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Woman searches for birth family through social media

NBC 15 - 05/20/2015

Leukert posted a photo on her Facebook page earlier this month and so far it’s been shared more than 11 hundred times, making its way to states as far as Alabama.
Leukert says she reached out to Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to try to get information, but didn’t make it far.
Wisconsin’s DCF tells NBC 15 the identity and location of birth parent won’t be disclosed unless an affidavit of consent has been signed by at least one birth parent.

Congress Introduces Bill to Make Adoption Tax Credit Fully Refundable

Accounting Today - 05/20/2015

“This May marks National Foster Care Month and is a sobering reminder of the more than 400,000 children in the foster care system waiting on a forever family,” Black said in a statement Tuesday. “The best outcome for a child in foster care is an adoption into a safe, loving home, but we know this is a costly process. Almost half of all children adopted from foster care live in households with incomes at or below 200 percent of the poverty threshold. The tax code should work for these families that open their hearts and their homes to adoption—not against them.”

Report: PA Should Do More to Find Families for Foster Kids

Public News Service - 05/20/2015

Pennsylvania needs to do more to find families for children in the child-welfare system, according to a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. About 14,000 kids are in state foster care. The report found that one in five – well above the national average – doesn’t live with a family but in an institution or group home.

‘You’re beautiful': After 60 years, adoptee reunites with birth mom

The Tribune - 05/20/2015

The pair met for the first time on a recent Thursday in the lobby of the Residence Inn Miami Airport, after Chechak found Adams through’s DNA testing several months ago.
Chechak, who lives in South Carolina, came to South Florida to meet Adams, who lives in Kendall. Until about five years ago, Chechak and her husband, Joe, lived in Clearwater, Fla., only a few hours away, but had no idea who or where her birth mother was.
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Middle Tennessee woman’s Facebook post leads to embryo adoption in Knoxville

Wate ABC 6 - 05/19/2015

It all started back in December 2014, when Angel Watts of Mount Juliet posted on Facebook that she was hoping someone would adopt her six remaining frozen embryos. She didn’t want the embryos to be discarded or destroyed, and didn’t want them to go to just anyone.
She knew the moment the right couple responded.

New York urged to cut number of foster-care kids in foster care group homes

Times-Union - 05/19/2015

“Too often our kids enter the child welfare system for various reasons, and in those cases our goals should be to get them the services they need, reunify them with their family or place them with a kin family member or place them in a loving, caring foster home,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).
“I will be working with … members of this committee to come to a consensus on reducing the reliance on group homes,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch R-Utah), who is the chair of the committee.

Local couple uses crowd sourcing to fund adoption

ABC 7 - 05/19/2015

Desperate for a child, the Doschs began explore adoption. Eric says adoption has always been in the back of his mind.

“I guess I was always open to it; I always thought it was something I could see myself doing,” he said.
The pair say they knew the endeavor was going to costly. The U.S. department of Health and Human Services says depending on the type of agency, fees could cost a couple up to $40,000.

Gillibrand bill would smooth adoption for LGBT couples, individuals

Times Union - 05/19/2015

“With a loving family, these children can have a bright future,” she said. “We should not be preventing responsible adults from welcoming children into their homes.”
Gillibrand cited a Congressional Budget Office estimate that permitting LGBT adoption and foster parenting would save $100 million over five years.
Support for LGBT adoption and foster-care rights is in line with Gillibrand’s signature stands on other social issues, including paid family leave, medical marijuana and halting sexual abuse in the military and on campus.

Russia Urges Punishment for All US Abusers of Adopted Russian Kids

Sputnik - 05/19/2015

The Russian Foreign Ministry has also called on the US authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into the activity of the Ranch for Kids, a respite care home in rural Montana, that looks after troubled Russian adoptees.
Adoptions have become a thorny issue in US-Russia relations following a series of scandals, including the uproar surrounding a seven-year-old boy who was sent back to Russia unaccompanied in 2010 by an adoptive US mother.

A remarkable reunion

Times Gazette - 05/19/2015

“I never thought I would know anything about my birth family, and now, all of a sudden, I’ve got a huge family,” Watts said.
He said that his adoptive family has always been supportive, adding that if they had not been, he would not have sought out his birth family.
“Not every outcome is going to be like mine,” Watts said, adding that he knows how fortunate he is in that regard.
He said he understands why he was put up for adoption, saying it was the best thing his two young parents could have done for him.