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Nepal bans children travelling alone to protect them from human traffickers

Economic Times - 05/26/2015

International adoption of children from Nepal would also not be permitted for the next three months, said Kiran Rupakheti, another official of the ministry.
The cautionary measures come one week after authorities found dozens of children from earthquake-struck areas travelling with strangers under suspicious circumstances, officials said.

Bethlehem woman searches for birth mom, siblings through Facebook

Lehigh Valley Live - 05/25/2015

“The mom gave no information to the agency. I have no idea where I came from,” she said. “…I always wanted to have a sibling and knowing there were two others there that I didn’t know, that was really upsetting to me.”
McGlade tried reconnecting with her birth mother through the court system and other avenues but hit deadens, she said. So, she decided to harness the power of social media to find her birth family.

Adoptees decry re-homing as states move to end practice

NBC Washington - 05/25/2015

“Children matter more than cars,” but it was easier to transfer ownership of a child than buy a car, Ms. Lemma said Thursday to Maine lawmakers who are considering a bill to ban re-homing.
According to the Reuters series, re-homed children were sometimes subjected to mistreatment, sexual crimes and abandonment.

Legislative Work Continues in Texas over Memorial Weekend

HRC - 05/25/2015

In a letter that HRC staff redelivered to Texas lawmakers today, the Donaldson Adoption Institute (DAI), Voice for Adoption (VFA), and North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) opposed Rep. Sanford’s effort because it would allow some adoption agencies to discriminate against eligible parents and guardians.

Man stolen as a baby meets biological mother

CNN - 05/25/2015

An American man who was stolen as a newborn baby in Chile 41 years ago meets his biological mother for the first time in his native country.

Amanda and Deena’s Story From The Let Love Define Family Series

Huffington Post - 05/22/2015

According to Amanda, “LGBTQ teens in general have a great need for support and guidance in the world, but especially in foster care. Often, there aren’t people to turn to or a place to feel safe and many of them won’t come out until they have left the foster care system.”

Children’s Bureau Invests in a More Efficient System for Foster Care Placement

Administration for Children and Families - 05/21/2015

The Children’s Bureau is supporting a new project by the American Public Human Services Association and its affiliate, the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, to scale up a pilot that connects state agencies in real time. An online tool — the National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise (NEICE) —allows state office systems to talk to each other electronically.

War of Words: ICWA Hearings Reignite Ancient Clash Over Indian Children, Part 1

Indian Country - 05/21/2015

“Children want to know who they are and where they’re from and I think children who are raised knowing who they are have a much higher chance of success in life,” she told ICTMN after the hearing in Albuquerque. “The Navajo Nation supports this effort because we continue to have problems with the states that don’t follow the law. There needs to be enforcement and penalties so we can ensure that that ICWA is followed, because when it’s not, it hurts the child, the family, the community and the tribe as a whole. We can no longer tolerate this type of tribal destruction.

A “Monopoly” on Children: China’s Arduous Adoption Process

Harvard Political Review - 05/21/2015

Indeed, some rules are “increasingly allowing inter-country adoption primarily or exclusively of children who have special needs”, quotes a study by the Donaldson Adoption Institute. That is, because those who participate in “baby-buying” or “baby-stealing” are primarily interested in catering to the demand for healthy babies, the government wants to minimize harm by incentivizing the adoption of special nees children. Furthermore, the relaxing of the one-child policy has decreased the number of healthy babies being put up for adoption in China, so the government is trying to increase adoptions for handicapped children.

Congress to Consider Scaling Down Group Homes for Troubled Children

Pro Publica - 05/20/2015

Now 22 and a recent college graduate, Grüber came before the Senate Finance Committee this week to testify about the experience. She recalled being medicated to the point that she developed a facial tic. She said she lost basic privileges like phone calls and television time for what she now considers normal teenage behavior.

“Often, the group home residents were treated like second-class human beings,” she said in her testimony. “I could not understand why I had to act perfectly just to have the basic social privileges of a child. Why was I being penalized for having been removed from an abusive home?”