey, state lawmakers and the Christie administration have finally reached agreement on a measure that will allow that to happen.

KTLA 5’s Chris Schauble Shares The Journey to Find His Biological Parents

KTLA5 - 04/28/2014

KTLA 5 Morning News anchor Chris Schauble was adopted as a child. Now he is sharing the journey to find his biological parents in hopes that it will inspire someone else.

NJ adoptees can get birth certificates in 2017 under compromise between Christie, lawmakers

The Star-Ledger - 04/28/2014

Gov. Chris Christie and state lawmakers have reached an historic agreement that will give adopted New Jerseyans access to their birth certificates, capping a 34-year effort supporters described as a civil rights struggle for their identities and medical histories. Under the compromise that will be announced today, adoption records would be opened in New Jersey for the first time since 1940, when they were sealed by a court order.