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Family Equality Council launches ‘Allies for Adoption’ campaign

San Diego LGBT Weekly - 10/31/2014

In the majority of states across the country, LGBTQ people encounter barriers when trying to adopt a partner’s child, jointly adopt through a private agency or when attempting to serve as foster or adoptive parents to youth in care.

International adoption made me a commodity, not a daughter

The Guardian - 10/31/2014

Tarikuma Lemma was taken from her home in Ethiopia by a corrupt adoption agency and placed in a “forever” home in the U.S. When she returned to Ethiopia 9 years later, though she saw herself as Ethiopian, people in Ethiopia saw her as wealthy and privileged — to them, she was an American.

Gay marriage now legal in AZ, ‘easier’ for gay couples to adopt?

CBS 5 - 10/31/2014

Same sex couples can legally tie the knot now in Arizona but there are still a lot of questions about death and birth rights. One of the big ones: Will gay couples have the same access to adoption as straight couples?

8News Investigates: What Parents Should Know About Frozen Embryo Donation

WRIC - 10/30/2014

It’s estimated there are currently 600,000 frozen embryos stored in fertility clinics across the country. Some couples are now choosing to donate their extra embryos to another couple. It’s a new infertility solution for couples struggling to get pregnant. They’re called snowflakes, babies born from frozen embryos.

Family uses social media to raise money for child adoption - 10/30/2014

A Central Florida family turns to social media for help raising money to adopt a child after spending over $100,000 on fertility treatments.

Manitoba reviewing U.S. adoption agency for fees based on child’s race

CBC News - 10/30/2014

The U.S. State Department is now reviewing how a Florida adoption agency handles intercountry adoptions, including to families in Manitoba. Their review comes as a result of an investigation into the agency which revealed it charges reduced fees to Canadians if they adopt black children versus white.

US: For “grandfamilies,” raising grandkids can mean going broke

CBS News - 10/29/2014

Wright’s situation of raising grandchildren when parents are unable to care for their own kids is increasingly common, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting this month that 6 percent of children live in households run by grandparents, double the percentage in 1970. Today, about 2.7 million grandparents are serving as primary caregivers for their grandchildren, the Census noted.

PR: Ricky Martin pleads for adoptions by gay parents in Puerto Rico

LaRaza - 10/29/2014

Ricky Martin has long allied himself as an activist for children, fighting against child sex trafficking and other causes, as well as having two boys. Martin is now calling on the government to approve adoptions by same-sex couples.

AK: DOJ may intervene in Alaska Supreme Court case

KTOO - 10/29/2014

The U.S. Department of Justice may intervene in an Alaska Supreme Court case concerning a non-Native couple’s adoption of an Alaska Native child. In September, the Native Village of Tununak lost its appeal against the State of Alaska and the adoptive couple.

Philippines: DSWD cites need to speed up adoption process

Philippine Daily Inquire - 10/29/2014

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has raised the need to speed up the domestic adoption and fostering process in a recent dialogue with child advocates from nongovernment organizations and representatives from foreign embassies.