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Russia must rethink orphanage system

CNN - 10/17/2014

Russia’s policies on foreign adoptions made headlines when the government announced it would no longer allow Americans to adopt Russian children. But hidden away in Russian orphanages are thousands of children with disabilities who aren’t orphans, whose harmful treatment has long been hidden from public view — even from most Russians.

Foster parents sue after they discover adopted son’s past

Kiro 7 TV Seattle - 10/17/2014

Foster parents who adopted a 12-year-old boy in 2013 and later found out he had molested their other children, are suing the Department of Social and Health Services.

Alabama lays out its case for why Mobile lesbian should be denied right to adopt stepson - 10/17/2014

All things being equal, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office argued Friday in a case challenging the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, children are better off with a father and a mother. The case, one of three pending in Alabama’s federal courts, seeks to force the state to recognize a California marriage between two Mobile women so that the non-biological parent can legally adopt the boy they have raised from birth.

A Mother’s Fight for Her Son

The Huffington Post - 10/16/2014

Impartial option counseling for mothers considering placing a child for adoption without duress, coercion, or fraud, as well as ensuring adequate time to decide to relinquish parental rights, and reasonable time to revoke a decision made in haste, are vital to protect the integrity and longevity of adoption placements.

A Korean Adoptee Starts the Search for Her Birth Family

NBC News - 10/15/2014

Korean-American adoptee, Heather Schultz, inspired by the reunion stories told by other Korean-American adoptees, starts the search for her birth family.

New Michigan foster care placement policy to consider infant, toddler attachments to parents

Associated Press - 10/15/2014

Michigan Human Services Director Maura Corrigan and Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health Executive Director Deborah Weatherston made the policy announcement Wednesday in Lansing…The infant mental health advocacy group and Corrigan’s office say separation from parents can be traumatic and impair emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of very young children.

Separated sisters reunited after 63 years

Roxby Downs Sun - 10/15/2014

The sisters, separated by adoption 63 years ago, are firm in their conviction there was “something” in their psyche that kept them connected despite Joanna, now living in Cornwall, England, not knowing she had a sister or an extended family.

Huddersfield University academics to investigate effects of childhood adoption in adulthood

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner - 10/15/2014

Academics from Huddersfield University are investigating the long-term impacts of adoption amid record levels of children being found new families…Dr Jo Woodiwiss, a senior lecturer in sociology, is organising the adoption conference at the university to coincide with National Adoption Week in November.

Romanian adoptee finds her birth mother

CBC News - 10/14/2014

Juliana Tollifson is reunited with her birth mother in Romania after years of searching. Juliana has ended the long search for her birth mother. After years of chasing after leads and old documents, she reconnected with her mother in the country where she was born.

Same-Sex Adoption Now Legal in Virginia

Metro Weekly - 10/14/2014

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Friday issued a bulletin to local social service divisions throughout the commonwealth that, following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Virginia, adoption between same-sex spouses is both legal and recognized as valid in the state.