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Indiana Considers ‘Baby Boxes’ To Allow Moms To Abandon Infants Safely

Huffington Post - 03/02/2015

Dawn Geras, president of the Save the Abandoned Babies Foundation in Chicago, said safe haven laws have resulted in more than 2,800 safe surrenders since 1999. But more than 1,400 other children have been found illegally abandoned, nearly two-thirds of whom died.
Cox said his proposal draws on a centuries-old concept to help “those children that are left in the woods, those children that are abandoned in dangerous places.”

Vietnam’s Operation Babylift adoptees still searching for birth parents 40 years after war

Yahoo! News - 03/02/2015

Adopted by an Australian couple, she said she never thought much of her heritage until she had her first child.
“And I’d stand there in front of a mirror and I’d hold her and I’d look at her and I’d look at me and I thought wow, she looks like me.
“But then I’d go – well, I don’t know who I look like. So that started to bother me.”

Judge strikes down state’s ban on same-sex marriage

Journal Star - 03/02/2015

A U.S. district judge Monday struck down Nebraska’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage, setting the stage for county clerks to begin issuing marriage licenses next week.
The state quickly scrambled to request a stay that would delay the March 9 date Judge Joseph Bataillon set for his order to go into effect.

Emotional toll outweighs monetary value in adoption scams

KCCI News - 03/02/2015

In this case Bess, got away with $200, but she took far more from her victims than money.
“I think the emotional toll that she puts on a family, which we cannot charge for. It far outweighs the actual monetary value she takes from them,” Vallejo said.

Bill would allow adopting parents to take leave from work

The Des Moines Register - 03/02/2015

The bill, passed by a Senate committee Monday, would require employers to allow adoptive parents to take time off of work without fear of repercussion to handle the adoption process and to spend time with their child after the adoption is completed.

Effort to unseal adoption records in MO

5 KSDK - 03/02/2015

When it comes to people who are adopted, what you don’t know about the health history of your biological family could kill you.

Raven girl: Adoptive parents work to preserve Alaska Native daughter’s culture

Alaska Dispatch News - 03/01/2015

Five years in, we’re still scratching our heads. How do we keep Olive connected to her culture? We’re non-Native without a large circle of Native friends. How do we pull this off? It’s unresolved. But contact with Olive’s birth family has allowed us to start feeling like things are coming together

Transfiguring Adoption: Blog uses Harry Potter to start conversations

Knoxville News Sentinel - 02/28/2015

“A lot of times talk therapy doesn’t work on children, but sometimes listening to a song together and talking about it or reading a book together and talking about it gets those light bulbs going off,” Margie notes. “The important thing is working together as a family and as a team, saying, ‘I’m on your side.’”

Adoption by same-sex parent recognized by Alabama appeals court after decision reversal - 02/27/2015

The court, however, still said that Judge Chambliss erred in awarding V.L. visitation without affording the biological mother a hearing. “Courts of equity have broad power to act for the best interests of children, but that power must be exercised consistently with the due-process rights of both parents,” according to the ruling.

YouTube Helps Two Girls Realize They’re Long Lost Twins

Good Magazine - 02/26/2015

After her discovery, Bordier sent Futerman a message on Facebook, explaining the extraordinary coincidences, and the documentary chronicles the following months of correspondence. Eventually they met in London to take a DNA test, which proved that they are biological matches, according to Wired.