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Inter-country adoptions: Delhi High Court seeks process of adoption in US

The Economic TImes - 01/08/2015

At present, India has laws which deal only with adoption of orphaned, abandoned and surrendered child… However, there are no guidelines for direct inter-country adoptions and there is no law for regulating the same.

Taking on South Korea’s adoption taboo

BBC - 01/06/2015

The taboo arises because the importance of blood-lines in Korea is ancient and deep-rooted. Korean Confucianism places great emphasis on ancestors… Who you are and your character is based on your family so if you do not have information about your family, you might find yourself having barriers in life.”

Face of Defense: Soldier Reunites With Birth Mother

U.S. Department of Defense - 01/05/2015

“We went and saw the nursery room full of little babies, all waiting to be adopted,” the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade said. “And then [my birth mother] walked in. I couldn’t remember her face, but when we shared our first hug, it was like she had never left.”

An Adoption Journey Through the Holidays – Jennie Dunn and April Dinwoodie collaborate on a piece that explores the adoption experience during the holidays.

Adoption Today Magazine - 01/05/2015

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the number of adopted children younger than 18 was 1.5 million. With no single source for the total number of children adopted in the United States, and no straightforward way of determining the total number of adoptions it is hard to know exactly how many adopted people there are, but some estimates range at approximately 5 to 6 million in the United States alone.

New Hampshire adoptee ‘open records’ law praised on 10th anniversary

The Washington Times - 01/05/2015

In subsequent years, roughly 100 adoptees have asked for their records each year. Very few birth parents file contact-preference forms, but those that do want to meet.

Lesbian couples fight for family values in Mississippi

USA Today - 01/04/2015

But nowhere is progress toward marriage equality more unlikely than in Mississippi, which passed its gay marriage ban in 2004 with 86% support — the largest margin of any state. More than six in 10 residents classify themselves as “very religious” in Gallup polling, making it the nation’s most-religious state as well.

Tennessee family turns to Facebook in embryo adoption

WBIR - 01/03/2015

Six embryos remain from the fertility treatments, but the Watts feel Angel is too old, at 45, to embark upon another pregnancy. The couple donated the remaining embryos to the National Embryo Donation Center in Farragut, to find a couple who could use them to start their own family.

Religious orphanages good for kids - 01/02/2015

No doubt, the controversy about the effectiveness of orphanages depends on multiple variables, but a recent Duke University study suggests that most orphans are better off with the structure that an orphanage provides for emotional, physical and developmental well-being.

Mother finds daughter she gave up for adoption in Australia 34 years later

FOX 2 News - 01/02/2015

“I see a tremendous sense of joy of something that was such a shameful secret in my life for more than three decades to have turn into such a thing of beauty.” said Nancy Gille.

Two Years After Russian Ban, ‘Taboo’ Hangs Over Children Denied U.S. Adoption

Radio Free Europe - 12/31/2014

The ban was instituted in retaliation for a U.S. law that placed sanctions on Russian officials believed to be implicated in the prison death of Russian whistleblowing lawyer Sergei Magnitsky…But while authorities have touted a rise in the number of domestic adoptions, Russians are still reluctant to take on children with special needs.