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Returning To Ethiopia, Searching For Our First Families And Seeking Justice

Lost Daughters - 02/19/2015

For some reason, the names of my Ethiopian parents were somehow left out my documents, therefore I was declared an orphan, eventhough the well-intentioned women involved in my adoption knew that my father was alive (this is how I know now). There is not even a mention of my father in my adoption documents. Yet, when I asked questions about this serious information gap, I was told that getting information about my Ethiopian family prior to my adoption was “wishful thinking”.

Florida senators look for ways to boost adoptions

Palm Beach Post - 02/19/2015

A bill that would provide incentives to state employees who adopt children in Florida’s foster-care system continued moving forward Wednesday with several changes

An Open Egg Donor, Now Reversing the Role

Motherlode - 02/19/2015

When I clicked that “Open” button, I unwittingly gave Leo a gaggle of cheerful, redheaded siblings with mothers who are also (metaphorically) open. By being so willing to talk about Leo’s origins, my choice wasn’t just about genetics and the far future. It became about a community of people making the same choice and open to the same kind of sprawling family – right now.

Religious exemption adoption bills return in Michigan, renew debate over LGBT access

MLive - 02/18/2015

The reintroduced package would prohibit the state from taking “adverse action” against an agency that declines to perform an adoption on religious grounds. They would be required to refer prospective parents to a different agency.

Love, Panic, Adoption and Jerk-Chicken Knishes

Motherlode - 02/17/2015

But jokes aside, there is no denying that I worry about how disconnected Evy is going to feel as she gets older and tries to figure out what her identity is. I hope most of the stares Evy gets as we go through the world with her are because she is an adorable child, but I know that many of them will be because she is a dark-skinned child with whiter-than-white parents.

Adopted as a Child, Now a Mother, Finally ‘Lucky’

Motherlode - 02/15/2015

While strangers often pointed out our biological differences, we never spoke about them at home. Overhearing her mention them broke open my own denial that we were connected in ways that we weren’t.
​ ​Yet here I was, 34 years later, being told that my newborn daughter — an actual living, breathing being — resembled me.

A Small Footnote From the Adoption Province: Land of Gazillion Adoptees v. Who?

Daily KOS - 02/13/2015

In the grand scheme of the adoption reform and adoption abolishing world with all its self-effacing individuals, this non event really doesn’t matter. The LGA criticism works maybe as a means to create community in the house, but doesn’t it hinder LGA at the same time to get out of the house?

SC must close loophole that endangers children through ‘re-homing’

The State - 02/11/2015

In July, a federal official told a U.S. Senate panel that the best way to prevent re-homing was to provide enhanced preparation, support and post-adoption services for adoptive families, particularly those adopting children internationally. Wisely, the S.C. legislation includes such services.

Children’s Ombudsman Wants Probe Into U.S. Adoptions of Russian Orphans

The Moscow Times - 02/10/2015

Commenting on a recent report by the U.S. State Department that showed that 11 adopted children arrived in the U.S. from Russia in 2014, Pavel Astakhov blamed marriages where one of the spouses is a Russian citizen, the Izvestia newspaper reported Tuesday.
“Adoptive parents use that loophole and take children out of the country that way, circumventing the law,” Astakhov was quoted as saying.

Colorado senator’s bill aims to get youth from foster care, into college

Colorado Public Radio - 02/10/2015

Newell’s bill would set up a formal collaborative between higher education and county and child welfare officials. The idea is to create a coordinated support network to help foster youth onto campus or into job training.