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Marriage Advocates Warn High Court: Children Will Suffer Most From Marriage Redefinition

National Catholic Register - 04/16/2015

Thus, in an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court, a group of adoption agencies and advocates led by the Donaldson Adoption Institute contend that children waiting for foster homes and for adoption will suffer if the court does not recognize same-sex couples’ constitutional right to legal marriage.
Yet, even as the Donaldson Institute made this assertion, the USCCB brief warned that Catholic adoption and foster-care services might have to close their doors, as several have already done, if legal same-sex “marriage” forces Church-affiliated agencies to change their child-placement policies.
Further, an amicus brief filed by the American College of Pediatricians and sociologists that include Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas, sought to educate the court about the limitations of some social-research findings that have been cited by marriage-equality activists to advance their argument that children thrive in households led by same-sex couples.

Will drop in international adoptions lead to more in-country placements

WORLD - 04/16/2015

The pilot program provides financial assistance for local child welfare staff development by partnering with reputable organizations, including Buckner International in Kenya and Bethany Christian Services in Ethiopia.
Historically, Hamilton said, Americans have thought about adoption in the context of adopting international children into American families: “But the first hope is that children who are orphaned can stay in their family of origin. If that’s not an option, then that they can stay in their country of birth.

Bill of Adoptee Rights gains support locally and across the state

Watertown Daily Times - 04/15/2015

“It’s about being treated with equal dignity by the state,” said C. Catherine Henderson Swett, the organization’s downstate coordinator. “All adoptees are denied their original birth certificate in New York state. We are fighting to restore access to the people whose names are on them.”
The bill would allow adoptees to access their original birth certificate upon turning 18. Ms. Swett said it is a basic civil right, and she is confident the bill will be signed into law in the next couple of years.
“There is overwhelming support,” she said. “We just need a few more Assembly members to confirm that they support the bill.”

Bill expanding foster care provisions gets unanimous approval from Senate panel

Winston Salem Journal - 04/15/2015

“Current law carries such great restrictions for foster children that they can’t do most things most of their friends do, such as go to prom, drive a car, have an overnight stay with friends,” Barringer said.
Barringer said she was a foster parent for 10 years, caring for some children who had been subjected to abuse or neglect.
“We’re giving them a chance at a more normal life, reduce stigma, improve outcomes and improve their chances of making a smooth adjustment to adulthood,” Barringer said.

Bill Ending Ban on Gay Adoption Heads to Rick Scott

Broward Palm Beach Times - 04/15/2015

The bill will additionally give state workers a $5,000 incentive for adopting children from the child welfare system and $10,000 for adopting those with special needs. (According to the Donaldson Adoption Institute, special-needs children include “those older than eight, minorities, those who come with a brother or sister, or have emotional or developmental disabilities.”) The benefits of the proposed bill would be available for adoptions finalized on or after July 1, 2015.

As Arkansa Outlaws Rehoming, Other States Might Follow Suit

Social Work Helper - 04/15/2015

“The story in Arkansas and other stories that have been in the media recently about re-homing tells us that many adoptive parents are struggling to meet the emotional or behavioral needs that come out after they have adopted a child,” said JooYeun Chang, associate commissioner of the Children’s Bureau at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in an interview.
One study reported that only 26 percent of adoptive families in the United States felt they received quality mental health services. Parents engaging in re-homing often mention the lack of support as a reason for their actions.

South Dakota American Indians win in landmark child welfare case

People's World - 04/14/2015

This was also a history-making case, in another sense, because the Department of Justice (DOJ) stepped in and came out resoundingly in support of the tribes and parents. It was the first time the DOJ has intervened in a federal court case involving the ICWA. The DOJ , in fact, filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit alleging that South Dakota was violating the rights of American Indian parents.

Concern over bill that could make it harder to adopt a child

KXAN - 04/14/2015

Other critics say it is another anti-LGBT bill and that it is too broad.

Will Francis with the National Association of Social Workers says one intention of the bill is to allow adoption agencies to pick and choose what types of parents they work with. It would allow them to choose to not work with same-sex parents based on sincerely held religious beliefs. Francis also worries the bill could let agencies discriminate against certain children, rejecting them on religious grounds.

Ducey explains decision to veto gay-adoptions bill

Your West Valley - 04/14/2015

Ducey’s decision Monday to veto legislation which would have allowed county attorneys to refuse to provide legal help to couples seeking to adopt. That decision followed disclosure that Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery would not help a gay couple, insisting that the federal court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage did not give gays the same legal standing to adopt.
Ducey, talking Tuesday about the veto, said the sexual orientation of adoptive parents is irrelevant to him.

Florida Legislature repeals 38-year old ban on gay adoption

San Francisco Chronicle - 04/14/2015

The Florida Senate on Tuesday voted 27-11 for an adoption bill (HB 7013) that repeals the law first passed in 1977. It now heads to Gov. Rick Scott. Sen. Don Gaetz, the sponsor of the bill, called the current ban “meaningless” since it is no longer enforced. An appeals court ruled it unconstitutional in 2010.