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“Banished baby” finds birth mother after almost 45 years

First Coast News - 02/10/2015

But the connection was just the first in an amazing trail of discovery. Far from abandoning her daughter, Deasey learned, her mother had loved her — breastfed her for three weeks before she was taken away, and once even snuck into the nursery to give her baby the booties she’d knitted.

A renewed push for an Adoptee Bill of Rights in New York State

WNYT News 13 - 02/10/2015

The assemblyman calls the current legal obstacle a civil rights issue, “Why should an adult adoptee have less rights than any other adult citizen in the state of New York?, said Weprin. The bill would allow for an adopted person, 18 years or older to get a copy of their original birth certificate and medical records. As of now, those documents are sealed at the time of adoption.

States could share putative father registry information under bill approved by House committee

Deseret News - 02/09/2015

Under SB10, other states could participate in a compact to share the information regarding putative fathers who are attempting to preserve their parental rights but may not know where the biological mother resides.

Three Minutes: Erin Kiernan on Equality for Adoptive Parents

Who TV 13 - 02/09/2015

Instead of the hospital, some new parents bring their child home from a courtroom. But that doesn`t make the child any less theirs… Erin Kiernan believes adoptive parents should be entitled to paid leave and she`s trying to get Iowa lawmakers on board.

Using adoption as a threat

Harlow's Monkey - 02/08/2015

There is also an acknowledgment in this comment that there is nothing that could be worse for a child than to have to live with strangers away from the comfort and love of his biological parents.

Wounding our own

Lost Daughters - 02/07/2015

Do we still drive daggers into our adopted children, and at the same time tell them they are loved and beloved? And if they sense the conflict, we assure them they are overly sensitive, their experience is invalid?

Open Adoption… What a Concept

Adoption Today - 02/06/2015

. The research base is clear that
openness in adoption has tremendously benefited all members of the
family of adoption, most especially the child. Providing families with the
resources and tools to live open adoption in a healthy and fulfilling way
ensures the best interest of the child, and creates stronger families.

Colorado man can contest Utah adoption, court rules

The Salt Lake Tribune - 02/06/2015

“The decision is an important step in eliminating the ability of adoption agencies to obtain children through fraud and deceit,” he said in an email. “There are a number of agencies here in Utah who are more concerned with earning a fee than the fundamental constitutional right of a father to parent his child.”

Woman shipped from Plymouth to Australia 50 years ago fights to uncover family history

Plymouth Herald - 02/06/2015

“I have found my birth parents, I have found nine half-sisters, one full brother Graham whom I have not met, one brother David was killed when he was 19 and then there is ‘Billy Boy’,” she says.

Facebook rallies to help woman find birth mother

News 4 JAX - 02/05/2015

Kelley Baumgartner was born in Goshen, Indiana, and was put up for adoption immediately. Now an adult and living in Florida, she is using Facebook to try to find information about her past.
Her post has been shared thousands of times across the country, giving her renewed hope that she’ll find her flesh and blood.