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What Happens When Transnational Adoptees Learn About Race?

TPM - 01/30/2015

Race might not be real, but the experience of race is as real as it gets. From a very young age, Sadye experienced race as everyone saw her: a brown-skinned girl with a white mom.

Former adoption director pleads guilty to federal charges

Gaston Gazette - 01/30/2015

She admitted to creating adoption contracts signed by orphanages that could not properly give children up for adoption because they never cared for the children, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Latest Trafficking Scandal a Wake-Up Call for Adoption Reform

Beijing Today - 01/30/2015

Police in Shandong province busted a child-trafficking ring earlier this month, rescuing 37 abducted children who had been living in a cellar under squalid conditions and capturing their 103 traffickers. But unlike most child-trafficking cases, which involve child abduction, the children discovered in Shandong had been sold by their parents or other family members.

Birth mothers living in silence

Asia One - 01/29/2015

Secrecy surrounding pregnancy and adoption ― as most Korean birth mothers had been single parents ― can also make it challenging for the mothers to seek support, another reason behind the limited research into their experiences, Kim said.

Orphans in crises overseas need emergency adoption protocols, say advocates

The Guardian - 01/29/2015

Australia needs to set up emergency protocols for the quick adoption of children from overseas who have been orphaned by Ebola, west African community leaders say. Strict adoption laws in Australia mean family members here cannot legally adopt those orphaned by Ebola in line with traditional family obligations.

Why I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to adoption

Chicago Now - 01/28/2015

“There’s a baby at your grandfather’s orphanage. Do you know anyone who would want to adopt her?” And that’s when I knew, just knew without a doubt, that this was no coincidence. This was our daughter.

After Christie Veto, Senate Panel tries again to clarify NJ’s surrogate parenting law - 01/28/2015

State lawmakers are once again pushing for a new law that would clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of women who agree to become “gestational carriers” for infertile parents in New Jersey.

Adoptees Sought Their Roots, and Readers Reacted

The New York Times - 01/28/2015

The article struck a chord with New York Times readers, many of whom, like me, arrived with their own set of personal experiences as adoptees, parents of adoptees, birth mothers and impassioned observers. It became one of the most emailed articles, and by the time we stopped accepting comments, more than 1,200 had been submitted.

Child trafficking opponents criticise Federal Government’s decision to lift series of overseas adoption bans

ABC World News - 01/28/2015

“There is no need for it, Australia should assist these countries in such a manner that they can take care of their own children.” Mr Dohle said there were many documented cases of vulnerable children being sold to orphanages or kidnapped and then adopted.

Illegal adoption agency charged with child trafficking

The Daily Star - 01/28/2015

The three are accused of forming an illegal adoption network, which provides adopting families with newborn infants delivered by migrant domestic workers, according to a source who has attended the trial hearings of the three suspects.