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GoFundMe Being Used To Help Those Looking To Adopt - 09/26/2014

There is a new online trend for parents hoping to adopt. Adoption experts say more couples are using go fund me websites to raise the money to adopt a child. Fox’s Valerie Boey talked to one couple hoping to raise thousands of dollars online. They’re trying to raise $30,000 by October 4th so they can adopt a new born baby. They set up a Go Fund Me account to raise donations.

Bulgaria makes slow progress in curbing child abandonment

Medical Xpress - 09/26/2014

Bulgaria, which won dark distinction from the United Nations for having the world’s highest rate of child abandonment, has made progress but poverty and cultural practice continue to hamper efforts to protect its most vulnerable, an independent report said Friday.

Children in need: the new reality of international adoption

Euro News - 09/26/2014

The road to adoption is long and difficult. It is even more so in international cases , which can be a chaotic, dispiriting obstacle course where the outcome is never certain. In Vietnam, the 1993 Hague Convention on the Protection of Children came into force in 2012.

The Fake Birth Mothers Who Bilk Couples Out of Their Cash by Promising Future Babies

Pacific Standard - 09/25/2014

Last week, Chrystal Marie Rippey from Marshall, Texas, pleaded guilty in federal court to adoption fraud (wire fraud, technically). She wasn’t pregnant, but she told adoption agencies and various couples that she was so that she could collect the money and housing they were happy to give her while she brought their future (non-existent) babies to term.

Is Adoption Good? Rick Warren Meets Kim Kardashian

Huffington Post - 09/25/2014

Adoption is generally regarded as “good.” And as a legitimate way to create a family. Having children is seen by most as a “human right,” which is therefore claimed by everyone who traditionally didn’t have them: infertile couples adopt, gay and lesbian couples adopt, single men and women adopt, straight couples with kids adopt.

Child-buying masquerading as adoption in the state, panel told

Tulsa World - 09/25/2014

The selling of children is masquerading as adoption in Oklahoma, a House panel was told Wednesday. Many of the children are placed out of state, making them difficult to track, said Holly Towers, president of the Oklahoma Adoption Coalition and executive director of Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care in Edmond.

Protecting vulnerable children through government support for families

UNICEF - 09/24/2014

Efforts to keep children out of institutional care have succeeded in building stronger families and helping children reach their full potential. Iliya, a 12-year-old boy from Serbia with Down’s syndrome, lived in a state-run institution for…

Hiring a Woman for Her Womb

New York Times - 09/23/2014

Because legal and social views on surrogacy vary from nation to nation (and even state to state), prospective parents often engage surrogates in the United States and in developing countries. What can be done to ensure that birth surrogacy is safe, ethical and protective of both the birth mother and the intended parents? – Five experts discuss the legal and ethical concerns surrounding surrogacy.

Louisiana Judge: Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Associated Press - 09/22/2014

A judge in Louisiana has ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, in part because he says it violates equal protection rights… [Judge Edward] Rubin said Constanza may adopt her partner’s son and be listed as a parent on his birth certificate. The couple’s lawsuit said the state should recognize their marriage, which took place in California.

In Search of Self, Chinese Adoptees Find Shifting Identities

NBC News - 09/22/2014

For many Chinese children adopted into American homes, ethnic identity is a construct in flux, one that is often subject to the push and pull of dueling cultures…International adoptions from China took off in the late 1980s as Beijing looked for ways to address its growing orphanage population — an outgrowth of China’s strict one-child policy, introduced in 1979, and a culture that traditionally favors boys over girls.