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5 adopted siblings reunited after 4 decades - 09/21/2014

This is the story of what can happen when, like 2% of America’s children, you’re adopted. It’s a tale of hardship and dead ends. But it’s also one of serendipity, strange fortune and perseverance. The events that forever changed Carlson, the oldest of five siblings, started in July 1958.

One year later, Baby Veronica case still resonates

Tulsa World - 09/21/2014

Veronica’s fate was sealed Sept. 23, 2013, a year ago this week, when the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ruling that cleared the way for her to go back to South Carolina with her adoptive parents. Ending a legal tug-of-war that stretched across two states and seven courtrooms across Oklahoma, the handover came within hours of the court order.

Congress Enacts Legislation to Fight Child Trafficking, Strengthen Child Welfare Protections - 09/19/2014

Washington, DC – Last night, the U.S. Senate approved bipartisan child welfare legislation aimed at reducing child sex trafficking, increasing adoptions and improving child support collections. The legislation was approved by the House on July 23, 2014.

American implicated in Congo child-smuggling ring

Fusion - 09/19/2014

At least one U.S. citizen —and possibly more—has been implicated in a child-trafficking scandal in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) while allegedly trying to smuggle kids out of the African country for the purpose of adoption, according to local press reports. Radio Okapi reported this week that Congolese authorities have implicated a U.S. citizen identified as M. Samuel Jessy in an attempt to illegally smuggle seven children —six girls and one boy, ages 2-8 — across the DRC’s southern border into Zambia in an attempt to expedite their delivery to families in the United States.

DCS, parents settle adoption subsidy lawsuit

Indianapolis Star - 09/18/2014

The adoptive parents of more than 1,800 children will receive thousands of dollars in unpaid adoption subsidies from the state. Lawyers reached a settlement Thursday in a lawsuit between the Indiana Department of Child Services and a group of parents who had been on the waiting list for a state program providing financial help to parents who adopted children out of the foster care system.

International surrogacy traps babies in stateless limbo

WTAQ - 09/18/2014

THE HAGUE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The lack of regulation around international commercial surrogacy has left many babies in stateless limbo, with no country granting them citizenship because of complex conflicts over who the legal parents are. Experts said the problem could affect thousands of babies as more and more couples seek surrogates in countries like India, Mexico and Thailand, turning it into a multimillion dollar business.

Reforms in child care norms on anvil

Times of India - 09/18/2014

Women and child development ministry has planned a slew of reforms for child protection and safety including introduction of foster care, easing adoption norms, creating awareness about child sex abuse in schools and renewed focus on reducing malnutrition among children.

Hundreds of orphans left abandoned in Liberia as mothers die from Ebola

Thomson Reuters Foundation - 09/17/2014

Liberia’s social problem of broken, single-parent families has existed since the end of the civil war in 2003 – and as the new virus claims its victims, this is now resulting in hundreds of orphaned children. “The large number of single-parent families in Liberia means that as mothers are dying from Ebola, the children lose their sole care-giver, and have no-one to look after them,” explains Koala Oumarou, Country Director for Plan Liberia…A total of eleven years of war produced a generation of psychologically scarred men who missed out on school.

Eighty-one Orphanages Stopped

Ghana Web - 09/17/2014

Eighty-one out the 120 orphanages in Ghana have been closed down because of the poor welfare of the inmates, Nana Oye Lithur, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection said on Tuesday. She said a large number of orphanages were operating illegally. She expressed regret that the illegal operation of those orphanages were putting the lives of the children at risk.

Texas woman pleads guilty in adoption scam case

Cjonline - 09/17/2014

A Texas woman on Wednesday pleaded guilty to defrauding four families who wanted to adopt children, according to a press release from attorney Barry Grissom’s office. Chrystal Marie Rippey, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud. In her plea, she admitted she devised a scheme in which she pretended to be pregnant.