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Rare Bipartisanship in Canberra may allow overseas adoption

Australian Public News - 09/02/2014

Australian families hoping to adopt a child from overseas could soon be able to do so, thanks to a rare moment of bipartisanship in Canberra this week. “Under the amendments to be made by this bill, children will be able to be granted citizenship as soon as the adoption is finalised,” he had said.

Drugging Our Kids

Mercury News - 09/02/2014

Excerpt: With alarming frequency, foster and health care providers are turning to a risky but convenient remedy to control the behavior of thousands of troubled kids: numbing them with psychiatric drugs that are untested on and often not approved for children. An investigation by this newspaper found that nearly 1 out of every 4 adolescents in California’s foster care system is receiving these drugs — 3 times the rate for all adolescents nationwide. Over the last decade, almost 15 percent of the state’s foster children of all ages were prescribed the medications, known as psychotropics, part of a national treatment trend that is only beginning to receive broad scrutiny.

Discarded children still bring in subsidy checks for the adoptive parents who tossed them aside

New York Daily News - 09/02/2014

While other cities in the state, including Albany, will sue reneging parents to force them to turn over the child support, New York City tells children that they must navigate the complicated process on their own. “(ACS) should be going after every adoptive parent for child support,” court referee Tamara Schwartz told city lawyers at a hearing last December for an adopted child whose mother had returned her to foster care. “They go after parents (who receive) public assistance. They should be doing that for foster care.”

$50,000 government grant for a memorial to mothers who lost children through forced adoption policies - 08/31/2014

A grant of $50,000 for the memorial – likely to be a statue or other art work – has been made available to an adoption support group at the personal behest of Premier Jay Weatherill. The money was made available after a memorial was suggested to the Premier by mothers who were present when, in August 2012, he apologized on behalf of the State Government for the forced adoption policies of the past. Nikki Hartmann is the manager of the Post Adoption Support Services program at Relationships Australia, which will manage the building of the memorial.

Tony Abbott’s adoption laws reforms under attack

Gold Coast Bulletin - 08/29/2014

Experts have told a parliamentary committee that the legal changes will make inter-country adoption “vulnerable to reduced standards for the protection of children, and greater risks of malpractice”. In its report to the Senate, the parliamentary committee has urged the government to strengthen protections for children before the legislation is passed, so the principles Hague Convention are “explicitly articulated” in all of Australia’s arrangements with other countries, and in the legislation.

Reporter’s Notebook: My Son and Refugee Children at America’s Doorstep

Juvenile Justice - 08/28/2014

Fortunately, most Americans can see this political posturing for what it is and recognize that most of the children — children — who crossed the border aren’t spreading tentacles of crime and fear but doing their best to escape rampant violence and poverty and seeking a better life in America.

Adoption center applauds revisions, pushes for additional changes to bill

Akron Legal News - 08/28/2014

SB 250 has been revamped to permit an agency, attorney representing the person seeking to adopt the child, or an attorney representing the child’s mother, and with the mother’s written permission, to serve actual notice to a putative father of a child notifying the individual that the child’s mother is considering adoption. In addition, the adjusted bill requires that actual notice be served to a putative father prior to the child’s birth. “Actual notice” means written correspondence that is actually received by the putative father and includes personal service or certified mail.

Family Care May Not Be Best For Orphans Who Often Fare Better In Institutions

Medical Daily - 08/27/2014

A new study demonstrates that orphans living in institutions are as healthy and, in some ways, healthier than those in family-based care. In fact, the removal of a child from an institution or group home could worsen outcomes in five low- and middle-income countries. “We believe returning children from institutions to biological families may not result in the best outcomes, at least without significant intervention for the biological family, including supervision and follow-up,” said Dr. Kathryn Whetten, professor of public policy at Duke University and lead author of the study.

Adoption recruiter helps find homes for older children - 08/27/2014

Since October 2012, Sharon Wiesenhahn has been Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter for Clermont County. The most insidious myth, she said, is that children are in foster care because of something they did, or that they are “bad kids.” Nothing could be further from the truth, she said. Currently, four in 10 children in foster care in Clermont County are there because of parental drug addiction. To find prospective parents, Wiesenhahn goes through the child’s files and makes sure she gets to know the child. She also reviews the websites and A Family for Every Child. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the Dave Thomas Foundation provide crucial support and resources for recruiters, she said.

Eight in Adoption Abuse Case Agree to $17.5 Million Settlement With Foster Agencies

The New York Times - 08/27/2014

The woman, Judith Leekin, 69, who adopted the children in the 1980s and ’90s, was arrested in 2007 in Florida, where she had moved with them. She was later convicted of fraud and abuse charges and is serving a lengthy prison sentence. Eight young adults with disabilities who were fraudulently adopted by a Queens woman and subjected to years of abuse have agreed to a $17.5 million settlement of their lawsuit against three private New York foster care agencies that had placed them with the woman.