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Cambodian Orphans Yearn for Answers 40 Years After Fleeing the Khmer Rouge

Time Magazine - 04/13/2015

Adoptees grew up oblivious to their roots, yet haunted by them.
“No matter how you grow up childhood always challenging, but not really having a mental foundation of how it started, that’s really challenging,” says Miika Thoeun Gove. “I can’t even reach out to anyone in the group that I flew out with, I have no information.”
A handful of the orphans have returned to Cambodia in search of more information, though such quests tend to be fruitless.

49 years after she was told her daughter was dead, a mother reunites with her child

The Washington Post - 04/11/2015

The story began 49 years ago in a St. Louis hospital, when Zella Jackson-Price was told by a nurse that her prematurely born baby daughter had died shortly after birth.
The truth, however bizarre, was that her daughter was alive.
For reasons that remain unclear, the infant ended up being raised in foster care and adopted by another family when she was 16.

DCFS Director speaks on claims made by Rep. Harris in ‘rehoming’ case

ABC 7 - 04/10/2015

Blucker said she couldn’t comment on all the allegations made against her by Rep. Harris, but she did refute at least one claim.
“He was not threatened with abandonment charges, often times one of the things that we are seeing is that there are the realities of those who do abandon their children and so how do you tell people about, if you have not done all the things that you need to do to protect your children and try and get them the services, you know that’s one thing…but if you just say I’m tired of my child that’s another thing,” added Blucker.

Foreign adoptions by Americans reach lowest mark since 1982

First Post. - 04/10/2015

The last time there were fewer foreign adoptions to the U.S. overall was in 1982, when, according to U.S. immigration figures, there were 5,749 adoptions from abroad.
Chuck Johnson, CEO of the National Council of Adoption and a critic of State Department adoption policy, said the department has worked hard to make international adoption more transparent and ethical, but has failed to advocate forcefully for adoption as a viable option for many of the world’s orphans.

Depression among new parents is not limited to those who go the childbirth route

The Chicago Tribune - 04/09/2015

Adoptive mothers suffering from post-adoption depression, which may wax and wane over many years, often are reluctant to talk about their unmet expectations. “There is often a lot of stigma and shame felt by parents who have the symptoms of post-adoption depression, so they are hesitant to seek help,” Foli said. “That’s why awareness of the problem is so important. It’s important that an adoptive parent seek help from a person who is aware of the dynamics of adoption and understands the unique issues of adoptive families.”

Florida House Passes Bill Allowing Adoption Agencies To Reject Gay Parents

WJCT News - 04/09/2015

The move Thursday came after a conservative backlash about part of the first bill (HB 7013), which primarily involves providing cash incentives to state workers who adopt children in foster care. The backlash focused on a provision that would repeal a decades-old law that banned gay adoption in Florida.
The ban essentially ended in 2010, when an appeals court ruled against it, but it remained in law.

National Child Welfare Organizations Affirm Support of LGBT Parenting and Adoption

Human Rights Campaign - 04/09/2015

“CWLA, DAI, NACAC and Voice for Adoption reaffirm their principles and standards that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender parents are as well suited to raise children as their heterosexual counterparts and that the needs of children and youth who are LGBTQ must be addressed based on their best interests” the letter reads. “Therefore, we firmly stand against any federal, state, or agency laws or policies that prohibit or discriminate against any qualified individuals and couples from becoming parents due to philosophical or religious beliefs.”

New law encourages foster kid ‘normalcy’

The Detroit News - 04/09/2015

Launched by legislation two years ago, the initiative is credited with attracting record numbers of new foster parents in Florida. Its core principle is seeking “normalcy” by recognizing the right of foster children to engage on a regular basis in extracurricular and social activities. That idea was incorporated into a federal foster-care bill passed in September by Congress.

Manatee County wise to pursue a lifeline program for struggling adoptive families

Brandenton Herald - 04/09/2015

A few of the dissolutions could be legitimate, officials say, such as a relative reaching an advanced age and encountering health difficulties.
In one of Herald health reporter Richard Dymond’s ongoing coverage of this issue, Maj. Connie Shingledecker put other dissolutions in perspective. She oversees child protective investigations for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and reads the reports on all the removals in the county.
“But with some I cringe. I think, ‘This is not some puppy you can turn back.’

Indiana-born, adopted Florida woman finds biological mother after Facebook post goes viral

The Elkhart Truth - 04/08/2015

“For 350,000 adult adoptees from the closed records period in Indiana, it is justice denied, again,” Pam Kroskie, president of Hoosiers for Equal Access to Records (HEAR), said in a statement. “Every year that we delay, it is another year that adoptees die or experience serious medical complications because they don’t have access to their medical histories.”