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Fostering Children Only Temporary Bandage To Same-Sex Adoption Restrictions In Michigan

Pride Source - 01/15/2015

… many potential families may be available to foster children but are hesitant due to restrictions on eventual adoption because of those same second-parent adoption rules.

How South Carolina’s Foster Care System Is Failing The Most Vulnerable Kids

Think Progress - 01/14/2015

The ongoing lawsuit comes on the heels of a Legislative Audit Council report that said DSS used unreliable data, failed to ask for additional funds, and ignored growing problems in the foster care system.

Senate bill would ease access to adoptees’ birth records

Indy Star - 01/14/2015

Under Senate Bill 352, birth parents would have until June 30, 2016, to file a form that would prohibit the release of their information. Otherwise, adoptees would be able to get their birth records.

Incredible moment kidnapped boy is reunited with his father – 24 YEARS after he was snatched in a market as a four-year-old and sold to childless couple

Daily Mail - 01/14/2015

Sun Bin started looking for his biological parents in 2010, and as part of the search he supplied a DNA sample to a to a government backed database – and found a match.

Chinese police rescue 37 babies in trafficking bust

CNN - 01/14/2015

…police discovered that the babies were often transported from the factory in bags to a hospital for infectious diseases in a nearby suburb where they were kept, awaiting buyers.

Why a Generation of Adoptees Is Returning to South Korea

The New York Times - 01/14/2015

“We didn’t have a choice about what happened to us,” she told me, referring to adoptees being taken from their country. “So to come back, to live on your own terms. . . .”

The Right to Love: Two Social Movements Converge on One Family

Huffington Post - 01/13/2015

My son was walking down the slope of lawn in front of his parents’ home. I couldn’t believe the magic of that instant. As our gazes met and held I knew that our bond had endured.

Cultural diversity pays off for all kids

Chicago Tribune - 01/13/2015

“Babies are not only affected by parents and caregivers — previous studies proved that — but also by people they hear at the store or on the bus,” Howard said. “Incidental exposure matters.”

Family’s holiday card goes viral for all the right reasons

Today - 01/13/2015

Their holiday card reflects their simple desire to become parents. It doesn’t matter if the best match for them turns out to be a boy or a girl, a youngster or a preteen or a child of a different race. “We’re pretty open if it’s the right child,” Cara said.

Lawmakers Looking To Overhaul Child Protection System

WCCO- CBS Local - 01/12/2015

A Blue Ribbon Task Force moved so quickly, the legislature is expecting to introduce a bill within days to simplify and toughen up Minnesota’s complicated child protection reporting system.