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Fathers in Adoption: Are They Forgotten?

Social Work Today - 11/23/2014

Adoptive fathers’ issues are typically subsumed in the literature within the mixed gender category of “adoptive parents.” In order to begin to understand birth and adoptive fathers’ roles, issues, and needs so that policy and practice build and strengthen families, it is crucial to understand each man’s route to adoption, unique circumstances, and characteristics.

What Do You Mean, One Of My Own?

Hartford Courant - 11/21/2014

These specific comments invalidate our family. They also prevent us as parents from moving on by forcing us to continue talking about the past.

State laws pending to help ease adoption journey

The Daily Stanard - 11/21/2014

Not everyone seeking to adopt has a “happily ever after” outcome. Lennartz has a relative who would like to give a child a new start in life but expenses are holding him back, she said.

Dunedin couple allowed to bring adopted son out of Congo

Tampa Bay Times - 11/21/2014

Ten-month-old Cruz is among hundreds of legally adopted Congolese children barred from leaving the African country because of a September 2013 moratorium on exit permits surrounding international adoptions.

‘I’ve always wanted a place to call home’

The Washington Post - 11/21/2014

In the District, of the 93 children and teens waiting to be adopted, 15 are between the ages of 18 and 21, according to CFSA. That’s more than double from 2010, when there were only six.

For Ebola orphans, survival is just the beginning

msnbc - 11/21/2014

The countries primarily affected include Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone – home to 2.5 million children under the age of five. For them, the risks are twofold: contracting Ebola themselves, or growing up without their parents. Some children experience both, fortunate enough to survive the disease, but faced with returning to the world as orphans.

New State Law Helps Minn. Foster Kids Find Permanent Homes

abc 5 - 11/21/2014

The number of adoptions in Hennepin County this year is up more than 30 percent from last year. Specifically on National Adoption Day today, the number is double that of previous years.

How To Pay For An Adoption

Forbes - 11/21/2014

When you pay for an adoption, you are not paying for a human being. You are paying for services that facilitate bringing the child into your home. There are attorney’s fees, home studies (reports by social workers about the adoptive families), agency fees, and background checks.

Ebola outbreak hampers adoptions in West Africa

The Associated Press - 11/20/2014

Even as some families keep their commitment to adopt, despite the Ebola threat, the numbers of children in west African orphanages who’ve lost parents is only increasing because of the deadly virus.

Montana’s Gay Couples Can Adopt

abcFox Montana - 11/20/2014

“There’s no policy that says that if you’re a gay couple, you can’t adopt a child. If you can foster a child, you can certainly adopt a child,” said Gerten.