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Utah Supreme Court clears way for adoption by partners of same-sex spouses

Reuters - 10/23/2014

The Utah Supreme Court on Thursday lifted an order that had blocked spouses in same-sex marriages from adopting their partners’ children, state officials said. The state’s highest court had imposed a stay on the adoptions in May, while Utah appealed a federal ruling last year that permitted same-sex marriages for 17 days before the Supreme Court halted them pending appeal.

As Decades of Korean Adoptions Dwindle, Identity Issues Remain

NBC News - 10/22/2014

Over the past few decades, thousands of Korean adoptees, like Oser, have embarked on their own quests for self — journeys punctuated by false starts, unexpected detours, and roundabout routes to discover what it means to be Korean. But such searches were not always as common as they are today.

Nearly 60,000 adopted people in Ireland looking for their real parents are blocked by our legal system

Irish Mirror - 10/21/2014

Children of adoptive parents should have an automatic right to know who their birth parents are but instead they are forced to turn to under-resourced tracing services. For countless others whose birth certificates have been forged, there is little hope at all.

Court: Don’t Tell Him You’re Pregnant on Facebook

NBC 7 - 10/21/2014

The biological father of a baby girl contested the termination of his parent rights, stating that she had let him know through a Facebook message… Facebook is used by a billion people, but it’s not enough when notifying a father about his biological child being placed for adoption, a court rules.

Number of Orphans in Russia Drops by 26,000 in 2 Years: Minister

RIA Novosti - 10/20/2014

The number of orphan children in Russia went down to 93,000 in 2014 down from 119,000 orphans two years ago, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets said Monday.

Adoption Is Not a Universal Alternative to Abortion, No Matter What Anti-Choicers Say

RH Reality Check - 10/20/2014

My experience as the co-director of an adoption agency, however, has shown me that the decision to place a child for adoption is nowhere near the easy choice that anti-choicers often make it out to be. In fact, posing adoption as the universal solution to unwanted pregnancies does a disservice to everyone involved.

Ebola orphans of Liberia

CBS News - 10/20/2014

An abandoned building in Monrovia is the grim new home for these children orphaned by Ebola. Not only have these children lost their parents, but they are often shunned by their families and friends.

Investigating Unlawful Adoptions

WVTV Public Radio - 10/20/2014

The Virginia Commission on Youth is scrutinizing the practice of finding new homes and transferring custody of adopted children—while bypassing state oversight and safeguards.

Canadian parents paying less to adopt African American babies

CBS News - 10/20/2014

The U.S. is exporting more African American babies to Canada right now more than to any other country. Here in Manitoba, one adoption agency is helping these children find homes here.

Adoption campaigners criticize contact veto plan

Irish Examiner - 10/20/2014

Adoption rights campaigners have said that allowing natural mothers a veto on contact would set back tracing rights “more than a decade.” Groups representing both adopted people and natural mothers hit out at the proposal, which was mooted at an Adoption Authority information and tracing conference at the end of last month.