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To the Trader Joe’s employee who noticed my family in the parking lot

Deseret News - 12/09/2014

Our family doesn’t exactly blend in with the wallpaper. Not only are we two white parents with a brown son and daughter (something that causes enough stares and questions all by itself), but our son has noticeable developmental delays and different behaviors because of autism, and our daughter has physical differences with her missing and webbed digits.

Biden Commends Foster Youths at White House

The Chronicle of Social Change - 12/09/2014

Vice President Joe Biden stopped by a White House screening of the new remake of Annie, and outlined a number of steps that will be taken by the Obama administration to assist youth who are aging out of foster care.

Justice Department Vows To Fight States That Violate Indian Child Welfare Law

NPR - 12/08/2014

In the middle of a lengthy speech to Native American tribes last week, Attorney General Eric Holder planted the Justice Department firmly on the side of tribes against states, as the tribes struggle to keep their families together.

Legislature rushes to remake adoption

The Detroit News - 12/08/2014

The adoption bills would give new latitude to religious adoption agencies that are willing to put into writing the idea that, say, homosexuality is an affront to their religious tenets. The laws would apply to faith-based adoption agencies — and they’d let the agencies decide what kinds of people violated their religious standards for parenthood.

New adoption law solving mysteries

The Columbian - 12/08/2014

The new law allows those adopted on or before Oct. 1, 1993, to access the original version of their birth certificates, unless a parent has filed a form denying access.The law took effect in July, and more than 2,580 people have requested their original birth certificate, many of which had been kept in sealed files, from the state’s Department of Health.

Vietnamese Adoptees Share Struggles to Reconnect with Roots

NBC News - 12/07/2014

Rehberg was one of more than 3,300 Vietnamese children who were part of 1975’s Operation Babylift , which sent orphans from war-torn Vietnam to western families in Europe, Australia and the United States. While touted as a humanitarian campaign, the operation had its critics, who alleged that the US-led effort was a public relations stunt designed to re-brand America’s sullied image after a protracted war.

Advocates tout success of Illinois safe haven law

Times Union - 12/06/2014

More than 100 newborn babies have been safely handed over at fire houses and police stations in Illinois in the 13 years since the state passed its safe haven law, advocates said Saturday, celebrating the milestone as a victory while calling for more awareness.

Michigan House passes religious freedom bill

USA Today - 12/05/2014

A bill providing protections for people with sincerely held religious beliefs was put on a fast track Thursday, passing out of the House Judiciary committee and the full House of Representatives on straight party line votes Thursday…The House also passed a separate package of bills, on mostly party-line votes, that would allow adoption agencies to refuse services to people if that violated their sincerely held religious beliefs. Those bills also now move to the Senate.

Foster care adoption: What prospective parents should know

The Oregonian - 12/05/2014

On any given day, there are roughly 8,000 Oregon children in some form of foster care, according to DHS, of whom about 200 are waiting to be adopted. Since 2006, the department has recorded between 667 and 1,104 finalized foster care adoptions each year since 2006.

More employers offer adoption funds as benefit

The Columbus Dispatch - 12/05/2014

In 1990, only 12 percent of companies in an Aon Hewitt survey offered a financial adoption benefit. By 2013, that number had risen to 52 percent.