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House committee to address foster care deaths

KHOU - 03/09/2015

House Bill 781, sponsored by state Rep. Cindy Burkett, R-Sunnyvale, would require 35 mandatory training hours for foster parents. The current minimum is eight hours plus required classes, including CPR and first aid, medical consent and trauma informed care.
The legislation would also require private agencies who license foster parents to submit training to the state for review and later published online. Now, private agencies use different methods and curriculum.

Mom learns after 55 years that daughter is alive, well

Arkansas Online - 03/08/2015

“I just feel like I have my wish,” Swaite said. “I always wondered why she died so young. And then after she showed up and I found her, I just have it in my heart that I’m not by myself anymore.”.. Swaite said she didn’t know that her adoptive parents had planned to put her child up for adoption. She was never allowed to see her child after the baby was born Sept. 18, 1959.

Lawmakers Address ‘Rehoming’ In Wake Of Adoption Controversy

Times Record - 03/08/2015

On Wednesday, Leding filed House Bill 1648, which would make it a felony for an adoptive parent to transfer permanent custody of an adopted child to someone who is not a relative within five degrees of kinship, unless ordered to do so by a court.
On Thursday, Rep. David Meeks, R-Conway, filed a similar bill, HB 1676.

Foster Kids Adoption Bill Headed To Senate Floor

CBS Miami - 03/05/2015

Gardiner and Crisafulli included the adoption issue in a list of priorities they outlined before the legislative session. In part, the plan would offer $10,000 payments to state employees who adopt special-needs children from the foster-care system and $5,000 payments to state employees who adopt other foster children.

Vulnerable foster children are left swinging from home to home

The Seattle Times - 03/05/2015

More efforts should be taken to find relatives in or out of state who might be willing to take in their kin’s children. Policymakers must impose the time limits mandated by law that stipulate how long children can remain in foster care before a parent’s rights are terminated and the child becomes available for adoption.
Above all, we must treat children like individuals with rights rather than as the property of their parents or silent wards of the system.

More Than 300 Republicans Call on Supreme Court to Recognize Gay Marriage Nationally

TIME Magazine - 03/05/2015

More than 300 veteran Republican lawmakers, operatives and consultants have filed a friend of the court brief at the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage late Thursday. Among the signatories are 23 current and former…

Arkansas Lawmaker ‘Forced’ To Re-Home Adopted Children, Attorney Says

5 News - 03/05/2015

Harris was unavailable Thursday for comment, but he said on Facebook that he and his wife, Marsha, plan to hold a news conference Friday at 4 p.m.
Right now it’s legal in Arkansas for parents to give their adopted children to other families to raise. But a Fayetteville lawmaker wants that to be done only with court approval.

New York Foster Care Orgs Get Grant for Permanency Pact Initiative

New York Nonprofit Press - 03/04/2015

Transitioning into adulthood brings about a number of challenges for all young people, but can be particularly overwhelming for youth in care and those who have aged out of care. Without the benefits of older adults and family to provide guidance and support, foster youth are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to meeting even their most basic needs: finding a place to live, preparing for a job, becoming financially literate, and feeling secure and loved.

Language Matters, No Matter the Season

Adoption Today - 03/04/2015

Regardless of intention, a lot of language we use in adoption objectifies the child in a variety of ways and devalues the unique family relationships that are created through adoption… A child is always a child firs; constantly prefacing this with “adopted” is often unnecessary and has the feel of highlighting difference in a negative way.

Pay State Workers To Adopt

wfsu - 03/03/2015

“I think that that’s important because we’re talking about the children here.”
House Health and Human Services chair Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, wants to do just that. His bill would give state workers a $5,000 incentive for adopting children caught in the foster care system, and $10,000 for those with special needs.