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Ebola outbreak hampers adoptions in West Africa

The Associated Press - 11/20/2014

Even as some families keep their commitment to adopt, despite the Ebola threat, the numbers of children in west African orphanages who’ve lost parents is only increasing because of the deadly virus.

Montana’s Gay Couples Can Adopt

abcFox Montana - 11/20/2014

“There’s no policy that says that if you’re a gay couple, you can’t adopt a child. If you can foster a child, you can certainly adopt a child,” said Gerten.

Growing number of parents flee to Ireland over forced adoption fears

ITV News - 11/20/2014

Growing numbers of fearful parents are finding sanctuary in rural Ireland, on the run from social services in England and Wales where their children are being threatened with forced adoption.

Government will not oppose adoption birth cert Bill

The Irish Times - 11/20/2014

The Government will not oppose a new adoption Bill which seeks to give adoptees a right to their birth certificates, listing their original names and their birth parents’ names.

Here’s what Michigan is doing to reduce the rate of broken adoptions for foster care youth

NPR - Michigan - 11/19/2014

[T]he road to adoption can be bumpy, and for some children their dreams of a permanent family are dashed before the papers are even signed.

Adoption case presents issues of first impression

The Indiana Lawyer - 11/19/2014

Adoption laws are evolving, as evidenced by a case before the Indiana Supreme Court and a separate push for a pre-birth abandonment bill aimed at biological fathers who don’t support their baby’s mother during pregnancy.

Transracial Adoption: Eating Humble Pie Without Dropping Crumbs

Portrait of Adoption - 11/18/2014

There have been numerous encounters over the past seven years in my transracial adoption parenting journey where I’ve had to remind myself that I can’t — nor should I have to — tackle adoptive, transracial parenting, or simply parenting, alone.

You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent

Washington Post - 11/18/2014

There are about 402,000 children in foster care in the U.S., Ledesma said. Of those, 102,000 are waiting to be adopted, and about 23 percent need to be placed one or more siblings.

Adoptees’ ‘lost language’ from infancy triggers brain response

CBC News - 11/18/2014

Brain scans show that children adopted from China as babies into families that don’t speak Chinese still unconsciously recognize Chinese sounds as language more than a decade later.

Philomena Lee gives support to new adoption bill

The Irish Times - 11/17/2014

Philomena Lee, whose search for her son brought world-wide attention and an Oscar-nominated film, has thrown her support behind a new bill which provides greater rights for adopted people in Ireland. This week the Seanad will debate the Adoption (Identity & Information) Bill which would provide up to 50,000 adopted people with the right to their birth cert for the first time.