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The Woman Who Sold Her Baby For $435 To Buy Firewood

NPR - 02/04/2015

Such incidents of child-selling are shocking — and illegal in Afghanistan. But in a country plagued by chronic poverty amid decades of conflict and instability, it is not the only instance.

Report cites need for NY college support after foster care

Fox News - 02/04/2015

“The instability of multiple home and school placements, a lack of emotional and financial support from parents and the prospect of aging out of the foster care system at age 21 with no support system are just some of the barriers that prevent many foster youth from reaching their potential,” a new report said.

Couple explains tough, but rewarding journey of adopting a child in honor of Safely Surrender month

23 abc - 02/03/2015

Their now one-year-old son, Titus, was safely surrendered and is now the boisterous one of their four children…But the process it took them to adopt Titus was also a wild and scary journey. “There’s 14 days that the mother could come back and those were terrifying days, I’m not going to lie.”

Time to Leave the N.I.C.U. Behind

Motherlode - 02/03/2015

This is what happens when you’re a N.I.C.U. parent; during the three or four hours you see your child per day, you crave moments like this, and you get sad when you hear that she was awake, or made a huge poop, or ate twice what she usually does during the time you’re away.

Oklahoma rethinking child welfare system

NewsOK - 02/02/2015

Safety is always the top priority, “but a lot of times what families need are resources — whether they be financial resources or a new refrigerator to keep food cold in or mental health and addiction services,” he said.

Proposal to keep siblings in foster care together would help traumatized children, adoptive mom says

Deseret News - 02/02/2015

But to also be separated from one’s siblings because state law has limited numbers of children who can be placed in a single licensed foster home is “a double whammy of chaos in their little lives that have already shaken to the core,”…

Legislation could allow two-parent adoption

The Michigan Daily - 02/02/2015

“Studies have shown the importance to children of maintaining a safe, loving home with two stable parents,” Irwin said in a statement. “This bill will ensure that more children in Michigan can enjoy benefits of two parents who share all of the rights and responsibilities of parenthood.”

Reply: The 1.18.15 Issue “Why A Generation of Adoptees is Returning to South Korea”

The New York Times - 01/30/2015

The real problem is that many governments do not take responsibility for the millions of orphans who are trapped in orphanages. Of course, international adoption isn’t an ideal fix.

What Happens When Transnational Adoptees Learn About Race?

TPM - 01/30/2015

Race might not be real, but the experience of race is as real as it gets. From a very young age, Sadye experienced race as everyone saw her: a brown-skinned girl with a white mom.

Former adoption director pleads guilty to federal charges

Gaston Gazette - 01/30/2015

She admitted to creating adoption contracts signed by orphanages that could not properly give children up for adoption because they never cared for the children, according to the U.S. Justice Department.