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Court upholds move to give baby to biological parents in open adoption gone awry

The Journal Star - 05/29/2015

The Wissmanns ended the visits in late August 2013 and in January 2014 — days before the adoption was to become final — the Sellerses petitioned the court for the return of the baby….Stull said the case shows why adoptive parents need enforceable contact agreements.
Adoption and family law attorney Kelly Tollefsen said she has seen families engage in more open adoptions in the past 15 years and fears the decision could mean more closed adoptions that ultimately leave children with unanswered questions later in life.

Records contradict claim in St. Louis baby case

NBC 12 - 05/29/2015

Among other discrepancies, it said the child was born at a different St. Louis hospital, not Homer G. Phillips.
Price on Wednesday said the letter is rife with inaccuracies, including her age, details about the biological father, the hospital where she gave birth and the notion that she abandoned the child. The letter states that the court “is unable to ensure the validity of the information contained in your file,” but did not elaborate

Access to records for adults who were adopted scuttled in the Senate

Statesman - 05/28/2015

Early Wednesday morning, supporters of the bill knew it was on the chopping block because Sen. Donna Campbell, a Republican from New Braunfels, had pulled it from the local and uncontested items calendar… In the hours before the deadline, the bill’s author, Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, mustered 13 other cosponsors, a sign of solidarity and quiet plea for Patrick to recognize the bill.

Report: Montana among US leaders in finding families for kids in need

KPAX - 05/27/2015

Corbally said the state’s performance is likely to improve further, thanks to initiatives in the department. Those include an Intensive Services Unit of child protection workers with specialized training designed to help them find permanent placements for children in the group settings.
Corbally credited child protection workers for working hard to find families and engage with them to find placements

In Morocco, strict adoption rules leave many orphans without hope

PBS News Hour - 05/27/2015

The long-term goal of this orphanage is to find these children permanent homes. But that’s not so simple here in Morocco. Morocco, as a Muslim country, doesn’t permit traditional adoption. Instead, there is an alternative system called kafala, translated as custody or guardianship that can last until the child turns 18.

McKinney lawmaker abandons bid to protect faith-based groups

Dallas News - 05/27/2015

A Collin County lawmaker late Tuesday gave up his effort to shield faith-based child welfare organizations from being forced to do things that may violate religious beliefs.
Rep. Scott Sanford, R-McKinney, has said the measure is needed, but he pulled down his amendment to allow the House more time to get to a bill prohibiting insurance coverage of abortions in policies sold in the federally run Texas health insurance marketplace.

Faith-based adoption rules hurt kids

Detroit Free Press - 05/26/2015

Although the sponsors of these restrictive adoption bills claim their intent is not to discriminate against any particular group, the effect of these bills is indisputable. I can’t imagine the agony I would feel knowing that someone was willing to step forward and provide me a family, but the agency working on my behalf turned away the prospective parents based on their personal beliefs — beliefs that I do not share. As if being without a family isn’t agony enough.

House scraps shielding agencies that bar gay adoptions

Longview News-Journal - 05/26/2015

The Texas House has scrapped — at least for the time being — a measure that would have allowed some child welfare agencies to block gays and same-sex couples from adopting children through them.
The proposal would have protected entities that object to such adoptions on religious grounds from being sued and was championed by leading social conservatives. It was a planned amendment to a bill reorganizing the Department of Family and Protective Services, but was abruptly pulled down late Tuesday night.

Rensselaer County family pedals across the state to promote foster care, adoption

Buffalo News - 05/26/2015

Tuesday afternoon, the whole family arrived in downtown Buffalo, completing a nine-day bicycle trip, from Troy to Buffalo, to inspire more families to adopt and foster children in need. May is Foster Care Month in New York.
Paul, who pedaled the cargo bike, came up with the idea.
“We were hoping to do something … give back a little bit,” he said late Tuesday morning, during a break in Ellicott Creek Park in the Town of Tonawanda. A bicycle trip would provide the most opportunities to meet people, he reasoned.

Equality in Marriage May Not Bring Equality in Adoption

Thew Atlantic - 05/26/2015

As the Donaldson Adoption Institute, a nonprofit based in New York that researches adoption policy, noted in its amicus brief to the Supreme Court in Obergefell, “many of these children have not already been adopted because they have serious medical, emotional, or psychological needs.”
April Dinwoodie, chief executive of the institute, says it will be necessary in some cases to shift the perceptions, behavior, and training of adoption professionals in regards to adoptions by gay and lesbian individuals.