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Foster Kids Can Be Torn Between Worlds On Mother’s Day

NPR - 05/06/2014

Children across the country will be rolling out the breakfast trays and handmade cards for Mother’s Day. But the holiday brings up mixed feelings for many foster mothers and their children. “It can be really confusing for a child when there’s Mother’s Day and the child is supposed to celebrate their ‘new mom,'” says Cris Beam, author of “To The End of June: An Intimate Life of American Foster Care.”

More Details on Changes to CFSR Data Elements

CWLA - 05/06/2014

The Children’s Bureau (CB) continues to provide details and solicit comments on the third round of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs).

Offset Issue Holds Up More Child Welfare Legislation

CWLA - 05/05/2014

When Congress returned in January of this year, the funding to pay for the extension of the $15 million for the Family Connections Grants was gone.

Idaho argues same-sex marriage ban benefits the state’s children

The Spokesman-Review - 05/05/2014

Lawyers for the state argued that federal courts in 10 other states were wrong when they overturned state bans on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional. They urged a federal judge to uphold Idaho’s ban, saying it benefits children.

China: China mulls child abuse prevention rules for adoptive families

Xinhua Net - 05/05/2014

China is considering rules to prevent child abuse in adoptive families and to better regulate adoption practices, according to a notice posted on a government website,, on Monday.

Philomena Lee to Be Honored by Women’s Rights Group


The Feminist Majority Foundation will present its Eleanor Roosevelt Award to the inspiration behind one of this year’s best picture nominees.

NGO [Non Governmental Organization] found guilty of forging papers for illegal adoption of child

Republica - 05/03/2014

Tamang, the mother of a child who was adopted by an American couple in January 2008, was made to sign documents that proved that she relinquished her child. She said that she thought she was signing an agreement for her son to be cared for in a local child care home until she was released from prison. Later, it was revealed that more than 90 other children had been internationally adopted under HCPH’s care.

Alarm sounded on Haiti adoption scam

Miami Herald - 05/03/2014

he U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince has a warning for American citizens seeking to adopt children in Haiti: Don’t pay extra fees to expedite the adoption process. Neither the Haitian nor U.S. governments charge expedite fees.

House Approves Adoptee Access To Birth Certificates

CT News Junkie - 05/02/2014

The House approved legislation early Friday morning to give adult adoptees access to previously sealed birth certificates containing the names of their biological parents.

Doing Better by the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us: Our Nation’s Children in Foster Care

White House Blog - 05/01/2014

In recent years, our child welfare system has made significant strides. Today, there are almost 25% fewer children in foster care in the U.S. than there were in 2002. This reduction is a result of both fewer children entering foster care and more leaving to permanent homes by either returning to their parents after services have been provided, being adopted, or entering into a guardianship.