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Guatemala arrests US fugitive in illegal adoptions

The Houston Chronicle - 12/17/2014

The arrest warrant for Bailey was issued in 2008 and charged her with taking children and putting them up for illegal adoption for fees as high as $40,000, according to a statement released by prosecutors.

Waiting 7 Years, 19 Guatemalan Children Still in Orphanages Hoping to Unite With Adoptive Families; Bipartisan Group of US Senators Urge Action

The Christian Post - 12/17/2014

While progress has been made in finalizing some of the adoptions of Guatemalans adopted by American parents before intercountry adoptions were shut down in 2008, 19 children remain in orphanages waiting to join their families. A bipartisan group of 19 U.S. Senators sent a letter to the Guatemalan ambassador, urging his government to allow those kids to be raised by their family.

How one white mother talked to her two black children about racism in America

The Washington Post - 12/17/2014

All of this fuels her desire to see that agencies working in interracial adoption discuss the reality that race does matter in U.S. society. White parents who adopt black children should do so understanding that a parent’s love does not mitigate institutional racism, she argues. And preparing a white child to enter the world is a different prospect than preparing a black child to do so.

Legislators Seek to Overturn Anti-Gay Birth Certificate Law

Texas Observer - 12/17/2014

Many judges in Texas routinely grant joint adoptions to same-sex couples, so the legislation wouldn’t create new parental rights. But not having accurate birth certificates causes problems when it comes to enrolling children in school, adding them to insurance policies, admitting them for medical care and obtaining passports.

NJ Woman shares story of embryo adoption

New York Daily News - 12/17/2014

She decided she wanted to adopt again, but in a different way. Instead of adopting a newborn or a foster child, Wismer adopted an embryo from a young couple and had it transplanted to her uterus, and is expecting her child on Aug. 3.

Redstone couple’s adoptions, foster care reunite 5 siblings

Aspen Times - 12/16/2014

The Woffords knew it would be best for the kids to be together. They were able to add Aniayh to their family, thanks to tightening their belts and making lifestyle adjustments to accommodate their growing family. They moved from their 800-square-foot cottage on Redstone Boulevard to the first floor of Bob’s dad’s house a few doors down.

Social workers must not ‘shy away’ from adoption – top family judge

The Telegraph - 12/16/2014

In the case of “B-S”, Sir James said judges were becoming increasingly alarmed at the frequency with which children were being put forward for adoption when less “drastic” measures, such as being cared for by other relations, known as kinship care, had not been considered… Adoption groups said it threw the system into paralysis as social workers scrambled to carry out extra assessments on children and explore alternatives believing adoption was now only for extreme cases.

Adoption Documents to be Digitized

The Korea Herald - 12/15/2014

The state-run organization plans to track down the representatives of seven other shuttered adoption agencies and archive any remaining documents that they may have next year… Of the 1,033 Korean transnational adoptees surveyed last year by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 83 percent said they were interested in finding their birth family, with 71 percent saying they had pursued the search already. However, only 28 percent of those who searched were able to reunite with their birth parents. Those who were most inclined to search for their birth parents were individuals who had been treated for mental conditions, who had a hard time adjusting as transnational or transracial adoptees, or who had experienced a severe identity crisis, according to the research.

When Grandma’s House Is Home: The Rise Of Grandfamilies

NPR - 12/15/2014

“Once the recession occurred, we actually saw a real uptick in the number of kids living with their grandparents, and now the numbers are close to 8 million,” says Gretchen Livingston, who has studied the trend for the Pew Research Center. “To put that in perspective, that means that about 1 in 10 kids are living with a grandparent.”

A careful look at adoption in Mongolia

The UB Post - 12/14/2014

According to the National Statistical Office of Mongolia, over 2,500 children were adopted by local families and brought them happiness. Looking at more comprehensive statistics, approximately 10,300 children were adopted from 2009 to 2013, out which 113 were adopted to foreign families..Organizations working for children in Mongolia attempt to arrange placement with Mongolian families rather than foreign families in order to keep children happy in their homeland.