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Why We Should Care About Adoption Rehoming

Social Work Helper - 04/28/2015

However, the problem with private rehoming is that it is not done with that oversight and the necessary background screening on the prospective placement. “This can lead to some pretty horrific consequences for children that are moved under those circumstances,” Pennypacker said.

Senate Investigating For-Profit Foster Care Industry

The Cosumerist - 04/27/2015

The federal government provides around $7 billion each year in funding for foster care providers around the country, but leaves much of the oversight of these operations up to the states and local governments. These entities may then contract out foster care to private, for-profit providers. Recent reports have raised questions about the safety of the children placed into the care of some of these privatized foster networks, and now the U.S. Senate is beginning to ask questions.

Sisters separated into foster care in 1937 reunite after 78 years - 04/27/2015

Riley had this to say after seeing his mom be reunited with her sister.
“It just shows you family is the most important thing in life when it comes down to it. New or old family. It’s always good to have family,” Elizabeth’s son said.

Legal Battle Over Gay Marriage Hits The Supreme Court Tuesday

NPR Blog - 04/27/2015

The wake-up call about their legal status came on a two-lane highway one snowy night when a truck traveling in the wrong lane veered into a field to avoid hitting them head-on. After that harrowing near-miss, they started putting wills and trusts into place to protect the children.
But there was one thing they couldn’t do: make sure that if one of them died, the other would get custody of the two children who had been formally adopted by the deceased parent.

25 Years Later, Baby Found in Dumpster Finds Family

CBS News - 04/27/2015

Barton said his new large family might take some getting used to.”I was raised as an only child, so this is more of a shock,” he said. They all agreed to spend more family time when they could.”I want to try and talk like father and son, if he says it’s okay,” said Meza. Barton said he was cool with that. If it’s one thing he’s learned in life, he told CBS Los Angeles, it was to be grateful – for the officer who saved him, his adopted parents and the family who raised him.
And now, too, for the family he’s just met.

Leading child welfare organizations blast Alabama adoption bill

LGBT Weekly - 04/26/2015

Two leading child welfare organizations, the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI) and Voice for Adoption (VFA), have blasted Alabama’s H.B. 296, which would empower adoption agencies to discriminate against eligible parents and guardians. If passed, the discriminatory piece of legislation will deny countless children from accessing caring homes. Even more disheartening, the bill would prevent eligible interfaith couples, same-sex couples, and couples where one individual was previously divorced the opportunity to care for a child in need.

Vietnam Orphans Search for Their Roots

CBS News - 04/26/2015

At the memorial service, they came to remember that terrible day in that terrible war — the crash that killed 138 people, 78 of whom were children.
But more orphans were evacuated in the frantic last days. During the Vietnam War, some 3,000 orphans came to the U.S. Orphans like Tobi Snyder, who was barely six pounds when she came to America.
“I have a real love for life,” she said. “And I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I am a survivor. I am a fighter.”

How Patrina Felts, Foster Parent, Adoptive Parent and ‘Pageant Mom’ Does It

Motherlode - 04/25/2015

How has her heart handled children coming and going over the years, I wonder? Patrina pauses and says: “The end goal is always reunification with the parents, but sometimes that’s impossible. It’s always hard when they leave, but I think the world would be a better place if we were all working toward the common good. All taking care of each other. What’s happened to these children isn’t their fault. I’m just trying to help take care of them.”

Leading Child Welfare Organizations Blast Adoption Bill Empowering Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination

HRC Blog - 04/24/2015

“We urge you to examine the research that demonstrates if we truly wish to act in good conscience towards children waiting for permanent families, we must not exclude qualified and eager prospective foster and adoptive parents,” the letter states. “Legalizing such discrimination, on the other hand, will undermine the safety and well-being of Alabama’s children.”

Ariz. same-sex couples can again adopt, foster together

USA Today - 04/23/2015

Married same-sex couples will be allowed to adopt and foster Arizona children together, effective immediately, according to a statement Gov. Doug Ducey issued Wednesday night.The statement came shortly after Ducey and his administration learned the Arizona Department of Child Safety in early February had ordered its staff to halt joint foster-care licenses and adoptions for same-sex couples. “With 17,000 children under the state’s care, we need more adoption in Arizona, not less. That’s why I feel strongly — as I have said many times before — that all loving families should be able to serve as foster parents and adopt,” Ducey said in his statement.