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Congressional priorities: The future of our nation’s foster care system

The Hill - 11/25/2014

With more than 100,000 children waiting in the foster care system for adoptive families, a record number homeless and an alarming increasing number of children in this country going hungry, it is time to make positive, permanent changes on behalf of children.

KC area grandparents step in to raise kids, reflecting national trend

The Kansas City Star - 11/25/2014

Munday, a Jackson County resident, is among 7 million Americans who are raising at least one grandchild — about 10 percent of the grandparent population nationwide. In just two years, that number has increased from a U.S. Census Bureau count of 2.7 million in 2012.

6 things my ‘adoptive’ parents did right

TODAY - 11/25/2014

More than 30 years ago, my parents decided to adopt after several unsuccessful attempts to have a third child. I use the loose term “adoptive” parents in that my parents adopted me, but they are just my parents – my real parents, the only ones I have ever known.

Paper trail will give a child rights, deter traffickers

The Times of India - 11/25/2014

Identifying the biological parents will facilitate access to crucial medical records and family dynamics, that have shown to help with preventive health practices of the adopted child.

Where are all the babies going?

The Times of India - 11/25/2014

Illegal placement of newborns is rampant, leading to a decline in legal adoption. In 2011-12, 205 children were adopted in Karnataka. The number dropped to 142 in 2013-14.

Desperate search for answers

NBC 13 - 11/24/2014

Jen now feels desperate to get her hands on her original birth certificate. She thinks it would help narrow her search. But as someone adopted in New York, she’s only been able to get the altered birth certificate that bears the name of her adoptive parents. She feels the state is holding her heritage and her history hostage.

Why Couple Adopted 8 Boys … All From Same Family

ABC News - 11/24/2014

“I just want them all to stay together,” said Groves, of Omaha, Nebraska, adding that she often hears about adopted children who go searching for their lost siblings as adults. “I didn’t want that for my boys.”

The Missing Voice in the Adoption Conversation

Christianity Today - 11/24/2014

Too often, parents’ voices dominate the adoption conversation, both in society overall and in American evangelicalism. Their generally positive narratives—stories of welcoming happy kids with open arms, of fulfilling a biblical call to care for orphans— often downplay the complexities of adoption and the viewpoints of the children involved.

They Steal Babies, Don’t They?

The Pacific Standard - 11/24/2014

[I]n July 2014, a new United States law came into effect that requires all U.S. adoption agencies to be federally reviewed and accredited in order to help American families adopt children from other countries.

When adoption is more like a ‘merger’ of families

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11/23/2014

Daniel and Solomon Wells will celebrate Thanksgiving with new names and new parents, but they’ll also break bread with their birth mother, sister and brother.