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Adoption not always a rescue

Casper Star Tribune - 12/28/2014

The trouble with adopting internationally pertains to orphanages set up in impoverished countries that spring up because adoption agencies are motivated by the hefty payments they may extract from Americans eager to adopt.

New state policies encourage adoption

West Central Tribune - 12/28/2014

Starting Jan. 1 a new, uniform way of determining financial benefits caregivers receive goes into effect. In most cases the changes will mean an increase in aid for families that adopt children who are wards of the state and oftentimes have special needs that require therapy and intervention.

Washington adoptees use new law to fill in family history

The News Tribune - 12/27/2014

Those adopted after 1993 are able to get their certificates when they turn 18, if the birth parents don’t file a form to prevent it. Until the new law took effect this year, older adoptees did not have that option.

Governor now considering adoption bill

Journal News - 12/26/2014

The average annual cost to the state for a child in foster care is just more than $23,700, according to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. The whole system cost more than $294.8 million.

Ebola Orphans Challenge West African Culture

Voice of America - 12/26/2014

But a year of battling Ebola — with its devastating sickness, attendant quarantines, disrupted trade and diminished earning power — has strained many households’ ability to absorb more dependents. Add in the very real possibility that a child might carry the dreaded virus, and doors close.

Wisconsin bills would target foreign adoptions

The Journal Sentinel - 12/25/2014

“For the first time, the state will have a reasonably reliable source of information to enable us to further our understanding of the successes and challenges of Wisconsin’s adoptive families,” Markeland wrote this month to the bipartisan panel considering the proposal.

US Obstructing Russia’s Efforts to Protect Adopted Children: Russian Embassy

Sputnik International - 12/25/2014

The source also said that out of 62,000 children legally adopted by US citizens, 40 percent were not registered with the consular department, despite this being “a mandatory requirement for adoption.”

Adoptive families to receive $15.1 million from Indiana

USA Today - 12/23/2014

In August, state officials announced the subsidies for children with special needs would be funded for the current fiscal year, which started July 1. Then in September, lawyers reached an agreement to make lump-sum retroactive payments to families who had been on the adoption subsidy wait list from 2009 through June 30, 2014.

How adoption has forced evangelicals to grapple with race relations

The Washington Post - 12/22/2014

As evangelicals have turned their attention toward adoption in the past decade, families like the Hatmakers are grappling with race relations in a profoundly personal way, especially as national news spotlights racial tension in New York; Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere.

Reuniting a Broken Family

The Palm Beach Post - 12/21/2014

The last time Ginny saw her big brother, Bill, and big sister, Edie, strangers were streaming into their rented Lake Worth home on South Federal Highway in June 1948. That was the day William and Evelyn Harvey gave away their seven children to people who responded to their six-line classified ad in The Miami Herald.