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Utah Supreme Court hears father’s adoption appeal

The Salt Lake Tribune - 10/08/2014

Jake Strickland thought the mother of his child was going to keep their baby, not give the boy up for adoption…But the baby was swiftly placed with adoptive parents, as Strickland had not signed up with Utah’s putative father registry to retain his parental rights.

Adopting a foster child in Michigan: A local family’s experience

Fox 17 - 10/08/2014

We’ve had many questions from viewers about the adoption process and where to begin, so we sat down with a local adoptive family to learn more about adoption through the Michigan Foster System. “It’s almost like nine months, almost like having a regular baby and it’s almost like having that period of time,” Randy Smith of Wayland said.

Angelina Jolie: A Human Rights Issue That Needs You

The Huffington Post - 10/08/2014

In a 2007 report for the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, Madelyn Freundlich, author and Policy Director for Children’s Rights, Inc. wrote that “prohibiting adopted people from getting their personal information raises significant civil rights concerns and potentially serious, negative consequences for their physical and mental health.” Adoption is supposed to provide a “better” life, yet adoptees in most states continue to be denied access to their vital records.

Some Va. laws, including adoption, unclear after same-sex marriages begin

CBS 6 - 10/07/2014

The U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for legal same-sex marriages in five more states, including Virginia. This new expanded marriage right also allows both parents to be named legal guardian of a child they parent — through birth or adoption. Under Virginia law, single people of any orientation are allowed to adopt but only married couples can jointly adopt. If a same sex couple wanted to adopt a child before this week, only one parent could be the legal guardian.

Russian Children Are Pawns in Kremlin’s Game

The Moscow Times - 10/07/2014

The State Duma passed a law prohibiting U.S. citizens from adopting Russian orphans. As a result, Moscow punished Russian orphans more than it did U.S. citizens. From 1991 to 2012, U.S. citizens adopted nearly 100,000 Russian orphans. The adoption rate had declined in the years before the ban, but never dropped below 1,000 per year.

War-torn Liberia already had too many orphans. Then came Ebola.

The Washington Post - 10/07/2014

In a country still recovering from 14 years of civil war, Ebola is posing a new threat to children, with challenges never seen here before. Some children have been forced to leave homes where relatives are infected, cleaving families into the sick and the well. Others face stigma if parents or siblings contract the disease, or they are shunned if they get it themselves and are fortunate enough to survive.

High Court same-sex ruling encourages Michigan backers

The Detroit News - 10/06/2014

Anticipation is building among gay marriage advocates in Metro Detroit following Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision not to not hear appeals of five same-sex marriage cases from other states. The action by the nation’s highest court increases the number of states that will have legalized same-sex marriage from 19 to 30, plus the District of Columbia.

Uganda’s child adoption ‘market’ brings misery and confusion

The Guardian - 10/06/2014

A report released in July by the Ugandan auditor general raised alarm about the “continued increase in the international adoption industry”, singling out the US. “Domestically, Ugandans fear that children leaving the country are being exploited or abused,” it reads.

DIY adoptions: Couples design personal websites in quest to become parents

Today - 10/06/2014

More and more parents are using social media and personal websites to find children to adopt…”These very detailed websites are a new wave in adoption, known as DIY adoptions,” says April Dinwoodie, CEO of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, which researches how the Internet affects adoption.

Court opens to public American parents’ proceeding to cancel their adoption of Russian children

The Washington Post - 10/06/2014

A very interesting decision, especially since adoption-related proceedings are generally closed to the public, In the Matter of Adoption of Child A and Child C (N.Y. Surr. Ct. Oct. 2, 2014). Here’s the court’s explanation of why there is especially strong reason to open these proceedings…