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Online adoption ‘rehoming': Legal loopholes allow children to be given away

CBC News Canada - 11/13/2014

Twenty-four hours later, Moses was given away to a Texas woman his parents had found on the internet but never met in person, according to an investigation by CBC’s the fifth estate.

Lies Prepare You For Nothing: A Birth Mother Learns A Painful Truth

Chicago Now - 11/13/2014

I would be a college girl, respectable, confident, and happy that my traumatic past was behind me. All of this turned out to be miles from the truth.

Adoptees Like Me ‘Flip the Script’ on the Pro-Adoption Narrative

New York Times - 11/13/2014

I can’t remember not knowing I was adopted. My parents told me early, believing, as most of us do, that honesty always reigns. My biological mother, then a 20-year-old student, relinquished her rights to me when I was born in 1977.

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules lesbian seeking to help raise ex-partner’s biological children should get hearing

Gay Star News - 11/13/2014

Eldridge is not biologically connected to the children, now ages 6 and 7, but had co-parenting agreements with her ex-partner Karen Taylor who gave birth to the children.

The real adoption myth is that it’s the only stable way to care for children

The Guardian - 11/12/2014

Local authorities, previously under pressure from the government to place children for adoption, are now looking much more realistically at the role of kinship carers.

When All Else Fails, Embryo Adoption Offers Hope

New York Times - 11/12/2014

Noah and I have learned some valuable lessons during our parental pursuit. We have learned that families are created in many different ways.

Number of children up for adoption halves

BBC - 11/11/2014

The number of children put forward for adoption by local councils in England has fallen by almost half in under a year, the latest figures show.

Foster families hit with massive legal fees following new adoption ruling Utah - 11/10/2014

A recent Utah Supreme Court ruling has unintended consequences for many foster families who decide to adopt. They’re now facing huge legal fees they never saw coming.

Millions of children trapped in orphanages have families: JK Rowling charity

Reuters - 11/09/2014

In a report released on Sunday, the charity Lumos said that of eight million children living in so-called ‘orphanages’, more than 80 percent are not orphans, and could be reunited with their families given the right support.

House bill on adoption will create confusion for birth parents: Molly Rampe Thomas, Choice Network - 11/09/2014

What H.B. 307 does not do is make things easier for the women and men creating an adoption plan. Without their brave choice, there is no adoption. At a minimum, these birth families deserve to be treated as an equal partner in the process.