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Thailand’s Business in Paid Surrogates May Be Foundering in a Moral Quagmire

The New York Times - 08/26/2014

Others described surrogacy as the exploitation of the weak and poor by wealthy couples from more developed nations. “This is a symbol of moral erosion,” said Kaysorn Vongmanee, the head of the public health department in Pak Ok. “It’s a symbol that people are concerned above all with money.”

Local couple victimized by woman who faked pregnancy


The Clarks and other victims say the Newark woman apparently worked friend-of-a-friend contacts and stalked Facebook adoption pages to carry out bizarre hoaxes, feigning pregnancy and adoption plans for weeks before killing off a couple’s dream of family with a gruesome tale of stillbirth.

Former Gillette Resident To Be Honored In DC For Adoption Advocacy

Basin Radio - 08/25/2014

Douglas resident Kim Hansel, formerly of Gillette, has been selected as a 2014 Angels in Adoption awardee for her outstanding advocacy of adoption and foster care issues as editor of Adoption Today and Fostering Families Today magazines. Hansel is being honored for her work as editor of Adoption Today and Fostering Families Today, as well as editor of The Foster Parenting Toolbox. For more than 13 years, Hansel has worked to positively impact the lives of adoptees, children in foster care and their families through helping to create publications that uniquely address the parenting needs of foster children and parents.

Partners for Our Children Builds ‘Data Portal’ for Policymakers to Improve Child Welfare System

Huffington Post - 08/25/2014

The Data Portal will be instrumental in implementing policies (HB 1774 and HB 1566) that passed in the 2013 legislative session in Washington State aimed at measuring the performance of the child welfare system, specifically measuring outcomes related to educational attainment, safety, permanency and child well-being. This level of transparency is critical in understanding if the child welfare system and all of the providers and partners that work with it are effectively improving outcomes for some of the most vulnerable children in our communities.

Vt. judge connects families through adoption

WCAX - 08/24/2014

Alyviah has been with the Barratt’s since she was 2 days old. Now, she’s one and is no longer a foster child, she’s their daughter. “We’ve had 35 kids and they’ve all went home. She’s the first that stayed,” said Deborah Barratt. At the Superior Court in Burlington, it’s moments like this that Judge Susan Fowler says makes it all worthwhile. Fowler adopted two kids of her own in the 1980s. So every adoption, for her, is a party and the beginning of a new life. “They can teach you so much about acceptance of things that are different that you hadn’t necessarily thought were OK,” said Fowler.

Adoption subsidies explained

WTHI - 08/24/2014

About 1,800 additional families will now receive payments from the state. “It is a huge financial responsibility to provide a developing child with a home, and food, and clothing, and a warm bed to sleep in at night,” said Kristi Cundiff, Region Aid Adoption Champion, Indiana Adoption Program. While the amount a family receives will vary, parents with special needs children could receive up to $25 a day in financial backing. It’s one way the state is trying to address the needs of Hoosier families and promote adoption.

How deserted children are ending up in foreign homes

The Nation - 08/23/2014

Excerpt: “It is the foreign nature of the operations of the applicant and its allies that is likely to expose Kenyan children to child-trafficking. The same cannot be said of the 6th interested party whose operations are entirely local”.

Children are declared available for adoption after staying in children homes for long without family or kin coming forward to claim them. An adoption order granted by the court grants complete parental rights and responsibilities over the child to the adoptive parents.

Guilford teen in foster care finds right home, sets sights high

New Haven Register - 08/23/2014

Julia Carr and her brother were adopted from Russia in 2003. She lived with her adoptive parents in Clinton until 2012 when the adoption was disrupted. She has since lived with five foster families, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming an All-State soccer player with plans to go to college next year. “The challenge as we seek to improve is to find more families for teenagers,” said Gary Kleeblatt, DCF Communications Director. “Julia’s story is a wonderful example of how teenagers can thrive in foster families and how foster families can derive great emotional joy from providing a home for teenagers.”

Civil rights groups sue to bar expedited deportations of Central American families

Washington Post - 08/22/2014

In the coming weeks, Obama is expected to announce plans to use executive action to increase federal resources at the border to speed up the deportations of Central Americans while also offering deportation relief for up to several million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the country for many years. DHS officials have said the number of Central American immigrants entering the United States illegally dropped by half in July, compared with the previous two months.

These children have crossed the U.S. border, but their journeys are far from over

Washington Post - 08/21/2014

Nearly 63,000 unaccompanied children have been detained at the Mexican border this year. Once reunited, many of the families seek help from groups such as CASA of Maryland, which provides legal advice and assistance integrating. All the children will have dates in court, when immigration judges will decide whether they qualify as refugees. Both the White House and legal advocates have predicted that most may be deported.